Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for November 2021


Hi everyone,

Today I did BARLATES D1 of 5 Day Fitmas. It was perfect for today.

Debbie - thank you! Having lots of fun with my kids.

Cam - your dog sounds like a sweetheart. Labs are the best.

Diane - we always too our dogs with us. They loved going places. We trained them from a very young age. I took both dogs for long walks daily, I couldn't had them pull out my arm. Both listen to my commands. Brawler was 65 pounds when he was healthy and ChuChu was about the same. Brawler had anxiety especially when we had thunder/lighting. I think Labs have a lot of anxiety. How are you feeling?



No workout today. I felt pretty good yesterday. Today I woke up with my arm hurting. My leg seems good today other than after I did my one hand vacuuming. Not sure why, but my low back and hip started hurting and I took Advil and did some stretching and it feels much better. I don't get some of the come and go pain. No call from the orthopedic surgeon's office yet. If I knew who it is I would call them myself.

Cam, your dog is just doing what is a labs hunting instinct. My lab, Mudd that passed away would go half the way up the big oaks we had after squirrels. She was fast and caught a lot of them. I never enjoyed birds and squirrels being presented to me on the door step with Mudd looking proud of herself. Being in the environment that you are in it would be hard to control those urges. I guess they can learn. My daughter's labs had to learn to leave their chickens that wandered around the grounds alone. They did finally quit raising chickens and the cows that they had. They have 15 acres out near a lake. They had a lot of other predators as well and it was just a lot of work to keep up with on their days off.
This arthritis center is so busy and they really do take their time. I have had to call them myself because they are so slow in the past. It is tempting to talk to my daughter and find a orthopedic doctor on my own.
I am so sad for all of those people that were injured and killed by that driver. That is a terrifying thing for those families who were there to start the Christmas season. I need to organized some cabinets around here. We have been here 7 months and I keep changing things for convenience and some things like the shelving in the laundry room and hall need to be re-arranged. I will wait though.

Jolie, it sounds like nice weather to me. It always bothered me when one of my grandson's would be pushed by the coach to lift through shoulder pain and stuff when he worked out for football and then wrestling. Those wrestling matches made me cringe as I know he got hurt multiple times. Thank you for your prayers.

Debbie, nice workout. Your Fitbit is definitely wrong and you really did get a good workout in.

Belinda, nice work with Barlates . That is good that your dogs do not pull when you walk them I had a great dane that was great at walking and loved car rides. We had to block her because she would run into the garage when we got groceries and climb right in on top of the groceries all ready to go for a ride. Gertie, just doesn't get walked enough. She is okay, but could be better.

Rosely, nice work with legs today.


Today was Tracy Steen 45 min No Repeat Cardio & Strength.I like this one. She did rounds by muscle groups with a couple rounds of cardio mixed in. Hit it all and the time flew.

I took my mom to lunch today. Her 1st outing since being in and out of the hospital this summer. She is getting stronger and working with therapy. But what she doesn't seem to grasp is that she needs to do the work all the time, not just when the therapist is there. Frustrating.

My heart is sad today since the parade massacre. It's just awful. The scum bag that bulldozed through the parade has a rap sheet a mile long and should have been locked up. I am so tired of our criminal justice system letting these creeps walk all the time, but yet they want to put away a 17 y.o. with no record and label him a white supremacist. We gotta get this country back on track.

Good workouts everyone!
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Today I tried doing CDorner's Cardio Kickboxing HiiT Style and had to stop after about 10 minutes. I know I said I was pain free yesterday but actually my knees have been really bothering me. In this workout she does lunges and stuff like that and it really bothered my knees. Plus she does some squat thrust things. Why can't she just do kickboxing? Anyways, I decided to do Kelly's RAW Kickboxing Outside and did about 30 minutes of that. It is a fun workout and friendly to the body. I think I need to stop eating sweets, I think that is what is causing this issue. I am still drinking my Marine Collagen so it has to be because of the sweets. I need to stop. I get on these kicks with sweets and I don't know why.

Workouts were 46 minutes total, burned 300 calories (holy crap), did 4731 steps and HR was 119/165.

Roselyn - Great job with your legs yesterday. How is your mom doing??

Diane - I cannot believe you haven't heard from the orthopedic doctor yet. WTH? How frustrating. Our doctors here would usually give us the name of the doctor they were recommended, I wonder why yours didn't? I'm sorry you are having pains just appearing everywhere, I wonder what is causing that? I hope you are feeling better today. I'm really frustrated with this FB. I sure hope my DH gets me a Garmin. If not, I'll get one with my Christmas money my mom usually gives me.

