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In an effort to save money, I'm going to attempt to color my quickly graying hair at home. I am pretty much a tom boy and have NO clue how to do girly things such as this. Can someone recommend some quality brands of store bought hair color and any valuable tips as I delve into this. Thanks!


I use Loreal Feria. My hair feels so soft after. It doesn't last forever and you'll need to do it again after 6-8 weeks. It's the only brand I've used so I can't comment on other worthy brands. My suggestion is to make sure you cover the floor, counter etc. I seem to spill drops everywhere and have ruined bathroom carpets. If it gets on the counter, bleach usually takes it out. Once you get used to doing it, it's not so scary.


Until very recently (when I decided to stop coloring and just embrace my gray) I used eSalon.com for years. The gray coverage is superb and lasts a really long time -- my gray roots grow out before the color fades! The colors are multi-tonal so they don't ever look flat, and their customer service can help you figure out exactly what color you want (including what blend of tones would look good on you). The color doesn't dry my hair out (and my hair tends dry already, since it's wavy/curly), and there are step-by-step instructions included (with pictures) about how to use it. You can even set up a service where they automatically ship the color to you however often you want it!


I bought some hair color a few weeks ago and am still on the fence about using it. I use to be blonder when I was younger but now that my hair is darker, you can see the gray a little easier. I just don't know. I'm one who never does anything to her hair, no blow dry, sprays or anything. I find this very scary because I don't want to ruin my hair and scalp. I'm so glad this thread was started because I think I might just return it.


When it comes to hair I find less is more. I don't use sprays or other styling products and I only rarely blow dry my hair. If I do blow dry it, I use a low setting and I don't dry it completely, leaving it slightly damp. About 15 years ago I started getting my hair coloured at a salon. At first it looked good but after a few treatments my scalp reacted to the chemicals getting red, burning and itchy and my hair started to dry out and looked terrible. So I won't be doing that again. I also found changing my diet and eating less processed and sugary foods had a positive effect on my hair. I often get comments on how healthy and shiny it looks, gray hairs and all.


I have been having my hair colored for about 10 years. She uses Matrix DEMI-perm
( This is NOT a permanent hair color) It is semi permanent, so it just fades out.

One time I went to someone who accidentally did a permanent hair color and it was A MESS ! ( I had to go back 2 times for her to "FIX it ". Permanent is a TOTALLY different thing ! There is a lot to learn, and I too would suggest you get it done somewhere.

I have been very happy with the SEMI permanent hair color, and only have it done once every 12 weeks. My hair is SO soft and not all wirey and dark. For me, for now, I will keep having it done. ( Not everyone's hair will cover gray with just a semi-permanent color though, so you will have to learn ...)

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