Today I did an Hiit 15 TF and then STS disc 15 biceps and back.

I will start posting nutrition today if anyone else is interested.

B-oatmeal and banana with some protein powder
S- protein shake
L- tuna and something else any ideas??
S- almonds, fruit
D- probably a big salad with chicken and lots of veggies


I thought I posted yesterday but evidentally.......

Wednesday I did MMA Kickbox and a stretch, yesterday I broke out an oldie but a goodie (Cheryl inspired me) and did Power Max. I have had that CD since I was in my early 20's and it always kicked my tail. I could never make it through the whole thing. Well...not only did I make it all the way but I did 70% of it with a higher riser than I ever used then. I guess my endurance is not as bad as I thought :D

Had a very good workout yesterday. Cardio Core Circuit Drills only -- just felt very good for some reason. When I was done I seriously thought about doing it again (yes really) but DS was due home. Just tickled me to no end though. Been awhile since I had one of those unstoppable days. I should have time for a couple longer workouts over the weekend. Chest, shoulders, tris today - maybe some intervals on my elliptical -- or some other form of cardio.

Linda - Doubt you’ll check in this morning, but just in case: sending prayers for a smooth surgery and speedy recovery.

Roselyn - DS was sick for a couple days earlier this week, so I think there is something going around. Good workout today, so I'm guessing (hoping) you’re feeling better.

Theresa - :D Ha. Wtg on the great workout. More and more I’m coming to believe that stamina (at least mine) can really fluctuate, and any given day(s) is not necessarily indicitive of the whole (except the good ones - those we need to remember ;) ). Well done.

I’ll try to check back later. Still getting used to the schedule change with school started. Feeling a bit behind in … everything. Usually takes me a couple weeks to get in a groove.

Have a groovy morning :p



Somehow I just lost my ENTIRE post!!!!! I am sooo annoyed right now. :mad: Ok...I will try again.

No workout to report today - my power went out and I barely got up in time to shower and get to work!! :mad: I can't believe it because I NEVER sleep past 5 am (even after drinking all night at camp - LOL). I will be leaving for the last weekend at camp at noon today, which is going to be sad for me, but will definitely leave me more time for "weekend stuff" - like laundry, moving, packing, cleaning....you get the drift.

Theresa - I LOVE that workout!! I'm glad I "inspired" you - don't usually have that effect on people!! :p

Roselyn - Thank god we didn't have to post nutrition yesterday - LOL. I ATE a city yesterday, but hopefully being accountable will help me get that tapeworm under control!! Nice workout today. How about some Triscuits with that Tuna? That's my favorite!! :)

Linda - Sending you prayers and good wishes..... :)

Hi to Lori, Diane Sue and Debbie!!

I am going to post my nutrition stats for the weekend, since I will not be back until Monday, and also since maybe this will help me 'STAY' on track for the weekend!!

b: string cheese
10 Hershey kisses (I know...rediculous)
100 cal popcorn
l: chicken salad
d: Fat Free Hot dogs (Hey...it's camp) (80 cals) no buns
6 oz Vodka w crystal lite
cals: 1400

b: 2 eggs scram
l: Grilled chicken and fresh grilled veggies
d: Salmon pinwheels with crabmeat and lobster stuffing Yum! (DH made these for our last week of camp...loaded with cals, but delicious!)
Irish Coffee's
cals: 1600

b: protein shake
l: chef salad (turkey only and no dressing)
d: Probably lean cuisine?
cals: 1400

Ok.....hopefully I will STICK to this menu!!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Lori - We posted at the same time!!! Brilliant minds......:) Nice workout today!!! I wish I would just have ONE of those days....anytime!! LOL. I haven't had that GREAT energy in a while, but hopefully I'll find it soon!
Have a great day.

Today was cardio and I'm back in my cardio funk. Didn't look forward to doing but dragged my large butt in my workout room and did STS Step Moves. Fun workout, some of the foodwork is tricky but I picked up on it pretty well. I've done this one before so it wasn't too bad.