Cam - I saw that about that @sshole who ran all those people over. Why wasn't he in jail? OMG, it is ridiculous how these judges and courts keeps letting these people go. The families should sue the court system and the judge in charge, maybe that will stop this crap from happening. I pray for everyone involved and hope justice is done swiftly. He should be hung for that.

Have a great day everyone!!!! Can't believe Thanksgiving is three days away.
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Jolie Fit

Yesterday was a rest day, I had to clean the carpets in my house and boy was that a big job. My low back is so sore today from leaning over so much, pushing and pulling the machine back and forth so many times. At least the carpets look brand new again. Today I did a Cathe Live workout that I had purchased, one of my all-time favorite workouts of hers and had a great workout. I did All In Upper Body, went lite on the weights compared to what I usually did before and it still was a really great workout. I am so much weaker than I was one year ago, it is amazing how fast you lose strength!!! Workout was 1 hour and I burned 387 calories. I added in some rowing at the end on my rowing machine for a few minutes to burn some extra calories. Since my son is coming home from college tomorrow evening and my parents are coming for 2 days for Thanksgiving, I am not sure if I will get too many workouts in the next couple of days, but I will try my best to get it done. It is forecasted to be 78 degrees on Thanksgiving so that makes me happy.

Debbie, your lite weights are my heavy weights right now! Great job with the workout today. I cannot do any type of lunge or my knees kill me, so I gave them up completely a few years back and I rarely have knee pain anymore. I have problems with Chocolate right now, I crave it so much :( I also love sour jelly beans...

Cam, wow on that accident during the parade, I feel so bad for anyone and everyone! I hate our world right now, people have lost their minds and the Dems want to close all of the prisons and let all of the convicts go free!!!! What the hell. Could you imagine what would happen. Great job on the workouts, you are killing it! I am happy that you get to take your mother out, I am sure she will love it and love spending time with you.

Belinda, nice job on those new 5 day workouts.

Roselyn, great job with the workout!

Diane Sue, I have had the worst sleep the last couple of nights, it kills me the next day. I can only imagine how you feel not being able to sleep well because of your shoulder. I hope you feel better today and the doctor calls you ASAP.

Make it a great day!
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My mom is doing well we are selling her home and her PT and OT and doc think she can go to a senior independent community, on a sad note my dads youngest sister, my mammas best friend and my special aunt is dying of lung cancer that spread to her spine. It is heartbreaking

Today I worked chest I think I am signing up for Beach Body thinking of cathe live too, have her live workouts been pretty good? I unsubscribed for about 6 months now


Today I did Tracy Steen 50 min. Fat Burning Cardio-No Repeat. I kept it mostly low impact and it was killer. I think that is the longest cardio I've done in over a year. I felt it too.

Roselyn, your mom will like senior living. There's a lot to do and she will make lots of friends. My mom loved senior living after my dad died. She misses it, but too many falls and illneses resulted in assisted living. She doesn't like it and covid made everything worse. I live 2 miles from her so I can keep tabs on things.

Debbie, I don't know what you heard or read on the parade killer, but he was out on bail for running over his girlfriend with a car. Attempted murder and mommy got him out on a $1,000 bail that was ordered by the DA and judge. The liberal Milwaukee DA is finally getting national media attention for the incompetent hack that he is. Milwaukee voters keep voting this crap in election after election and they wonder why the City has a high crime rate. Maybe it will sink in next election. Ok I will get off my soapbox. Glad you got a workout in that you enjoyed.

Jolie, glad you got your carpet cleaned. Cathe does have some fun weight workouts. I really like her ICE workouts and her PHA'S. You aren't kidding when you say people have lost their minds. Our media doesn't help. They praise and give attention to the wrong people. I can barely watch local news anymore. I get so angry.

Tomorrow I have baking and getting ready for hosting Thanksgiving . It will be nice having everyone together this year.
Michelle Briehler uploaded a good full body strength weight workout this week.I have it planned for tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


My daughter called this morning and urged me to call the doctors office and see if they had called the orthopedic doctor yet. I did and got transferred to the nurse who I had to leave a message for. Late this afternoon the orthopedic surgeon receptionist called me and set it up. She was really nice and tried to get me in asap. So it will be two weeks to see the orthopedic surgeon on December 8th. I got the impression when the other arthritis doctors nurse got the message that she remembered to call the orthopedic doctor. I am wondering how soon they can do something after that. I am dog sitting. Kermit does not like to go through the doggie door and wants to make lots of trips in and out. I am working with him. It took Gertie a little bit to learn as they do not like the door smacking them in the face. Gertie adjusted and dips her head so it does not hit her nose.

