Hunger Games and Age Appropriateness


I just finished reading The Hunger Games and really enjoyed it (not literary genius, but very entertaining). I have twin 11 year daughters who are good readers and have recently finished the Harry Potter Series and are sad to not have something they enjoy reading as much. I'm considering suggesting The Hunger Games to them. I was curious what others think of the age appropriateness of the book for 11 year olds. The book is somewhat dark (but not any darker than the last Harry Potter ???) but it has such a strong female character that I think they will love it.

Just curious if anyone elses tweens have read it and what their thoughts are. . .

Thanks !



Hi Sancho,
My son (9 years old) and I read these books at the same time. I wondered the same thing about age appropriateness, which is partly why I read them, too. We both loved them. He's now read each in the trilogy more than once and we are looking forward to the movie!

Isn't Katniss kick-ass?


I want to be Katniss when I grow up! :D

I've read the trilogy twice now and gave my 13 year old son the first book to read for school. He got about 4 chapters in and decided he didn't like it; he just said it didn't catch his interest. I LOVED the books, but I didn't force it on him. I'm not sure that I'd want my 10 year old reading them (now or in a few years, even) simply because he is a super emotional child and the of death, or chance of death, especially KILLING, starts an emotional 'incident' that I don't like to see in him.

I'll be interested to see what everybody else says, including the kids who read them.


I haven't read all 3, just the first but I loved this book, especially because of the strong female character.

I recommended it to my DD (almost 12) but she's not a big reader anyway. I will have to set a reading time for her and encourage her to read it.

One of her friends LOVED it.

I think it is appropriate for 11 or 12+


My DD read hunger games in 7th grade (last year) and it was just on the edge of my comfort level for her. She LOVES to read and is very mature for her age. I think at 11 it may have been a bit too intense for her. Her Language Arts teacher recommended it to her in 7th grade - I don't think he would have recommended it for a younger child.

I would highly recommend your DDs' read the Kiki Strike set. Great girl role models - some violence but my DD loves the set and has read them at least twice through.

My 6th grade son read Beastly and Cloaked and has really liked both of them. He wants to read A Kiss in Time next.
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