Idea and a request

aqua girl

just had a great idea, or at least I think so :).. On the new series you are planning, and since they probably
Are not going to use the tower, how about including a short, 20-30 min. Bonus section of a Fit Tower
Express workout? A lot of times there have been "bonus" sections of barre, abs, etc and a separate short
Express stand alone tower workout thrown in as an "extra" would be awesome! It wouldn't have to be
Connected to the new workouts or mixed with them in premixes, etc, just a separate "mini" tower workout.
Just thought I'd share my idea....maybe not even possible, but that would be a fun surprise!

aqua girl

Thanks, probably won't happen, but wouldn't it be neat! They could use a warmup from one of the new workouts,
Cause basically the Fit Tower warmups don't use the tower, then maybe one exercise with the tower for chest,
Back, biceps, triceps, maybe a couple shoulder ones, 1 ab and 1 plank, a couple for legs, and a short tower stretch.
Just a mini push-pull workout under 30. ..a girl can dream! :)
I love the idea of stand alone bonus and I hope cathe takes it on board.I enjoyed/loved the standing stretching
and would be grateful if it gets developped to longer ones. Mobility drills;):)

I miss surprise bonus such as total premix from Pyramid. Any new bonus content would be great.:)
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I love this idea too!

Another similar idea I was thinking of for a future series is the option to add an extra disc, like Cathe does with the spin workouts, only it would be an optional Fit Tower workout.

I love the Fit Tower workouts, and I also use the DVDs that came with the Fit Tower as add-ons - would love the idea of an extra short Fit Tower bonus.

aqua girl

Yes, I wish there would have been an optional Fit Tower workout disc with this series too, like in previous series'
When the optional disc was a spin workout. I always got it, even though I rarely use the spin workout DVDs :)
That is why I suggested a short Fit Tower bonus workout with these. I'm afraid if we don't get "little doses"
Of the Fit Tower from time to time, it'll fizzle out. Don't want that to happen.....:)

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