Cam, that is good that you are close to your mother so you can check on her. Nice work with Tracey Steen today. It is ridiculous how these creeps get let off so easily. You are right about our country and this crazy justice system. I saw all of that about that guy that plowed through those people and his long record. It is so sad. I was glad that the boy won in the trial. It is ridiculous how he was treated. It became some political crazy thing.

Debbie, sweets really can cause inflammation and pain. I try to avoid them. This is the time of year that it is hard to avoid them. Fortunately I did not try to get a fruit pie made. I love it hot with vanilla ice cream. Holidays is the only time I usually make them and mostly for me. The family tends to bring chocolate and cream pies and my husband likes lemon and pumpkin. Anyway, I don't know why I am talking about pie. LOL Thankfully my leg is not hurting today. Hopefully I am done with that.
The whole thing bothers me with my arthritis center doctor. Actually it is the lousy help I think. I had to call them to get my results with the first mri I had done as they kept not calling. After several times of calling and getting sent to another person and then having to leave a message, I am starting to think I should be looking for some place else. My doctor has changed nurses and I did not like this last one. She was kind of rude. I liked the guy he had as his assistant for a couple of years.

Belinda, I hope PT was helpful today. Nice work.

Jolie, it always feels to get carpets all clean. I love chocolate and ordered chocolate coffee. I should have waited and got good coffee as it does not taste right. I like the Black Rifle chocolate k cup coffee. I wish they had it in beans. I did not sleep much again last night. I need to get these dogs settled and go to bed. Gertie just gets a treat and curls back up on her dog bed. I have sprinkler winterizing done tomorrow and groceries coming at the same time so need to get up and be ready.

Roselyn, I am glad your mother has gotten better. That is sad about your aunt that is you moms best friend. One of my ladies group just had her children put her in a senior living place. She loves it as it has games and special activities along with Bible studies and the like. She was feeling so lonely being locked in by herself at home because of covid and had her children check it out for her. She is 90 and such a sweet person.


Good morning,

D3 Barlates Fitmas workout is done. Here is the link for all 5 workouts they are free on YT. I do own all 5 workouts. I stopped buying her workouts since she is posting them for free on YT.

Great job everyone.

I will try to check in later.
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Today I did Caroline's Day 48 of Epic III which was Giant Sets Upper Body Workout with Dumbbells. Wow, great workout. My muscles were shaking by the time I was done with this one. It was fun and went quick.

All sets were 30 seconds for 4 sets and then you rest for 30 seconds and repeat. Killer. So you do sort of a superset with two exercises and you alternate between the two for 4 total sets. I guess that's why she calls it a giant set.

Chest Press: 15's
Diamond Press: 15's
Alternate for 2 sets each, rest for 30 seconds then repeat again

Bent Over Douuble Arm Rows: 15's
Supine Landmine Row: 25#
Alternate for 2 sets each, rest for 30 seconds then repeat again

Pullover: 20#
Diamond Press: 20#
Alternate for 2 sets each, rest for 30 seconds then repeat again

Shoulder Press: 12's (highest I've gone for many many months)
Rear Delt Row: 12's
Alternate for 2 sets each, rest for 30 seconds then repeat again

Arnold Press: 12's
Partial Rear Delt Flies: 12's
Alternate for 2 sets each, rest for 30 seconds then repeat again

Tate Press: 10's (can't believe I can finally do these, I think I was doing them wrong before)
Skull Crushers: 10's
Alternate for 2 sets each, rest for 30 seconds then repeat again

Alternate Lateral Raise: 10's
Partial Lateral Raises: 10's
Alternate for 2 sets each, rest for 30 seconds then repeat again

Hammer Curls: 15's
Alternate Rotational Curls: 15's
Alternate for 2 sets each, rest for 30 seconds then repeat again
(Holy crap that was tough, my bi's will be sore tomorrow!)

60 seconds each 30 second rest between
Hammer Curl to Hammer Press: 10's
Curl to Press: 15#

I almost skipped the finisher due to time but I didn't want to stop. So I was running late to get to work. LOL! Oh well.

Jolie - Cleaning carpets is the worst job ever. I remember really liking All In Upper Body too, fun workout. My favorite was the one from a road trip she did, the one where that body building woman was on. That workout is my all time favorite. I should have downloaded that one so I could do it here and there. I wonder if you can just download certain workouts without a subscription? Me too about the chocolate. I am trying to stay away from it until tomorrow (obviously) and so far I've been really good. Once I put my mind to something, I just do it so I think I'm good to go. Once tomorrow is over I'll not have sweets again until Christmas. We'll see how that works! Anyways, nice workout and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your family!

