So I'm doing a Biggest Loser type of competition with some friends of mine in a fitness group I'm in on Facebook, and Cathe is going to be my secret weapon. (I want to lose 20 pounds.) I have not worked out, shamefully, since before the holidays, but I am an avid Cathelete... So, any advice for fat blasting workouts/foods/menus would be greatly appreciated. (I'm a pescavore, btw.) I used to be soooooooooooo disciplined, but with three boys, a hectic schedule and less willpower than I used to have, it's been a struggle the past few months. :confused: Thanks in advance for any advice!!! :)


Low Impact Series. 6 days a week. Try to workout at the same time daily to build consistency. I workout nightly between 5-7pm.


Switching to a Paleo/Primal diet has literally melted the fat off. My husband and I look like different people. The best part is- we feel fantastic...never feeling hungry or deprived. We love our food choices and I haven't counted a calorie in 9 months. :D

If you are interested... I just read this book over the weekend and I found it to be a very simple explanation as to how this lifestyle works.

My husband and I didn't really follow a diet plan when we started on a grain- free journey. We decided to eliminate processed food from our diet and replace it with whole fruits and veggies.
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Fit44-- Thanks for sharing the link. I'll check it out! As for giving up grains, I don't think I could do that. I love my Ezekiel bread and quinoa! (Though, I think technically quinoa is a seed, so maybe I could... hmm...) I read in Oxygen Magazine last month that Tosca gave up all grains except for oats and quinoa for six months and she got in the best shape she's ever been in. So I know there's something to it.

JT-- Have you had great results with LIS? I have it and love it, but I haven't done them religiously like I should.

Thanks for yall's input!

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