Has anyone seen :Super Size Me???


Hello to everyone!!

Tonight me and my hubby just finished watching "Super Size Me" the movie!!! OMG!!! I am so Happy that I eat Clean!!!

This guy ate McDonalds 3 times a day for 1 month, he had to super size his meal every time he was asked if he wanted to super size his meal.

He gained 24 lbs
Body fat went from 11% to 18%
Cholesterol went from 165 to 224 within the first 2 weeks
All his lab values were in the danger zone in less than a month!!!
He felt horrible
He was having troubles in the sex dept.

You gotta see that movie!!
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


Yes i saw it. Very good film, though how honest it was is still in question, as i read that he actually snacked on food during the day. Which was not mentioned.

Good film though.


Hey Denise.

Yeah, DH and I watched that movie a few weeks ago. Shows ya how bad that stuff is for ya BUT then again, remember...this guy took eating that junk to the EXTREME! I love a good nasty McD's meal }:)9 on occasion but that's just it...it's ON OCCASION! Not every day much less EVERY meal!

I am a firm believer in moderation when it comes to eating any kind of junk food...

Just my 2 cents!:)

BTW- I am getting ready to pack my bag! OMG! How scarey! lol Only 5 more weeks to go! My DH predicts that he'll be born on May 10...that's even LESS time!!!


I smoked my last cigarette on March 17, 2004 at 10:00 pm!

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We watched it a few months ago-- I also wonder about how 'honest' it was. It felt quite a bit like propaganda to us. A few weeks later on the morning news, I saw a segment where a reporter was interviewing a man who had lost weight eating 2x a day at McDonalds-- he had salads and water!!!!

I heard about this movie awhile back while on the Discovery Channel as it was being discussed. Got to say, I am not surprised. My DD works at Hardee's fast food restaurant. Most of the people that walk in there look like they eat fast food all the time and it is so sad to probably have 30% or more bodyfat and no muscle. YUK...kinda turns me off from french fries, etc. I don't know why anyone would want to do this to themselves. Hardee's doesn't serve salads anymore either. My DD eats at home before she leaves for work. Thank, God.



McDonald's has excellent salads. If you get the chicken salad with grilled chicken instead of the fried, it's quite healthy. And of course, the low fat dressing.

That was my plan for lunch yesterday, but then I found myself in my car headed to Wendy's. And I saw while I was in their drive-thru lane that they have for a limited time...hold your hats....mozzarella cheeseburgers! I had to try one. It was so good. They used a kaiser roll instead of the normal squishy roll.

But like Wendy, I do this only occassionally. Once or twice a month usually. OK, it's been more like 3 times a month lately, but it seriously hasn't affected my weight at all.


I saw the movie also. I was not skeptical at all. If you are consuming this many calories, you are going to blow up quick. I thought it was an honest movie.

I also love McDonald's California Cobb grilled chicken salad with the lite balsamic vinagrette. It is heaven on Earth. It's way better than a Big Mac. I used to love fast food. Lately, it repulses me. I know longer feed my kids french fries or chicken nuggets. I am glad they have the apples for the kids. They love them and don't miss fries one bit.



I love getting a hamburger Happy Meal with the mandarin oranges instead of french fries when I go to McDonalds. :) I also love McDonald's salads too. So, fast food isn't all bad. But yeah, if you eat Big Macs and large fries 3 times a day for a month, of course you're gonna get fat - that's just crazy. I certainly hope no one actually takes fast food to that extreme. That's a heart attack waiting to happen! But man, I love a quarter pounder with no cheese every once in a while. Mmm mmm! :9


That movie really grossed me out from eating McDonald's for awhile. Especially when he up-chucked his lunch out the car window and then kept on eating. BLECK!!

They also profiled a guy who ate multiple Big Macs on a regular basis, stayed thin and had low cholesterol and seemed to be in reasonably good health. He's definitely in the minority but it just shows you how the same food effects people differently.



I saw it a few weeks ago. I was a little skeptical too. I have no doubt eating MacD's 3X a day for a month is unhealthy, but I thought it was a bit exaggerated. All that stuff about how if he kept it up he was gonna die. LOL! I know people who eat like that all the time & while they're not nearly as healthy as I am I would hardly say they were on the brink of death. The guy was really hamming it up towards the end.


