How about a Eric update?

Cathe Friedrich

Baby Eric

Adorable things Eric does that mommy loves:

1) His cute little one sided smile.

2) This darling little squeak noise that he makes when he is stretching, being burped, or pushing out gas.

3) The way he grabs my one finger with his tiny little fingers while nursing----oh, soooooo cute!

4) He is a kickboxer at heart. He has a classic left and right hook that he always throws out into the air when he is frustrated.

5) When he occasionally burps in three's when I pat his back. One short little rumble, then a little longer, then a real deep loud one.

6) I love studying his many faces....happy, sad, miserable, confused, frustrated, content and especially his little squished cheek, parted lip face when he is in a deep sleep.

7) His hunger sign...The way he cups his fists and and shakes his head side to side while trying to stuff his fists in his mouth.

8) How his forehead wrinkles and his head bobbles (like a drunk little old man)when he tries to lift his head on his own.

9) Eric seems to enjoy sleeping on his side and his back. When he is on his back, he always puts his arms up over his head in 90 degree angles---too cute!

Thanks for asking!


Thanks for Sharing!

How cute and just like your video's--you're sooo thorough!! What a blessing. Enjoy these years as they go waaaay too fast. We married our 27 year old daughter, Julie last March and our son, Jonathan turned 21 in Sept. and honest to goodness, I do not know where the years went so fast. May God Bless you, Jon and Eric!


I just want...

to pinch his cute little cheeks! No, I'd never actually do that, but Eric is just so adorable. Thanks so much for the update. I remember when my daughter (now 8) was that little, I just loved her chubby little legs and feet. I would just look at her in amazement for hours a day.


Cute back-sleeping

Funny about the 90-degree angles! My cousin just had a baby, and her little guy does the same thing. It's just adorable and interesting to find out that Eric's sleeping in the same position!


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