Then I did the Ab Work from Step Heat. Holy oldies, batman! This workout was just crunches and reverse crunches but I got a great burn going.

45 minutes total
1 minute below zone
13 minutes in zone
32 minutes above zone
387 calories burned

Not bad for 45 minutes.

Hope you all have a great Friday!

Linda - Prayers going out to you today. Hope your surgery goes well!
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This morning I started with P90 X Total Body + 46 minutes( I had my HR monitor paused and forgot to turn it back on for 2 minutes) and I burned 270 calories. I then did Turbo Fire Tone 30, 31 minutes 176 calories burned. I wanted some cardio so did Turbo Fire Hiit 15, 17 minutes, Max HR 166, 134 calories( I had to stop in the middle of it for a couple of minutes) I have been lacking in stretching so did Turbo Fire Stretch 40, 41 minutes 125 calories. Total workout time was 2 hr 15 minutes and calories burned 705. Really I was thinking of a shorter stretch but Olivia kept saying another one


Yesterday's eats were:
Post workout- mixed frozen golden fruit(Schwann's) it has mango, pineapple, peaches and Strawberries drizzled with honey and Myofusion Vanilla whey stirred in
Lunch was out with dh so I had steamed oriental veggies(broccoli, bok choy, water chestnuts, mushrooms, onion, snow peas) with soy sauce on it. We went to Java Daves afterward and I had a latte.
Dinner stir fry of mushrooms, onion, garlic, tomatoes, jalapeno and soy crumbles mixed in. I topped it with some fat free sour cream
I had a 100 calorie pretzel pack for a snack. Wish I didn't buy those for the grandchildren.

So far today I had a similar post workout meal to yesterday but I diced up apple and mixed in blueberries with some cinnamon.
Lunch will be Amy's lower sodium ministrone with some soy crumbles sprinkled in it and a salad

Linda, sending prayers your way. I hope the surgury goes well.

Debbie, I have really had to push myself with the cardio lately. I think it is because of school starting and lack of sleep. I sincerely doubt there is a large butt there LOL

Cheryl, I am sure that you will miss camp but, as you said it will give you more time for moving.

Roselyn, I like to dump a can of rinsed drained tuna on top of my salad and drizzle it with barbecue sauce and fat free ranch dressing. Sometimes I take a can of it and mix it into one of those Green Giant Healthy veggie mixes that are in the little cartons and have a light sauce in them. My favorite is the one with the black beans in it:)

Lori, I have those days where I really could just keep going but I have pending stuff that makes me have to stop. It sounds like you had a good workout.

Theresa, nice job on the workout:)


hey everyone. excuse me if i don't use caps.:p

surgery seems to have gone well, in it was all arthroscopic. haven't spoken to the dr yet so don't know exactly how bad it was.

feeling good right now because arm is completely numb.

it's cute..my ds is refilling my cryo cuff and dd insisted on making me a pb&j.:D

that's all for now


Linda, I am so glad it is done and you seem to be ok. Let us know what the doctor says:) Cute on the children. They can be so funny at times.


Linda-so glad to hear everything went well. I am curious to hear what the doc has to say, at least it was arthroscopic, it should be a faster heal time :) And what lovely kids you have :D

Cheryl-your breakfast made me chuckle :D I drink vodka w/ crystal light too, but I have been drawn to lemon drop martinis lately :D Nice workout

Debbie-you sound like me w/ the cardio....it is sooo easy to skip which might explain my current weight :(

Diane Sue-nice work as usual. I am anxious to hear your final thoughts on Amy's stuff

Lori-YAY for you and CCC AND for wanting to do it again :D You are a good kind of crazy. I am waiting for one of those days to hit me, although I have done quite a bit more cardio this week than I usually do :)

Roselyn-nice workouts and eats.

Please forgive me if I missed anyone. Off to my sister's bday dinner and total body TRX tomorrow :eek:

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