I just saw this the other night. I think he not only just ate at McDonald's he blew it out of proportion. He ordered things like a double quarter pounder and ate it all, even if it made him sick. He ordered two breakfast sandwiches. I mean, he tried to eat too much. Now, I am not a fan of McDonald's or fast food, but I think he tried to make it as bad as he possibly could. He ate milkshakes, full sugar soda etc. I think he over did it to make a point. Still, I think the movie was food for thought and I thought the segments on the school lunches were particularly horrifying.


If you only saw this movie in the theater, you missed one of the most interesting (and creepy!)parts: the DVD extra that shows an experiment he conducted putting various McD and other foods in glass jars to watch how they decomposed. After something like 4 weeks (?), everything had to be thrown out because it was so gross (even the "mom-and-pop" french fries), but the MCDonald's french fries hadn't changed!! If airborne bacteria can't break them down after that amount of time, there's not much chance our bodies can.

Lynn M.

I loved this movie!!!

It WAS shocking to see how physically unhealthy he got when eating all of that food. However, what really freaked me out was how he got "addicted" to it.. that was kind of an unexpected twist.

I sell food products to the restaurant industry. It seems like lately most of the chains I deal with are asking us for healthier products to be added as options to their menu. I am kind of thinking "Supersize Me" was a catalyst in helping this happen! :)
( Nice to know something postive happened bec. of the film !)

Lynn M.


Kathryn, that's what freaked me out most about the movie was the experiment..... I was so totally grossed out wondering what the heck is in those fries that prevents them from decomposing after months...!! YUCK!!!!!


"the DVD extra that shows an experiment he conducted putting various McD and other foods in glass jars to watch how they decomposed. After something like 4 weeks (?), everything had to be thrown out because it was so gross (even the "mom-and-pop" french fries), but the MCDonald's french fries hadn't changed!"


This was the best part of the movie! If those fries won't decompose in a jar, imagine them in your gut! Yuk! I also watched the interview on the dvd with the guy who wrote Fast Food Nation. I just got the book from Amazon today coincidentally! I have a feeling I will never eat out again after I read it. I swore off fast food when my gall bladder attacked me. I don't think the movie exaggerated a thing (dramatic, yes). I'm at the point where I consider all fast foods, even the McD's salads garbage for my body and I won't eat them. A better, safer choice for lunch or breakfast on the go is low fat yogurt with no high fructose corn syrup.

Anyway, off my soap box. Fast food is poison. Where's my barf bag!:p
Yes-that experiment was disgusting!
Another issue I have with their fries is that whole incident with putting meat flavoring on them and not disclosing that to the public!
I also think it is funny how people think it is healthy or safe to eat their salads (or any fast food salad) -they add sugar to them (even without the dressing!) and with the dressing, cheese, croutons, dreid fruit, or nuts, they can equal the same amount of calories & fat as a cheeseburger or more!
People need to educate themselves and ask about these things before assuming they are ok to eat.


Another thing everyone should remember is that McDonald's has changed a lot of things since this movie came out last year. The salads are "supposedly" healthier now and they got rid of the "super size" option.

I saw this two months ago and haven't eaten fast food since. Even if SOME of what happened to him is true, that's enough reason for me to stop eating it. Not that I went overboard before with it but I'd rather not eat it anymore. Too many unknowns.


I also thought the section on school lunches was disturbing. Remember the girl who was just eating Cheetos and a coke for lunch?

I remember when McDonalds was a treat. I had it maybe twice a year growing up, and we always came home and put it on real plates. Now mothers give it to their kids several times a week, driving down the road. I am guilty of this, but the times we buy fast food are becoming more rare. A lot of kids get used to fastfood, they like the taste of it. Can you blame them if they don't want to eat broccoli? Thankfully my kids love fruits and veggies, and are not picky at all.


becky v

That movie was amazing. I truly think they should force kids to watch it in school and even force adults to watch it at work. I have never been a fan of McDonalds (except for the occasional McRib) so this movie didn't turn me off of them, but I really think that people need to be aware of what they are doing to their bodies when they eat that crap!! x(


I can't eat a lot of McDonald's foods. They make me sick. I mean, within 20-30 minutes of eating McNuggets, I feel as if a stomach/intestinal virus has mass-invaded my body! I failed to put 2 and 2 together for the longest time, then suddenly realized that I kept getting sick after eating McNuggets and fries at McDonald's. I stopped going to McD's immediately and the sicknesses stopped.

I read Fast Food Nation a couple of years ago, and it's pretty scary. It's sickening to know what they do at those meat-packing plants. I'll never feel the same about Conagra again!

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