Roselyn - I hope you can find a place for your mom where she will be content. My mom's eyes are getting really bad and it scares me to let her keep living on her own but she won't hear about leaving her house. She is 84 so I'm not sure how much longer she will be able to stay there on her own. Makes me so sad. I'm sorry to hear about your aunt. Almost all of my aunts and uncles are gone. I hate this stage of life where all your loved ones pass. I hope you have a gret Thanksgiving with your mama!

Cam - OMG, no I did not hear that. All they say here on our news is what they want us to know and then I even question if it's the truth. Unbelievable. I hope the families of the hurt and murdered sue the heck out of that hack. It is a shame these people keep getting voted in over and over again. When will it end? Nice workout yesterday and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Diane - SO GLAD YOU HAVE AN APPOINTMENT! Finally. Ridiculous that it takes so long. The waiting is the worst part of anything. LOL on the pies, we have three that I know of for tomorrow, a cherry, pumpkin and chocolate silk. Yikes!! I will try to be careful but I know how it goes. I'm hoping to get a quick workout in so I hopefully won't feel too much guilt. LOL! What are you doing for Thanksgiving since you had it with your family last weekend? Whatever you do, I hope you have a great one!! I'm glad your leg is doing good too.

Belinda - Great workout today. So if I wanted to download a Cathy Live workout, can I do that without subscribing? I know you downloaded a couple I think. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! What are you making? I'm sure you are doing a vegan Thanksgiving right? :)

Well I hope you all have a great day tomorrow!! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!


Debbie - great job on the EPIC today. Are you still doing her workouts plans? Yes, you can download Cathe's live workouts. Very easy to do. She has a special on her downloads if you spent $40 use coupon code SAVE40. It's a great deal, IMO! We are making a vegan and turkey TG for my son and DIL. We are all going to have to help. What are you making? Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


No workout. I am tired of the shoulder pain. I hardly slept and was awake at 3 am. My husband came in at 5 and we talked before he went to bed. Now I feel I could use a nap. Maybe the dogs will let me take one. I am going to try a Tai shrimp soup recipe tonight. I figure it will give me a few meals. I did a Whole Foods order and got some lemon grass and red curry for it. It doesn't look like too much chopping as that is hard to do left handed only.

Belinda, I will have to check out Barlates on youtube. Nice work on day 3 of Fitmas,

Debbie, great workout today. I am just sitting here with the dogs on Thanksgiving. My husband works.


Today I did Michelle Briehler Full Body Strength & Core. I loved it. She is one of the best YT instructors, imo.

I got 2 desserts done and not doing much more today. I think too much scrubbing with my right arm the past few days wasn't a good idea. It hurts a little. I hope that won't be a problem for me. I find too much of one motion can be painful. Still have to be careful for a couple months.

Diane, glad you finally have an appointment. I remember that pain, even though we have different ailments, I remember trying to cook dinner and chopping was hard. Honestly I barely ever cry. I cried a lot last year at this time from pain. You are really tough. I don't know how you do it. I was glad Thanksgiving last year was small. I couldn't even lift the turkey in and out of the oven. My husband and kids did most of the work. So, don't do too much. It's not worth further damage. Next year at this time you will be saying, I can't believe how good I feel.

Debbie, good workout today! I was eyeing up Caroline's new series. It looks like it's not so repetitive. I may try one in the next week.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
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Cam, when I had issues 2 years ago, for some reason I guess I felt better and I decided to clean the glass windows in our sun room and wash and rehang all of the curtains. I hurt so bad in my shoulder and my neck hurt terribly. I am taking it easy. I cleaned Monday night getting floors mopped and cleaned. Now I am just taking care of small tasks. I know the feeling though. I told my husband tonight that even pulling up the blanket on the bed hurts. It hurts to pull laundry the washer and put it in the dryer. By evenings, even doing lighter tasks and trying to use only the left arm hurts. My left shoulder is paying for taking up all of the work and my neck hurts again. I want to get this over with.

Roselyn, nice work getting the shoulder work in today.
Well, I don't usually workout on holidays, but I had time this morning so I did a quick one. I did RAW Step Boxing and had a really great workout. Love this one. I used 2 risers on each side of my step and also used my 1# sand weights.

Workout was 30 minutes, burned 186 calories, did 3285 steps and HR was 116/150.

It was funny, during the workout Kelly says, "We are burning tons of calories..." and I said, "Not according to my Fitbit" and my husband walked by at that exact time and laughed about it. He hears me bitching about this thing all the time. LOL!!!

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Happy Thanksgiving!! No workout.

Debbie, LOL on complaining about the Fitbit. I always found it discouraging when they say they burned a lot of calories and I never reach that much. At least now I am not getting the way off heart rates and stuff.

Belinda, glad that you got in the next Barlates workout in .

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