Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for January 2022!!


Hi everyone,

Killer HIIT Legs Workout // Day 12 HR12WEEK 2.0 is done.

Warm Up
Circuit 1 (40s work +20s rest x2)
Goblet Squat - 20#
Jump Squat
Carry Lunges - 2x 10's (she used one heavy DB holing it overhead the entire time.
Pop Lunges
Glute Bridge - 20#
Glute March - 20#
Sumo Squat - 20#
Heel Clicks

Circuit 2 (40s work +20s rest x2)
Squat Knee Taps
Pop Squat
Side Lunges - 20#
Side Lunge Hop
Squat Toe Taps
Curtsey + Squat - 20#
Deadlift + Lunge - 2x 15's
Squat + Hop - 20#
Cool Down

I will be back to catch up on personals.
Today I did RAW Box & Drills, it's only 30 minutes but I truly love this workout. I used my 1# sand weights for the punching drills. Fun workout.

Workout was 30 minutes, burned 198 calories, did 2827 steps and HR was 127/153.

I also did the ab section of Heather's Day 2 workout. She repeats the circuit but I only did it once. It was a killer for me. Someone else on here (Cam maybe?) said they were going to work on doing more ab work and that is my goal as well. I can't believe how weak my abs are. Even after doing all that kickboxing where I hold my abs in and really work them when I punch, I am very weak in my abs. I really don't even like working them, but I have too or I will be sorry.

This was the ab circuit:

40 on/10 off
Basic Crunch
Reverse Crunch + Kick Out
Frog Crunch
Side Bridge (R) - I did Russian Twists w/8# weight - this would have been too much for my shoulders
Side Bridge (L) - Same
Plank Rocker
Rocking Chair
Single Leg Bicycle (R)
Single Leg Bicycle (L)
Bicycles Crunch

Tough stuff, wish I could have repeated it but I ran out of time. And quite frankly, this about killed me.

Roselyn - How are you feeling?

I don't have time for personals, I'm hoping to catch up with you all tomorrow. I am reading all your posts, though. Great workouts, everyone!!!

Jolie Fit

Today I did a workout by Vera LaRo and it was great. I did 45-minute Upper Body Workout at Home DB's only no repeat. I love these no repeat workouts, no repetition and no dread factor. I will be feeling this one tomorrow! I do not have a calorie burn, I forgot to charge my FB, when I went to put it on it was dead. Oh well, but I was dripping by the end of this workout. It is humid here today, the Tsunami that was created from the underwater explosion in Tonga has made it like hurricane type weather, overcast, warm and humid. Today it feels like I live in Hawaii. :) This workout was similar to Caroline Girvan's workouts, it is nice to have variety. My dog in my picture is turning 15 years old on Thursday so I am going to get him a dog cup cake from the Barkary in town to celebrate. 15 is a big milestone, don't ya think!

Cam, nice walk yesterday in the freezing weather! I would have a tough time doing that if I wasn't all bundled up! Tomorrow I may do a step workout from that instructor I mentioned yesterday, she is a beast!

Belinda, great job on the lower body workout today. I had to give up my wine, I found out that this is what makes my joints hurt, it is kind of like a trigger for Gout. Alcohol is the worst thing for Arthritis and once I stop drinking it, all my pain goes away. Crazy...

Roselyn, I hope you are doing well.

BBL to read the other posts for the day.

Jolie Fit

Debbie, we must have posted at the same time. Great job on the workout today. I had a great one, you need to try it! I have been working ABS, it is so important for my low back issue. Also, I need to really focus on my low back as well, but no deadlifts, those kill me.


Debbie - great job on your workout this morning. Heather puts a lot of ab exercises into her workouts. How are you feeling? Is your cough getting any better?

Roselyn - how are you feeling? Paying for you and your husband.

Jolie - yikes, on your weather. I wished it would feel like Hawaii here. We are covered in snow and ice. I gave up/changed my eating to control RP. Unfortunately none has to to do with food. Wished I could cure it with food. Glad giving up wine helped you.

Diane - how are you doing? Thinking about you.

