I'm thankful for...


The fact that its spring break, I can ignore my students emails and I've gotten to take long, just-for-fun rides in the sun on my favorite horse.


Smart Ones Santa Fe Beans & Rice. I just love it.

My cats, both inside and outside :) They keep things in perspective. Every time I think it's all about me, they make sure I realize PDQ that it's really all about THEM! :p

Oh my goodness! Right on with this one. I love love love Sante Fe Rice & Beans.


Larry and Luna's

Coconut Bliss. Its dairy free and gluten free and so yummy. And get this, they make it with agave so its even low glycemic. Fun times, guilt free times with a spoon.


I'm most grateful today for YOU, Amber Liann! I don't know which was better...reading this thread, knowing that you wore your pants backwards (on another thread), or giving hope and comic relief to all of us (me included) who have worn two different shoes to work before. Whether it's your dead horse or your hilarious photos or just your sweet way...you have such a gift for bringing people together. I so admire that. You are going to be a GREAT mother!



I am thankful for finding Cathe and for working out with her everyday. She completely changed my life. You kick my butt and keep me fit ever day.

- for all my cyberspace friends here on the Cathe Nations and for excepting me, since I am not from the US! I am grateful for all the advice, support, hugs & prayers I gotten over the years. You are always here for me, when I need you. You all rock!
- for my check ins! You girls rock! I learned so much from each and every one of you. Thank you for keeping me on my toes and keep my motivated. A special thanks to Debbie (Fitnessfreak) I have learned so much from you over the past years and thank you for always giving me advice. I hope to meet you one day and everyone in the check ins!
- for finally making it through M3 W1 hoping to make it all away through this time!
- no matter what life throws at me, I bounce back!
- for my wonderful husband, who supports me no matter what! I love you!
- for my 2 wonderful kids, love them more than they can ever imagine.
- for Liann making me laugh about her pants being backwards. That's a good one! I ran around once or twice with my shirt inside out, lol! It happens, and no I am not preggo! It's called aging! LOL! :eek:
- to able to get up every morning and do the things I love to do!


Tee hee! I was just thinking something similar as we are getting the baby a cake tonight for his birthday!!! YUM! Oh, yeah, and I am thankful for my kids too! LOL! ;)

Clarissa...OMG! It's his FIRST birthday! Take lots of photos, ok?


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