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I love the STS Series although its several years old; an updated version using the newer cardio workouts as part of the rotation would be great. I'm considering doing STS for the 3rd time once I'm done with physical therapy for my right shoulder (sudden onset of frozen shoulder); really looking to build my strength back up after not being able to lift for 3mo now.
There are so few heavy weight muscle building workouts on the market. I would love something incorpating heavy weights and working to failure (Slow and Heavy, Burn Sets and Ripped with HIIT are my faves). Oh pretty pretty pretty please
I've been going to the gym for a while now, but all the information on "how to train", seems like a jungle to me. A lot of people mobdro kodi, will say something and others will say exactly the opposite, therefor i am asking here on reddit, to see if anyone, can actually give the biologically explanation to why one of these methods, would fit the goal of building mass better, than the other.
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