If you have trouble learning Cathe's complex step routines...


I have had great success learning Low Impact Challenge, Step moves and the 4Day splits by buying a Sony DVD player on amazon-http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001IBHUU8/ref=oh_o02_s00_i00_details
It has a "slow play" feature so you can play the dvd at 60%or 80% speed. Its amazing how quickly you can learn the moves when they are slowed down just a bit. Cath'es voice sounds the same, just slower, so its not weird sounding at all. I only paid $29 for this player-I think it is up to $34 now, but it is money well spent. I plan on using it to learn any new step choreography that she throws at me.
Another thing I do is play other tapes at 80% but raise my step height. It challenges my muscles a little more but keeps my heart rate under control.
I think most of the Sony players have this "slow play" button. Other players have it but you don't get any audio.


I never thought of this either. I have a new sony dvd and I did not pay very much for it. I have to look for this option!


It's so great you found a way to make complex step choreo easier instead of just giving up all together. Right now I'm learning 4DS high/low step and find it to be the toughest choreo so far, but so much fun! I wish I had that option on my computer :( :)

Have fun stepping!



My TV/DVR has those on it. Slowing it down does give your brain some sanity which gives you time to learn it. Great post.
The steps I use to learn a step routine is to preview it the night before I plan on doing it BUT after I did my workout for that night.
Athletic Step and Step Moves are taught the same way, I broke it down in blocks mentally before attempting.


Good tip

I play my dvd's at home on a laptop, and it has a slo-mo feature. This is a good way to learn the more complex moves, since I long ago learned that the best way to do a Cathe dvd that is new to you is to view them first at least once before you attempt to do them.


Thanks BethJ.
This is a great idea! I have to see about getting one. I'm pretty sure my current DVD player does not have this function. I have such a hard time following IMAX3. Still working hard to learn the routine but being abe to play it slow motion will definitely help! :D



I'm glad y'all liked my idea. Its just so amazing how much EASIER it is to learn the routine doing it slowly. I like complex choreography in general but the speed of Cathe's stepping is just too fast to learn it properly in her newer DVDs. (You know how in Dancing with the Stars they always do the routine in slow motion while learning it.) And yes, I always preview the DVD before even attempting it, rewinding at the harder parts to try and "get it" mentally. But it doesn't always translate right away to my feet! Today I finally mastered "Step Moves", and did the challenge several times over to really get the muscle memory in. I've decided this one is the MOST complex of Cathe's step routines.
ps-if you still can't handle it, just get the classics and cardio hits DVDs. I still love doing those and they are soooo much easier to follow!

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