Hot pants

Krista D.

I combine my Hot Pants and my Cathe workouts and I love the results! They really make you sweat!! I don't understand how people wear them all day long though because by the time I get my workout done, they are soaked! I do like the fact that you don't feel the moisture til you take them off. One downside is that they take forever to dry-maybe 2 days. Your best bet may be to watch for Hot Pants to have a Groupon. That's how I got mine and paid about $35 including shipping. Hope this helps:)


Whenever I see the words 'hot pants' I have a flash back to 1970! Here are some samples for you youngins'!

Hot Pants 1970 • Hotpants girls years 70's shorts ragazze anni 70

Same here! Although they are not at all a thing of the past. I still often see the youths out and about showcasing them as soon as we have a warm-ish day. I suppose the manufacturer of the fitness wear liked the play on words, as it's preferable to terms like 'warming/thermal/heated pants' which might come across a bit too geriatric...

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