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Cathe, I thought I would let you know what a great role model you are! I have been working out with you for approximately 12 years and love it. I love all the workouts (with the exception of Cardio Core Blast :)) I work out almost every day with you right after work. In 2012 my granddaughter was born and I do babysit her quite a bit. I have never stopped working out when I had her, she just came to know that was our routine. Now that she is 2 1/2 I say to her "Let's go see what Cathe's doing today.." We go down to the workout room and she usually great you with a "Hi Cathe!", gets out her little pink one lb weights, jumps, lunges, and tries to imitate your moves. At the end she always says "Bye Cathe...luv you!" and you get a kiss blown to you. Thank you for all your hard work and your awesome work out plans, there is something for everyone!

Brenda Orth


I loved this story, I too have been working out with cathe for as long as I can remember. Hopefully I can share my workuts with my grandchildren some day.


Love this story! Thanks for sharing. I usually workout before my 18 month old son wakes up but every once in awhile I workout with him in the same room and he just loves Cathe too :) He plays around on the discs and even hands me my sweat towel. Kids are the best :)

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