In a funk and unmotivated


I can't wait it get home from work or wherever and get my workout done but this week I have felt so unmotivated and blah that I haven't worked out all week but yet feel very guilty for not doing so. This just hasn't been a good summer for me mood and attitude wise because my son graduated(first child to graduate) and will be going to college this fall and I'm just not dealing well and I think that's a lot of my problem. Plus my baby is starting high school. I'm just a big ole hot mess!!! Sorry to unload :(

horsing around

We all deserve a week off once in a while Christine! Congratulations on your son's graduation! Your kids are just entering new chapters in their lives. You'll always be their mom. :cool:

Time to defunk and get back in the game. If you're going to be a big ole' hot mess, might as well be because you're burning calories!!



Thanks Lisa, you're right. I'm trying to look at it that way and stop feeling sorry for myself but some days I don't listen to myself so well! haha. And that's what I need, a good old kick in the butt! ;)


A week off may be what you need. It's not only physical break, but a mental break as well. Spend the weekend planning out next week and stick to the plan.

You'll always be their mom. :) New phases in life can be stressful at first. Take it a day at a time.

carol d.

Hang in there, Christine!

Last spring our firstborn got his own apartment and within four months we moved one of our twins to college (her twin brother is going to school locally, so we still have him home!).

It seems like you are signing report cards and packing lunches robotically for years, and then one day it comes to a screeching halt and you realize your house is full of adults now. Yes, a huge change... But also a great blessing. You have raised responsible, thoughtful children I am sure, and now it is their time to embark on making their mark in this world. What greater success is there in life than that? :)

Enjoy your summer with your son, and embrace this new chapter in your life. My husband and I reflect often on our almost-*empty nest*, but we are also really enjoying our time together.

And no matter how much time you need to take off, Cathe + Crew will always be there when you're ready to *work-work!* :D

Take care -


Thank you ladies for your words do wisdom and advice :) I know I'm not alone in this situation as many others have been there, are there and will be there, but it sure does help to get support from others so thank you for that


When my two oldest left home for college it was a big transition for me too... I so understand! Unfortunately, during that time of about 1-2 years I stopped working out and let myself go, gained 25 pounds and had to work like heck to get rid of it. Now I am back on the workout wagon and have been for three years, hoping never to fall off again!

Just know that what you are feeling is normal! I had to fight my way out of my funk, after I let myself slip...I would not wish that hard time on now I workout and push through because I do not want to go back. Here is hoping you will push through too....I know it is hard and I feel for you!


Totally normal last year around this time my mother was diagnosed with cancer (she is caregiver to my dad that had a stroke (physically ok mentally not- 10 years ago at age 56) So I had to move them from their home into ours and I just couldn't workout. I was in major stress. My parents lifestyle (eat bad do nothing sit and watch TV all day they been like that my whole life) and our homes lifestyle plus add both parents now ill. It took me several months to realize they were making me sick LOL. I got back on my routine. I also have learned that I need to keep it up now matter what's going on around me.

I also understand the empty ness thing. I've been preparing myself for it. I've started new hobbies and stuff. I've homeschooled my boys so I think the transition can be more difficult. I'm excited for the to start the adventure called life. I just hate that I can't be part of it everyday. I've been bless to have them. I think mother hood is the hardest job. We love them and sacrifice for them and then have to push them out of the nest. I want to keep them :(


I've been in a funk for a couple of months that I can't seem to break out of. No kids. No husband. No nothing. Yet here I am. I'm trying to get back at it though and hoping that will help break it. Did CrossFire yesterday - yikes!!


About halfway through 2011, I lost all motivation to exercise. For about two months, I was using the MyFitnessPal app to count calories and was doing mostly Cathe workouts about 4-5 times per week. I was not losing any weight. Because I was irritated with and weary/bored of Cathe workouts, I simply stopped exercising. I continued using MyFitnessPal and lost about 8 pound in about four or five weeks. I maintained my goal weight for about ten months.

In 2012, especially through the darkest winter months, I had one of the worst bouts of depression I've had in a long time and couldn't get through most days without crying or thinking myself into a bottomless hole. I could barely get motivated to ride my horse (one thing that has always kept me going even when everything else was falling apart) and things like exercise were completely off the table.

Now here I am in 2013, not having exercised regularly since 2011. The weight is back once again (surprise! :eek:), and now given that I'm 45, it's not surprising to find my weight is not budging. Discouraged by posts that say how super-clean I have to eat, how you have to lift heavy and heavier and heavier yet to stay in shape, and how You Really Shouldn't Lose and Regain All that Weight so many times (thanks, what's done is done and I can't change that) I am trying once again to lose the SAME 20 pounds I have been gaining and losing my whole life.

Whine whine whine, I know.:(

This week I have done one cycle through the CrossTrain Xpress series (from way back in the day). I am shocked how weak I am. I've also been using the MyFitnessPal app again. My attitude sucks, I hate exercising, but I hate hating myself even more. I am trying to convince myself that yes, even though I have failed to keep weight off every time before, that this Will Be Good For Me and I Have to Do It, lest I become an entirely flaccid saggy mess of a 50-something.

I am not one of those Up With People persons - life is adventure! be positive! keep trying! the glass is half-full! count your blessings! How is a depressive, cynical, realist suppose to overcome those hurdles?

Have a nice day! I'm trying to! ;)

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