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Hi Everyone,

I live local, so as I was leaving my house heading for the resort I was excited and nervous at the same time. It's always nerve wracking to attend an event where you know absolutely no one, but I kept telling myself, "we are all Cathe fans, it will be all right."

One of the first faces to greet me on arrival was Amanda who was recently selected to be in a Cathe video. I'm not ashamed to say at first I was a little afraid to talk to her. Being a fitness buff and seeing how incredibly fit she is was kind of intimidating. However, I dug deep and struck up a conversation with her. She is the sweetest person, really nice and genuine. She is just like the rest of us, a devoted Cathelete, and we should all look at her as an example of the athletic potential we all have if we are disciplined and work hard.

Skip ahead to the first class.

Thankfully by this time I had made the acquaintance of a lovely couple, Lincoln & Kimberly Olson, (shout out - I will make it to Minnesota some day- in the summer :D). I stationed myself near the back left edge of the room because, quite frankly, I wondered if I could physically make it through the class. But when Cathe entered the room, her energy seemed to fill us all with a new determination to push ourselves to our physical limits. The class began and at one point we turned to face the right hand wall of the room. Looking across the room and seeing over a hundred people doing Cathe step in unison almost brought me to tears! What an incredible experience! To be hearing Cathe's voice and actually BE in a class she is instructing gave us all that extra something to push ourselves harder than we ever had before.

During the total body sculpting class the following day, I had the opportunity to be in the front row directly in front of the stage. There were times when I didn't think that I could coax another rep out of my poor tired arms, then I would look up and see Cathe looking at ME, suddenly I had the strength to do it! I will never forget that feeling and from now on when I am working out to a DVD and feeling tired, I will imagine I am back in that same front row spot.

Meeting Cathe one-on-one during one of the meal breaks and getting the opportunity to chat with her was the high light of the weekend. She is exactly the person she seems to be on the videos, sweet, soft spoken but tough as nails at the same time! I felt like I had known her for years, but I guess I have, through the DVD's :). I also want to mention how great ALL the staff of were. Everyone was friendly, helpful and just generally great people. They really are an extended 'family' that just happens to do business together.

Over the weekend, I met a lot of great people. I really hope I get the opportunity to go on other Roadtrips to see everyone again and meet even more Catheletes.

This weekend was definitely one of the best in my life! Thanks to everyone who made it that way!

Candy Martin


Loved reading about your experience. You described it beautifully. I plan on attending a RT next year....I wish I was there with all of you !


What a great description of the the road trip. Even though I am a seasoned road tripper, I still get a little nervous about being around people I don't know, but once I get there and start talking with the other Cathletes and making new friends, it all goes away. I enjoyed getting a chance to meet you and all the other wonderful people that I connected with over the weekend. Hope to see you in the future.




I agree as a fellow 1st time road tripper - the weekend was a great experience. You described it perfectly. From meeting Amanda at the registration table, to the super staff (yeah Cindy!!!), the tough workouts and the wonderful people (Jessica, Susan, Jeanie, the seasoned road trippers, the neat couples, so many more smiling faces,).
Although, I only spoke with Cathe briefly, I felt she genuinely cared about all of us and helping us achieve our fitness goals. I'm so slad my sister introduced me to her workouts and convinced me to attend. If you already spend an hour with Cathe everyday, you definately should consider spending a weekend with her and all the Cathletes. It is worth it!

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