I miss my Dad!


Even though my Dad has been deceased for over 15 years, I miss him greatly! As I have become older, I can understand the wisdom in the advice he would give me. I miss his wonderful horrible puns, his deep hearty laugh, and his wry grin that would accompany an appropriate witicism!
How many of you are reflecting on your departed dads today?


I agree. It's a difficult day when your dad isn't around anymore. This is my 2nd Father's Day without him and I keep thinking of watching the Father's Day parade from my parents front lawn and how much my dad enjoyed being a dad and grandpa to my little girl and how much would have enjoyed my other daughter if he could have met her.


My dad passed at the end of 1995 and I miss him just as much today as I did during that very first year after he died. :(

My DH and my son never had the pleasure of meeting him b/c he died before DH and I even got together. He was a great man and they both woud have loved him just as much as I did.


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I lost my dad in 2003 and miss him very much. But I feel like he kind of lives on, because it continues to surprise me how much he influenced me and continues to do so.



I lost my dad in June of 2007, so it has been 4 years this month. I sure do miss him.

Hugs to all who have lost their dads.


I miss my dad too. It's been two years since he passed away. Like Unfetteredpast, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of him. For those of you that still have your father, cherish every moment. You never know when it'll be your last.


I miss my dad too:( He passed away 9 years ago (this coming august) from lung cancer. He was only 53. He has missed out on so much in my life; graduating from collage, getting married, getting my first house etc. They always say time heals but I still feel as sad as the day he passed. He was a wonderful man.


This is my first Father's Day without him (he passed away last October) and I miss him terribly. To those of you who still have your dad in your life, please cherish him. Life is so short and you never know when he will be gone forever.


I can relate it's been about 24 years since my dad passed, he was only 34 (so I was about 8 or 9). I still continue to think about him and think about the kind og father he would have been today. Life is too short and we should not be stressing about things that don't matter. Do what makes you happy :)


My dad has been gone since September 2003 and I think about him all the time. What I miss the most are his opinions and insights. He read everything from The Wall Street Journal to Popular Mechanics and always had something interesting to say. Wish my kids could have known him longer, too.


Big hugs to all of us! My Darling Dad left to be with the angels back in 2002. So, Father's Day is kind of tough for me as well. I'm with you Nanbo, I too now realize how much wisdom and strength he had. I also miss his very corny jokes and going to lunch, walks or garage-sale-ing with him. He was the most thoughtful, generous person with a heart and spirit of pure gold!

Happy Father's Day, Dad! I miss you and love you!

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I lost my father to lung cancer when I was twelve and I still miss him. There are always moments such as milestones, fathers day, and those random moments that come out of nowhere where I really miss him and wish I had more time with him. I feel very lucky to have had such a great dad, if only for a short time.


My dad passed away of colon cancer when I was 11. My husband and I ended up having to leave church today because I couldn't stop crying. You know how it is on Father's Day, they have to say something about dads, but they just went on at such great length...and on and on. I felt like a wimp cuz I'm sure I'm not the only one there who's lost their dad, but still...it was just too much.

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