Home Body or Go out?

Are you a homebody or go out?

  • Homebody

    Votes: 70 90.9%
  • Go out

    Votes: 7 9.1%

  • Total voters


When the weekend comes would you rather hunker down at home or go out?

Me. I'm a homebody!! Movie, book, games or just hanging out with the family!
By the time the weekend comes around all I want to do is be a homebody! During the week I am so busy I don't even watch TV (with the exception of Criminal Minds and CSI) So on the weekends I just want to veg on my couch! It's hard though cuz DH loves to go out....of course he's retired and gets to stay home every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm a homebody. I curl up in my corner of the couch and read and work on cross stitch projects. Sat night is usually wine and Svengoolie. I have such an exciting life!!! I should run back over to the vices thread and add the Sat night wine:)



Thanks!! Awesome post!

I just had this discussion (actually it was more like a disagreement) with a friend the other day. I would much rather stay home on the weekend...all weekend. I work 55-60 hours through week and I just live for the weekends. I sometimes get so frustrated because it seems like one of my friends or family members always wants to do something and I never do. I do go out on occasion but it frustrates them that I don't want to do it more often and it frustrates me because they keep asking. How do you guys handle this? I mean I do go out every so often to appease them but I would just so much rather stay home! I never ask them to come over or go out so I don't know why I get "sucked" into so many dinners, get-togethers, parties, etc. I need my weekends to re-charge for the week ahead of constant nagging, whining, complaining at work -- I live for my peaceful weekends plus I do a lot of healthy food prep for the week on the weekend, without that time I'm for sure going to have a junky food week. I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one.


Oh my gosh! 28 votes and I'm the ONLY one who likes to go out? Wow!

I love eating out at nice restaurants with my DH. It's kind of our treat on the weekends to go somewhere nice at night, relax, enjoy being out, watching people and experiencing good food and conversation.

Also, I love getting dressed up to go out. :D
JeanneMarie....I'm with you!!!! :) I love to go out....I am at home all week and by the weekend, I prefer to at least go out to dinner...and if my DD is with her dad, you bet I'm going out!! :p

We went to a comedy club last night...and had a great time...The comedians were really funny! Nice change of pace...:D


I didn't vote b/c it depends. Some weekends I love to hunker down and other weekends I like to go out. Now going out to me is movies and/or dinner with hubby, coffee and magazine perusing at Barnes & Noble, hanging out with friends at their houses (watching Lost or a small gathering of friends for a party), and the occassional ladies night out...which I have coming up next weekend! So I like both depending on the weekend, the weather, and my mood!
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I definitely like going out. It doesn't have to be any big deal but I usually can't sit in the house all weekend unless I'm not feeling well or there's a big storm that is forcing me to stay home. If I don't get out and go somewhere/do something I can get cabin fever and get very cranky....:(


It depends on how my week went. If I worked a few days during the week than all I want to do is veg on the couch and do the family thing on the weekends. However, if I've been home all week (I'm a nurse who works per diem) than I'm jonesing to get out of the house on the weekend.


I'm a definite homebody on weekends. I work long days during the week and frequently take work home with me. On the weekends, I just want to put on comfy clothes and relax. I didn't used to be that way but I've definitely changed.


I'm definitely a homebody! I work 40 - 50 hours a week and feel like I have no time at home, so come the weekend, you have to drag me out of the house kicking and screaming!

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