Introducing the cast from STS 2.0 series!

Love it!!!!! How awesome to have Kristin in the mix. She has impeccable form in the live classes. I think she was in one or two of the spin DVDs though, right? LOVE having Al back!!! Yea!! And of course, so thankful for Brenda. She is incredible and has been in SO many series that she makes it feel like home. :) And I enjoy the smiles and great energy from the "Jenns." Awesome crew you put together, Cathe!!! You all look AMAZING!!! Can't wait. Am loving all the pictures. Thank you so much!!
So so happy the cast is familiar faces! Will miss Cede and Jai! Would be awesome if they could be in a recovery or other short workout! Can't wait to see more!
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Introducing the cast from STS 2.0 series!

From left to right we have Jenn A, Jenn D, Brenda, Cathe, Al and Kristin. This picture was taken right before the filming of Trisets Total Body Workout. We know you enjoy knowing what the cast is wearing so we’ll share that with you now.

Jenn A is wearing an Adidas tank and Athleta leggings.

Jenn D is wearing a DSG tank and Athleta leggings.

Brenda is wearing an Athleta tank and Athleta leggings.

Cathe is wearing an Athleta tank and Under Armour leggings

Al is wearing an Under Armour tank and Adidas pants

Kristin is wearing an Under Armour tank and Calia pants

Everyone is wearing a version of Nike shoes.
Would you please specify the version of Nike shoes? I have a hard time finding good shoes for training and they have so many different kinds.
Love this picture, it makes me realize that I am between the Jenns for closest to my height (5’8”) I will look at them more during workouts.
Anyone know Jenn D's height? I always am looking to the tallest in the videos for form pointers, as I am on the tall side. And I am all leg.

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