Cam - have fun with your workout today.
Do any of you have cats? We have two and I cannot find food for them anywhere. They only eat Friskies and Fancy Feast and even Chewy.com doesn't have anything in stock. What is going on? I have no clue what to do, my cats are so picky and won't eat anything else. So frustrating!!


I am getting a little more mobility, but it sure hurts still. It is normal though to feel pain. This weekend i had so much pain and even in my neck. It was miserable. I was worried about Monday's therapy as it really hurt and he held the tension longer. It wasn't too bad though. Tomorrow is 4 weeks since surgery. I read pain can stay for up to 3 months. We had family birthdays yesterday.

Doreen, I hope you are feeling better. Covid and flu like viruses seem to be going around big time. One seems to be more of a stomach virus.

Debbie glad to see you are feeling better and back to workouts.

Belinda I so sorry that you are having so many problems with the RP. I am sure it is hard for the doctors to find treatments that wrk for you.

Jolie, I am sorry your dog got excited and knocked you on the ground. I am glad it was on grass.

Cam, be careful. I hope things finish fusing soon. I keep wishing my elbow and forearm did not hurt so bad during therapy and wearing the immobilizer. I take breaks to take it off and do pendulums and stuff the pt gave me to do.


Today I did Penny Barnshaw 30 min. 3500 Steps Fast & Sweaty Walking Workout. Sweaty it was. I liked it. I also did ICE Abs. I felt like a low impact milder workout today. I don't know if have a little burnout, but I am not feeling like doing anything real challenging. I have been working out a lot and just feel like doing something different. I may do a band workout and a fusion type this week.

Diane, sounds like you are making progress. Baby steps, right? I can imagine the immobilizer is uncomfortable. Glad PT is going well.

Debbie, I heard about the cat food shortage. Of all things. I don't have a cat. Sorry I can't help, I did hear on the news what people were making for their cats but I don't remember. Yep, I am focusing more on my core. It's not very strong. I will keep Heather's ab workout in mind. Ive been trying to do some boat poses. That's hard for me.

Jolie, love those no-repeat workouts too. Sounds like a good workout. Congrats to your dog! 15 yrs, wow!

Belinda, that sounds like a good lower body by Heather. I will check that one out.

Roselyn, hope you feel better.



No workout today - My husband gave me his cold/cough so I'm fighting a low grade fever, sore throat - all the yuck but I don't think its COVID. So we just took the dog for a short walk today because I am WFH to not spread germs at the office.
This morning I did Heather Robertson 40 Min. Upper Body Pull Workout, Day 3 and had a good workout. I wanted to go heavier but thought better of it since I'm just starting back again. My right elbow is really bothering me, I had to put my elbow brace on by the middle of this workout. I sleep on it at night and lately it's really been bothering me. The pain is right on the elbow bone. Weird.

40 seconds on/20 seconds off, each circuit is done twice.

Circuit 1
Single Arm Row (R): 20#
Single Arm Row (L): 20#
Bicep Rotation: 10's
Negative Bicep Curls: 12's
Rear Pull/Jacks

Circuit 2
Alternate Underhand Row: 12's
Preacher Curl (R): (I did Pledge Curls) 15#/12#
Preacher Curl (L): (I did Pledge Curls) 15#/12#
Super V-Squeeze: (I did Pullovers) 15#
Squat + Curl: 12's

Circuit 3
Alternate Hammer Curls: 12's
Narrow/Wide Row: 12's
Super Human: (Did Hammer Curls w/Twist): 10's/12's
Bicep Burnout: 5's
Ninja Hop + Curl: (I did modification of stepping in and out): 12's/10's

Workout was 42 minutes, burned 224 calories (which surprised me), HR was 117/155.

Belinda - Nice job with your leg workout yesterday, looks tough. I think Day 4 for me is a leg day. Sort of looking forward to it. Not a fan of working my legs but I need to. I like these workouts so far, they seem more geared to older women versus Caroline's who does crazy things and sort of looks like she's going to hurt herself when doing the HiiT workouts! I am feeling much better but the cough is still hanging on. Ridiculous. At least it's more of a clearing of the throat versus coughing, but still. It's annoying.

