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Hey everyone!!

I'm curious...I'm sure you've heard of HCG Ultra. I know of a few people who have been using this and have actually lost a ton of weight! One girl has lost 18lbs in two weeks! What do you all think of this? In your opinion, is this safe? I've read only good reviews but I just heard about this morning! So I wanted to come over here to see what you guys thought!

Normally I would never look twice at something like this, but people I know are seeing crazy results!



You don't lose crazy weight because of a pregnancy hormone (Anyone who has been pregnent can attest to that). You lose the crazy weight from a starvation induced diet. You lose mostly water and muscle. Once you drop your calories ro severely (thanks, HCG Diets) your body begins to breakdown the fuel-burning tissues in your body to conserve energy to keep your vital organs running. This fuel-burning tissue is known as Muscle. Your body can't keep both the muscle AND support life. Many cases have shown people to go into not only kidney and liver failure, but also heart failure. Pretty much it shuts your body down, but dang it, you'll weigh less. YOu'll also end up with a Higher Body Fat% in the end too (because the body clings on to the fat for dear life). HCG Diets also don't recommend exercise programs. It has a little something to do with not being safe bc you'll pass out from a lack of food energy and low blood sugar.

Just like any diet, they only show you the "success" stories, never the real, day-to-day stories of what really goes on behind the scenes. They never tell you about the health concerns, hospitalizations, and those that gain every ounce back and then some. They only tell you it's "safe" and "all natural". Just so we know how "safe" these "all natural" products are, lets keep in mind that Cocaine is also "all natural". You can can lose a ton of weight while consuming Cocaine- that was a popular weight loss method in the 80s for Yuppies. How safe is Cocaine? How safe is Anthrax, the Black Plague, Tape Worm... things that are "all natural".

There are no quick fixes in life that last. And no Quick Fix is worth risking your life and health. Anything that is worth having is worth the work. You are an adult and can certainly choose which ever method, there are 1000s out there, that you feel confident in. But you've aked about results and safety. The results... read the fine print it's not the Golden Ticket they claim. The safety, well you tell me. Hypoglycemia, organ failure, muscle loss, dehydration, fatigue, brain fog, the shakes... are those safe? Is taking Cocaine safe? I don't know personally as I wouldn't risk it to to make the scale my BFF. I'd rather have the fat ass and a wear a double digit size knowing I'm actually healthy and oh, I don't know, alive.


Run away! Run far, far away! I know two ladies doing that "diet" right now, and their nutrition consists of injections and iceberg lettuce. No exercise, no balanced diet. Not only are they miserable, fatigued, dehydrated, glassy-eyed, and frustrated, they are still overweight as their body hangs onto that fat for sheer survival.

It is a no-brainer, my friend. There are no shortcuts to a healthy and strong body. It takes hard work and discipline and a nutritious diet, not injections of pregnancy hormone.

(MrsPrincess is right about another thing...I've been pregnant several times, and hCG never made me anything but chubby!):eek:


I reiterate what everyone says: don't do it. I did it twice and ever since the second time, I have been STRUGGLING to take off the weight I regained after it ended (I ended the second round in January). I gained back 9 lbs after the first week, and that was with me working out 6 days per week!

My metabolism was definitely damaged: not even STS is helping me lose weight; i am about to complete Meso 1 and no difference in weight or inches. Insanity did not result in much loss either (ended that in June). I am so sad that I did this to my body because now I'm paying the price. :(
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My co-worker did it for only 2 weeks and she was sick, miserable, and ended up with a big bald patch on her head that took months to grow back!


Several co-workers were on this and have all doubled the weight gain back. One is much larger than she was before she started this injection diet.

Only system that seems to work is taking in less calories, eating clean, and workout out.

Just my opinion....carmen.


You know the motto "if it sounds too good to be true...".

IMO, there are no short cuts and magical solutions when it comes to healthy, long-term weight loss. Establish a healthy relationship with food, respect your body and nourish it well, make fitness a priority. Your "end result" might take a little longer, but all good things are worth the wait ;).

As far as HCG, oh yes I know about that hormone all too well. I've been pregnant 8 times with 1 live birth (my daughter). All HCG did was make me bloated, constipated, moody, irritable, and FAT. You know, like a pregnant woman.

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I only heard about this diet recently and I never did read up on it...mainly b/c anything that calls for 500 cals a day, not working out and taking hcg doesn't sound like a good idea to me. I was pregnant last year and the further I can stay away from that hormone the better! I don't need to lose weight but if I did I wouldn't lagan 8 hours on that diet.

I train a couple of people in my down time and one of them didn't ask me about the diet, instead they asked a friend of mine. Her response was like the ones you have just read. I just don't get why people keep falling for fad diets and gimmicks. Have they ever really worked for anyone? Have people actually kept their weight off? I don't know of anyone who from following atkins to taking a pill have ever been successful in keeping the pounds away. Sure the weight comes off but then what? You resume to normal day living, totally fall off the wagon and end up larger then before. Instead a healthy diet and exercise is really all one needs. Calories in calories out, it's that simple. Not simple to do b/c a lot of people don't enjoy moving as much as we do but it is pretty basic. I've watched a so called "friend" of mine do it for years and she always ends up in the same boat. Eventually (if she hasn't done it already) she is going to totally screw herself up! Shes done the 3 day diet, cabbage soup diet, atkins, body for life, isojenix, herbal magic, visalus.....Last I heard she was thinking about trying this diet, this may be what finally does it.

I'm not saying anything nasty to you, my point is more along the lines of why people keep trying these things. They must know in the back of their minds it isn't going to work. But i think desperate people try desperate measures. They cling unto the hope that someone has found the answer to losing weight and keeping it off forever My daughter was watching an advertisement this morning on some kind of chemical you sprinkle on your food before you eat it and it tricks your body into feeling full. Even a 16 yr old knows its a terrible idea.

I think you know the right answer here....

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