Been meaning to write this for a week or two - this is a great workout! I love that it has the intensity to get my heart rate right up there. It's easier on my body with a bit less jumping than previous IMAX. IMAX3 has such an intensity level that I dread it, and therefore, don't reach for it that often, or only when I want to do a short workout and do only half of the intervals. No dread factor with IMAX4, lots more fun factor! Much more on a level with the fun factor of IMAX2. Thanks, Cathe!


I'm recovering from an injury then a chest infection on top and I've bee worried about whether I could handle the choreography in this one - yes, I know it's not the Sync one but I have really only ever done basic moves on a step (like in Cathe's Bootcamps) or used it as a weight bench. So a few times now I've done Imax with no step, just so I can practise the footwork and not worry about tripping myself up :) That way it's a great lowish impact cardio and it's helped my recovery too. Last night I did the combos without the step again but then dragged in the step for the blasts. Really enjoyed it and feel like I finally got all the steps so can use the bench next time with confidence.
Will probably use same technique to get into Step Sync when I dare try it!!

Don't have either of the other Imax workouts - might get myself another ONDemand sub soon so I can check them out.

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