In a PERFECT world.......


In a perfect world......

-Turtle's Sundae ice cream wouldn't be 170 cal/8g fat for a 1/2c serving (like WHO only eats a 1/2c of ice cream? especially ice cream w/fudge, caramel and nuts no less?)

-gravity would not work against us, it would be our friend!

-McDonald's supersized fries would not be 610 cal/29g fat (for those of you that haven't figured it out yet~yes, yes i do have a kind of "cult" worship thing going with McDonald's :))

-I'd have a huge workout space for my workouts and "toys"

-And lastly, I'd have unlimited video spending money and a McDonald's Double Quarter Pounder w/cheese would have the calorie equivalent of water~0 :)

What would be in your perfect world?
Hi Donna,

In my perfect world:

- Continuing the gravity theme - my breasts would point East instead of South and would not slip under my armpits when I lie down!

- sex would be better than chocolate (hmmmn, I suppose there's always sex AND chocolate - he he!!)

- The ageing process would work in reverse.

- I would be able to get all the way through Interval Max without modifications.

- everything that I pull off the peg in a clothes shop would fit me perfectly!

- Cathe's new videos would be available now!! (No pressure, Cathe!!)

- I'd have a pair of butt-cheeks that could crack walnuts!!

It's funny, people often ask me what colour the sky is on my planet!!

Great thread, Donna!

Cathe Friedrich would kick out a new cardio workout and a new strength workout each month

There would be tax incentives for maintaining a regular weekly fitness program and health vital statistics like resting heart rate, blood pressure, blood cholesterol levels and strength indicators

People could HONESTLY see the aesthetic values in more mature faces, rather than just paying lip service to it

I could have an entire floor in my house dedicated to workout space, as well as an indoor pool for private aqua classes

Winning the silver medal wouldn't be taken as defeat

Microwave meals wouldn't have so much sodium in them

"Law And Order" would have its own 24/7 cable channel.

That's it for now. I don't ask for much, do I?

Let's see... in my perfect world:

- Chicken Cheesesteaks would be on Par with Donna's Double Quarter Pounders and have zero calories...

- Eating Pizza and Calzones would be equivalent to a calorie burning cardio workout and thus encouraged by health enthusiasts all around...

- (For you Annette, I see I've found another L&A junkie) LAW & ORDER 24/7

- I would not be afraid to even try on a 2 piece bathing suit at the store

- I have a money tree in my backyard but the US dollar is somehow not devalued by this.

- Picking money from my tree is also a cardio workout, only slightly more intense than eating pizza.

- Every time I want a new video, instead of convincing myself I don't NEED it, I would go out and pick a twenty and just ORDER it!
in my perfect world....

- my husband would like to dance as much as he likes computer games....

- my reflection in the mirror would look like the image in my head....

- restraunts would deliver healthy/flavorful meals to my home and clean up afterwards....

- I would find a housekeeper and a nanny who would have all the qualities and skills of my own mother and not charge me anything....

- I could respend each dollar as often as I want and never run out of money....

- and all of you would wake me each morning with a latte and good humored peer pressure to get me out of bed and working out at 0430....
I am loving this thread!

- Portion sizes could be doubled and have the same calories

- Work weeks would be 20 hours with afternoon naps

- Husband would put the toilet seat down and pick up their
dirty clothes after a shower

- Cathe would be in my workout area giving me one on one
encouragement when that last rep is just too heavy

- The scale never fluctuated

- My kids hugs and kisses in the morning before school would
last all day
I think I just want to come and visit you guys in your perfect worlds because you've covered it ALL. And I know I'd be enjoying Perfect Worlds in great company!

Donna, those Micky D's fries would be hot every time you picked up an order!

Ok, I will add that those soft, frosted cookies you can get Walmart for $2.50 per 10 wonderful soft exquisite orbs of delight would come with a serving size of 3 cookies, be considered a breakthrough food guarenteed to increase your longevity while helping you stay slim and youthful....

Bobbi Chicks Rule!
What a fun thread!

In my perfect world...

my body would look like Cathe's

spider veins would be considered chic

sugar, white flour carbs and mayonnaise would be health food

my house would look like one of those Better Homes & Gardens photos

you would all be reading my number 1 bestselling novel

you guys are good!