Jolie - Nice job with that workout, now I need to look that one up. LOL!! I wish Youtube was out when I was in the twenties and thirties, I can guarantee I'd have a workout channel right now. What an opportunity for these wonderful women who take time to make workout videos for us. I love it. Wow on your weather, that is warm!! We are sitting at 34 right now and it will go down to the single digits tonight. Lots of snow around, too.

Roselyn - I know exactly what you feel like! It sucks. I used Mucinex cough medicine for chest congestion and that helped me a lot. Hope you get over it soon.

Diane - Sorry you are still in pain, I sure hope that goes away soon. Yes, I'm back to working out and have my energy back, it feels good to move again. Hope you can start doing something soon!

Cam - We can work on our abs together! I wish I could remember which ab workouts by Cathe I used to love and do. She has some good ones on her DVD's. I need to look through them and find some. Yep, I need to figure out what to do for my cats, it's ridiculous. Of course they are blaming the pandemic.

Doreen - Sounds similar to what I had. I don't think I had Covid either, but I did lost my taste and smell so I might have had it. Get better soon!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!



Today I did a indoor walk plus SBF barre. Wednesday's is a rest day on Heather R. rotations.

Debbie - my husband went grocery shopping yesterday, he had to go to 3 different stores just to find out everyone of them had empty shelves. I am sorry you can't find cat food. Have you checked local pet stores, Amazon, Pet Smart? I am not a fan working my legs either. I have no choice just like abs. Heathers workouts are perfect for my current fitness level. She always shows modifications which I appreciate. When I did Epic, I skipped Carolines HIIT workouts. I am not out to kill myself. Glad you are feeling better. Sorry about the cough. I had mine forever. No kidding! Feel better soon.

Diane - I am sorry about the pain. I can't believe it's been already 4 week since you had surgery? Boy, time flies. Hope you feel better soon. Hang in there!

Cam - great job on your workout yesterday. I will check the one out soon.

Roselyn - hope you and your husband are relaxing. Thinking about you.

Doreen - I didn't think I had covid. I thought I had a sinus infection. I also lost taste and smell. Not to mention that cough that wouldn't go away. Get a covid test. Take it easy and take care!

Good night.


Today I had more ambition to workout. I did ICE Metabolic Total Body + Blizzard Blast, but took out the jumps. I haven't done this one in awhile and often reach for it but change my mind. This is my week of "do whatever", so this fit the bill. A little shoulder intensive, but still good.

Debbie, good workout. Wise not over do it with the lifting. I like most of Cathe's core work. Yeah, the pandemic will always be the excuse for this administration's failures.

Doreen, hope you feel better. Glad you can work from home. Some days I wish I could.

Belinda, good workout. I kinda like some of those indoor walking workouts. I did a lot of them after my surgery, but you can make them the intensity you want.



Good morning,

Chest, Tri's & Shoulders: Upper Body Strength Workout // Day 13 HR12WEEK 2.0 is done. This was a tough and sweaty one.

Warm Up
Circuit 1 (40s work + 20s rest x2 rounds)
Chest Press - 15's
Chest Flys - 15's
Laydown Push Ups

Circuit 2 (40s work + 20s rest x2 rounds)
Around The World - 8's
Fist Pumps - 1st set 8's, 2nd set 5's, it was tough on my shoulders
Push Press - 8's

Circuit 3 (40s work + 20s rest x2 rounds) my upper body was fried by this point.
Tricep Press - 12's
Skull Crushers - 10's
Tricep Kickbacks - 8's

Circuit 4 (40s work + 20s rest x2 rounds)
Close Grip Press - 12's
Single Arm Flys - 8's
T-Push Up

Circuit 5 (40s work + 20s rest x2 rounds)
Walking Plank
L-Raises - 5's
Weighted Jacks 5's/3's

Circuit 6 (40s work + 20s rest x2 rounds)
Laying Tricep Press (R)
Laying Tricep Press (L) first set felt my self cheating, 2nd set I did laying triceps crossbody Ext. w/10's
Inchworm + Hop - no hop!

Cool Down & Stretch

Cam - I needed to get my rings closed. It's too icy for an outdoor walk. Good job yesterday. I always like Ice workouts with modifications.

