Help, my body has shifted...menopause?


OK, I am pretty sure my body is changing into my mother and grandmother's. Since I am experiencing menopause I believe this is the culprit. I am 47 years old! My midsection is much thicker and wider. Also, abdomen looks at times to be 4 months pregnant. I have to admit since starting back up with "Cathe" midsection is improving. I have heard that a hysterectomy may solve this problem or does nature just have its way and run its course? I am afraid that my body will never be the same. Thoughts?


Hello IntensityLisa.

Myself, I've been in peri-menopause for years due to the positive affects of working out with still having a monthly visitor but getting pregnant would be difficult. Yes, your middle will get wider and other issues. Also, I have never considered a hysterectomy either. My Dad is a phyisician so if he thought it was necessary, then I would've done it. BTW, I'm 50 and pass for 35-38 years old.
Before making any decisions, I would go to WebMD and speak to your OB/GYN as well to get educated.
Plus, think about making positive changes to your diet. It is harder to lose weight in this time of life as well. Reduce or remove soda or sugared drinks completely.
Also, keep working out with Cathe. Mix up strength and cardio.
You should get plenty of feedback on this.


Hi Lisa,

Funny you should bring this up. I, too, am 47 and noticed that the summer shirts I recently got out of storage are not fitting like they did last year. I am faithfully working out most days of the week and haven't gained beyond my 5 pound range. I've decided that it is part of the perimenopause period since I've had some other "symptoms". I've changed my diet recently to greatly reducing my sugar intake-plain yogurt, plain soymilk, and as much food in its natural state as possible. I'd like to focus on white flour next, but giving up pizza is going to be hard! I made a crust last week with whole wheat flour just to see how it was and it was nearly impossible to roll out! Anyway...I'm losing focus. I just wanted you to know that I can relate to your shape shifting! It may be a way to get some new clothes :)


PS: Keep working out-it's always helped me feel the best I can be. I'm loving the LIS and STS.


Thanks for the advice ladies. I will definitely postpone surgery, especially since I am not having any real issues in that department. I do not eat as clean as I probably should. I like my occasional treats, okay, maybe more than occasional. I had let myself go for two years, so it will take time to loose that pooch. I have also had 3 C-sections. I am not sure if this has anything to do with the pooch. It is probably just from all the bad food choices throughout the last two years.


I am past menopause. What I found is that from now on out, you MUST cut down on refined carbs. NO WHITE STUFF if you want a waist line at all! It just goes straight to the midsection. Eat non-starchy veggies, low glycemic fruit, lean protein, and good fats. Remember with each decade, you have to reduce calories and increase exercise.


Welcome to the club

I'm 62, have been working out in one manner 6 days a week since 1968, climb mountains, ride my bike, ski or some other activity for fun as well. There is nothing I haven't tried to tame the old waistline that has indeed expanded, but there is a trade-off with my butt being less full than it used to be.
You have to accept figure changes that happen with menopause. Your hormones change, or rather decrease and it is much too dangerous to replace them phamaceutically.
I am more fit now that I ever have been as far as being able to complete very difficult advanced workouts easily (I can complete all three Cathe Hiit workouts in one go), I can climb very high mountains easily, and I sleep beautifully at night, but I've had to accept the changes my body has made and the few shifts in its general contours. It all that bad.


I am 50. Your body may not be the same but you can work on it. I would never consider having any kind of surgery unless it was absolutely necessary. What has worked for me is my diet. I cut out sugar and all white stuff (potatoes, white flour, white rice, etc.). I also am eating less than I used to but I work out harder. I'm getting good results especially in my mid section.


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I am 45, but went through menopause early at 34 (ovarian failure syndrome). Despite being on HRT (which has greatly reduced other symptoms like brain fog and fatigue), my body changed in the exact way you mention. It doesn't help that I also developed hypothyroid (which I am also on medication for).

My weight peaked at 167 a few years ago. I am now more than 15 pounds down from that but have a ways to go to my goal. As many of these gals have said - the only thing that works is lowering your carbs and increasing activity. I tried portion control (WW, eDiets), high fiber (65% raw vegan at one point) and several other approaches. I am only able to get results when I cut out the grains/sugar carbs. I am even limiting fruit at this point to post-exercise or AM.

You could explore the Dukan Diet or Precision Nutrition for programs that are a bit more balanced than Atkins and Paleo, IMO. I am doing a PN/Dukan hybrid now and 5 days in I have lost 2.5 pounds. That's a big number for me. :)


I thought I had to workout more than 5 days a week

to tame my growing midsection since entering perimenopause. For me, what made the biggest difference is diet. Not a one-size-fits-all way of eating but personalized according to your own individuality & genetics:

My clothes are no longer fitting snug/tight & muscle definition has not diminished. I now workout only 2-3 days a week instead of 4-5.

The best complement I got was a few days ago this week when my two older aunts in their 70's who were visiting asked how old I was. When I said 49 they replied, "you look much younger than that!" One of them said, "you don't even have one of these (pointing to her belly), what's a good exercise for this?" For the next hour they were intrigued and full of questions about my health & fitness routine and actually listened (without their eyes glazing over) to my response. That was a rare moment I'll cherish for a very long time!
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I am 53 and started the menopause journey at 51. I had some pre-menopause symptoms like hot flashes at night which affected my sleep, mood changes and yes that awful weight gain in the mid section! I have never considered surgery. Like the others that have posted I feel loosing the weight does have a lot to do with diet. It really gets harder as we age...I have always been a healthy eater but my downfall is chips (I crave salt) and too much wine! I started to look at food differently. Eating in moderation. If you crave something eat some of it, just not ALL of it! I tried fasting before my morning cardio. I do a lot of running but I also walked about 3-6 miles a week with my dog. I focused on drinking more water during the day. When Cathe's LIS series came out and I started a rotation I finally saw some changes in my mid section. I feel to get results there now you need to work your total core, not just ab exercises. I love LIS for that. I also did P90X2 and wow, that really does work your core and helps with your balance! Sometimes just changing up a few things can get you started....HTH...:)


I agree with Carole about the importance of working the whole core, not just abs. I've been taking a Pilates class twice a week now for about 5 years, and it's done a lot for my midsection. Just improving posture is major, which Pilates also does. Good point.


I am so there w/y'all, doesn't help I am under stress which adds to my waist line...thank goodness I get compliments on my legs ;)....does anyone have sore boobs at this time of their lives?


Gee I feel like my face is moving south along with my boobs ! So mad I wish I can pick up the corners of my mouth before I resemble a bull dog!


Your body does not have to shift

There are some things like hanging skin that can't be removed without surgery; however, 80 year old's run the marathon. I would hate to say how old I am (over fifty) now, and I do take HRT, and make sure I get a mammogram every six months. The worst mistake I ever made was getting breast implants. I am 5'2' and about 109 pounds, and I asked the doctor for a C cup. Instead he made me a double D and I have chronic back problems. I think the best thing to do is to work with what God has given you and forget surgery, which is costly and painful.


Would your insurance cover a breast reduction due to the chronic back pain? I know that often women with very large breasts will need to have that surgery and I thought insurance would cover it.


I've enjoyed all the comments on this post. This is something I've been struggling with & I suspected it was the carbs but it's great to have confirmation. I'm 53 now & the weight is slowly creeping up & congregating around my mid section. i sort of lost focus on my diet. My goal is to get back on the clean eating wagon, if I can find it.... and cut way down on the carbs & snacks.

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