Kaz: ditto :)

Annette: I could go for the new monthly workouts!

Lizzie: ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY! to the pizza and calzones equaling a calorie burning cardio workout :)
p.s. and I'm digging the money tree idea as well :)

Katie: clearly, the "hubby hooked on computer games" thing is contaigous!

Bobbi: Now see, I never knew about those "exquisite orbs of delight" at Walmart~but now you'll force me to go in search of them! :)

Cybersis: YES,YES,YES, to the double portions= single calorie counts!

Lorrie: I miss mayo and sugar so much~if ONLY they WERE health food! :)

You guys are good, I cracked up reading these entries!
And it just reinforces for me what I've thought for so long, "We (women), should be running things! Think how "perfect" it could be with us in charge! :)
All I can add to this is...

In my perfect world: eating Ben & Jerry's would increase muscle mass, Cool Ranch Doritos were considered complex carbs, and I could run a sub-2 hour marathon

you guys crack me up! :)

In a perfect world...

My dog would sleep as late as I would like to...

Salads would automatically chop themselves up...

My favorite clothes would expand and contract with my body size...

I would always, always feel rested, no matter how early I woke to exercise, and I would have the energy to stay up late to watch the Olympics or law and order or anything for that matter with no consequences...

A chef would decide my house is the perfect place to practice her wonderful, healthy cooking, for free...

I would only exercise for pleasure and because it feels good, not because I need to lose weight and inches...

I would be able to do step exercising without my back and knee giving out on me...

My kids would live close enough for us all to visit easily.
In a PERFECT world....

I would never doubt myself or feel guilty for my feelings...

Mac and cheese and pizza would have the same calories and fat as lettuce...

There would always be enough time, motivation and energy to work-out everyday...

I could wear jeans and a t-shirt tucked in and look FABULOUS...

My family and friends would always be healthy and happy and we would always be together in the world...

My nieces would love me and smile at me, years from now, the same way they do today...

A full work week would be Tuesday, Wednesday and 1/2 day Friday and always a week off for each holiday and 2 for Christmas...

Ugly and fat days wouldn't exist...

I would make enough money to support my family and go on yearly vacations (and of course be able to buy new Cathe tapes!)...

Beverly Hills 90210 would still be on t.v. each week (I know, I am a dork!)...

Acohol wouldn't give you hangovers and cigerettes wouldn't kill you...
I love the way, Cybersis, I solved the toilet seat problem when we built our house--a urinal. I get so many people telling me what a great idea it is! Just a suggestion. Take it or leave it, right?
In a perfect world...
I would live next to the beach and the mountains.
My dog would live as long as I do.
I could still talk to my Mom and sister even though they are in heaven.
My husband wouldn't have to work.
Everyone would be kind and edify everyone, regardless of weight, social status, creed, color...
I could run faster than a 8 1/2 minute mile.
Mashed potatoes and gravy would be devoid of calories, fat, etc.
We'd all think our world was perfect, even if it's not.
I could buy all of Cathe's DVDs and not feel guilty. Donuts wouldn't sit in their box at work and wink at me until I reluctantly picked one of them up and devour it in literally two bites! I would never EVER have had an eating disorder. And my mom and dad wouldn't worry so much. Oh - one more - Johnny Depp, Jude Law, Josh Hartnett, and John Cusack would open a gym next door called J,J, J, and J and it was strict policy that all men must work out in front of my window with their shirts off. That's all.
Men would have babies
I would have better boobies
Britney would have been nailed by the python
pets won't poop at all
Mulder and Scully would have got it on
star trek wouldn't exist
ice cream and chocolate would be healthy and veggies and fruits would be bad for you
we would get paid to work out
men would be edible and disposable
mother in laws would come with mute buttons
i don't know how i missed this one! in a PERFECT world..... i would not have any type of belly at all... my boyfriend wouldn't care that i like to shoot pool on wednesdays and would encourage me to go .... nor would he tempt me with "bad" food during the week.... i could do all my own home improvement projects by myself without any assistance and on my schedule.... i could do squats without my back giving out first.... all my favorite foods could be consumed without guilt or being labeled "bad".... and i could have alot more vacation time that could be spent on a nice tropical warm sunny island where i could snorkle every day.... and lastly exercise would be fun and not something else i have to do especially when i just don't feel like it.

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