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I injured my ankle about a month ago from daily exercise, mostly hiit and ugh impact. At first there was very little swelling and slight pain but of course I continued to work out for the next 2 weeks. Finally I had to stop because of the pain and swelling. Now the pain is gone. It feels good but it still swells throughout the day.

I am RICE ing it. Rest ice elevate and compress but swelling is still there on the outside of my ankle.

Any suggestions on what to do with this? I started working out again but am keeping it low impact. Not sure how long ankle injuries take to fully heal.

Appreciate any input.


See your doctor, get a x-ray. You need a diagnosis. You need to find out if it is a bone, tendon or ligament injury before deciding on a treatment.


I am so sorry that you have an injury.

1. Get an x ray to rule out a hair line or stress fracture
2. Continue with Rice everynight
3. Get fitted for new shoes at a running store (locally we have fleet feet, I don't know if you have one.)
4. No impact for 3-4 weeks.
5. No yoga either. I know it seems counter intuitive. Yoga really works ankles and you don't want to bother it.

I hope you feel better soon, hugs.

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I fell down the stairs while vacuuming a couple years ago and injured my ankle. Honestly, it must have been a tendon injury, but I was only able to walk and bike for many months - they were the only things that didn't end up hurting it more. Get it checked out and give it plenty of time to heal.


Many years ago I tripped on a pine cone while walking and hurt my ankle. It was not a normal sprained ankle in that it swelled up like a balloon and was bruised. I believe I must have sprained/pulled a tendon or ligament. It happened at the end of November and it did not fully heal until mid February. I could walk on it with very little pain.

I took off the entire month of December and did not workout. I tried a workout in mid January but it still hurt so I did not workout until it was fully healed which was in mid February. There was some swelling but it was so slight that it didn't concern me that much. I did not go to the doctor. It healed on it's own and I haven't had any or problems with my ankle since.


Be patient. CV is correct---ankle injuries usually take a long time to heal. When your body is ready, insist that your doctor send you to a PT, so you can strengthen your ankle tendons. Unfortunately, it's very easy to re-injure the ankle. Best wishes!

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