Today I did Heather's 40 Minute Unilateral Leg Workout, Day 4. Great workout. I played my own music because I seriously do not like the new music that is out today. Sad that real bands are about gone now, I just don't like any of the new stuff. Oh well.

Each exercise is done twice in a row, then you move onto the next one working all one side at a time. 40 seconds on/20 seconds off. I will be sore tomorrow.

Circuit 1
Stationary Lunge (R) - 12's
Kickstand Deadlift (R) - 15's
Single Leg Bridge (R) - 15#
Side Lunge + Hop (R)
Stationary Lunge (L) - 12's
Kickstand Deadlift (L) - 15's
Single Leg Bridge (L) - 15#
Side Lunge + Hop (L)

Circuit 2
Single Leg Deadlift (R) - 15#
Curtsey Lunge + Kick (R) - 15#
Stand Up + Drive (R): 10's - I only did about 25 seconds of this, it has you kneeling and standing and my knees can't take that. Heck, I can't even kneel anymore at church. I used a lot of padding
Leap + Shuffle (R)
Single Leg Deadlift (L) - 15#
Curtsey Lunge + Kick (L) - !5#
Stand Up + Drive (L) - 10's (same as above)
Leap + Shuffle (L)

Workout was 42 minutes, burned 156 calories, HR was 100/145.

Belinda - I am copy and pasting the workouts so thanks for posting them! Saves me a lot of time. Yes, I've check everywhere. My DH and I will go to a couple stores this weekend to look so hopefully we'll find some of the flavors they like. I'm sure they are sitting in a cargo ship near California. Nice job with today's workout! I can't wait to try that one! I really like how Heather puts there together and always includes a cardio factor to get your HR up. I like these workouts a lot.

Cam - Yes, our administration is miserable. Biden can't even make a complete sentence. I feel like we're living in the twilight zone!!

Have a great day everyone!!


Reading your posts before PT.

Debbie, i have been having problems with the Dog Food. This is like the 5th time I have not been able to get her dog food. Then I have to worry over the food making her ill or not want to eat it. Even when we were doing a vet diet there was none available at any sources I checked. This month I had to change again. Every time I thought I had found a food with similar ingredients it was not available.
Yes, it feels like the twilight zone or some really bad dream.

Belinda I never thought that I would like walking workouts, but once I did some of them, i liked them.

I have to wake my husband and get going to pt.

Jolie Fit

Yesterday was a rest day. Today I did a walk on my TM, through the hills mode, walked for 1 hour, traveled 3.2 miles and burned 546 calories. Today is my dog's birthday so I also took him on 3 walks so I must have walked another mile or so, he loved it! 15 years old and he still looks and acts like a puppy. I think it is from all of the home-made food I have made for him over the years and all the supplements and exercise as well. Today the weather was beautiful, 75 degrees, I did yard work and read in the sun all day and got a great tan. It felt so good to get some natural vitamin D for once.

Debbie, great job on the workout today. I am going to do another one of Vera's workouts tomorrow, upper body supersets. I will let you know what I think of it. It is very similar to Caroline Girvan's workouts. Burr on the weather.

Diane Sue, I am sorry that you are still feeling so much pain. I hope that it dies down soon.

Doreen, I hope you feel better.

Roselyn, do the burned orange and brown sugar that they show on Youtube, it brought my taste back!!!!

Belinda, way to go on your workouts lately!

Cam, great job with the workout!

Have a wonderful evening.


Tonight I did Michelle Briehler PiYo Express. Great workout! It was 50 min. It went quick and I was challenged. Again, I enjoyed the summer scenery. I think I am starting to get the moves and flow down. She moves quick, which I like, but I hate stumbling through and rewinding.

Debbie, good workout! I hear you on the music. I always stream my own. Its all the same techno music and the voices all sound the same. It drives me batty. I like some rock or good pop when I workout. Something with a driving beat.

Jolie, Good workout! 7 degrees here today. Ugh!

Belinda, that looks tough. Good job!

Diane, hope PT went well.

Roselyn, glad you are feeling better.

Tomorrow is a rest day.

Have a good weekend everyone. Go Pack go! Hope we beat the 49ers. It's going to be really cold here.

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