I actually did most of the workout Fit Sit metabolic conditioning

I go to this gym and they have like AstroTurf as it’s floor. And it is great for using sliding devices.
I thought in a million years I wouldn’t be able to do this workout. But, I did. It wasn’t perfect, but I did do it. I would say 95% of it. The burpees were hard, but I did the best I can. As for the part when Cathe is going up and down with the gliding device using her hands, I couldn’t do that. But, overall I was proud of myself.


Keep on trying! The sliding workouts are excellent low impact and so much fun. I think burpees and pushups are the best with sliding. I love Cathe's sliding workouts and wish she had more. As someone who cross country skis, the skating kind that is, the sliding is right up my alley.

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