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Good morning,

Heather Roberson posted today's workout a little late, I was afraid she is skipping today's workouts. Glad I didn't started anything else. It was a great workouts. I just finished 40 MIN Upper Body PULL Workout // Day 3 HR12WEEK 2.0. My appointment got canceled this morning.

Here is the breakdown:
Circuit 1 (40s work + 20s work/20 sec rest x2)
Single Arm Row (R)
Single Arm Row (L)
Bicep Rotation
Negative Bicep Curls
Rear Pull

Circuit 2 (40s work + 20s work x2)
Underhand Row
Preacher Curl (R)
Preacher Curl (L)
Super V-Squeeze
Squat + Curl

Circuit 3 (40s work + 20s work x2)
Hammer Curls
Narrow/Wide Row
Super Human
Bicep Burnout
Ninja Hop + Curl
Cool Down & Stretch

Cam - I also subscribed to more YT channels. I have a YT channel, the all organized. I have quit a few subscribers on my TY channel. Maybe one day I will make it through all of them.

I will be back later.
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Feeling about the same as yesterday, not getting worse but not getting much better either.

Walked on my treadmill for 2 miles this morning. It makes me feel so much better to move around instead of just sitting and doing nothing.

Belinda - I'm so sorry about your BIL's uncle, that is so sad. This virus is crazy. Why isn't China being held accountable for it? I just don't get it. Prayers to you and your family.

Cam - That's how I feel, what's the point of getting tested? What good will it do me? To me, what I have is a glorified cold. I know some people get this really bad, but thankfully I'm doing ok (if I actually have Covid). Symptoms keep changing, so I sort of think I do have it. Anyways, it needs to just go away.

Doreen - Interesting, I've had an iFit treadmill for years and thought you could only use it with an Apple device. LOL!! I might try connecting it to my phone or tablet but since I don't run much anymore it's probably pointless.

Jolie - Cool on your guys redoing your workout room. Hope it's better for you. I'm sure having that heating in there will help a lot!!!

Roselyn - Nice job with your workout.

Diane - Hope you are slowly getting better. Hugs

Have a great day everyone!!
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Jolie Fit

Today I started with a 30-minute uphill walk on the TM, 5.0 incline, 3.2 speed, traveled 1.6 miles and burned 256 calories. Next I did KCM Raw Upper Body Blast, and I liked it a lot. I changed two exercises because I do not do dips anymore and I also changed rear delt flies to wide grip pull downs on my cable machine because the rear flies are what is aggravating my right shoulder. I also did four different ab exercises at the end when Kelly does 4 sets of the same exercise. This workout is 4 sets of each exercise, 30 seconds on, 10 seconds' rest. Workout was 1 hour 8 minutes and I burned 533 calories.

Chest Press- 12's
Seated Shoulder Press- 10's
Chest Flies- 10's
Lateral Raises- 5's
Bicep Curls-12's
Hammer Curls- 10's
BB Rows- 25#
Lying Triceps Ext.- 10's
Wide Grip Pull Downs- 40#
Kickbacks- 8's (these were killer)
ABS- 4 exercises for 30 seconds.

I feel great! I love that these workouts are short, I want to work cardio into my workouts daily so I can keep this darn Menopause weight off for good!

Debbie, great job on getting on the TM today, it is hard when you are not feeling well and it in the end makes us feel better. I did not get the Covid test either. There are so many false positives that it wouldn't matter what result you get. I refuse to cave to this ridiculous nonsense. This is all about power and money nothing else. This current administration does not want us to wipe this virus out, they need it to have something to work on because they are incapable of coming up with anything to make our country safer or better in any way. I

Cam, great job on the workout last night.

Belinda, sorry to hear about your BIL's uncle. Prayers for their family.

Diane Sue, I hope you are doing better today.

Roselyn, what is that new program you are going to start?

BBL to read other posts for the day. Have a glorious day!
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I am starting Caroline Girvan Endgame I believe she calls it endgame because she is changing the name of her program

Today I did Toby Massenburg Ignite

Hospitals here are canceling elective surgeries again!!!
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This morning I did a 20 minute ride on IFIT in Moab - I like this trainer - he's a good mountain biker and can easily do what I know is a difficult route without even seeming like he's breathing hard. (or its voice over - I'm not sure which - but at times he turns his head and you can see him talking so I think its narrated as he rides). I'm pretty sure it I actually did the route he rides it would take me 2x as long. Then I did a 20 minute metabolic strength by Idallis. I'm kinda bummed - I like her workouts but most on IFIT is in spanish - then she moved to beachbody.
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Today I felt like I needed a mobility fusion type workout and after searching YT for something different, I ended up with my fave, Michelle Dozois Body Fit 360. I would have liked to take as walk too, but it's really cold with stong wind gusts and blowing snow. It dropped down to 14 degrees. I took my dog for a short walk. The crazy girl loves cold weather and snow, but even she started to run to the house. She just forgot that she is on a leash. Fun times.

Roselyn, the hospitals are crazy. I hope my family and I don't need any medical attention anytime soon. The nurses are overworked and understaffed. With the vaccine mandates, half quit. My doctor was fired for refusing the vaccine. He has been my doc for years. Now I need to find a new one soon. Ugh!

Good workouts everyone!
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Wow, it's cold here today. Only 1 degree when I left for work this morning. So yesterday later afternoon and all evening I felt almost back to normal. Had energy, my head was clear and the coughing was about gone. Woke up this morning and I was all congested again and coughing a bit. Wow, wish this would just go away already. Oh well, at least it's not getting worse.

Walked on my treadmill again. Getting bored of doing this but it's all I want to do. At least I have a good book to read while walking. Hopefully Monday I'll be back to normal workouts.

I don't have time for personals, so I hope you all have a great day today!


Good morning,

I just finished 40 MIN Unilateral Leg Workout // Day 4 HR12WEEK 2.0. Great workout.

Warm Up

Circuit 1 (40s work + 20s rest x2)
Stationary Lunge (R)
Kickstand Deadlift (R)
Single Leg Bridge (R)
Side Lunge + Hop (R)
Stationary Lunge (L)
Kickstand Deadlift (L)
Single Leg Bridge (L)
Side Lunge + Hop (L)

Circuit 2 (40s work + 20s rest x2)
Single Leg Deadlift (R)
Curtsey Lunge + Kick (R)
Stand Up + Drive (R) I had to modify this one, can't do anything on my knees than get up.
Leap + Shuffle (R)
Single Leg Deadlift (L)
Curtsey Lunge + Kick (L)
Stand Up + Drive (L)
Leap + Shuffle (L)

Cool Down & Stretch

Debbie - sorry you still not feeling better. Hope you feel better soon. Have you seen your doctor? The flu is also going around. Praying for you! It's very cold here too. too cold to walk Sadie or go for a nice long walk.

Diane - thinking about you. God luck with your PT today.

Cam - I hope you find a doctor soon.

Roselyn - let me know how you like Caroline G. new program. I plan on doing it after I am done with Heather.

Doreen - there are so many new instructors out there, I am sure you will find one that will work for you.

Jolie - thank you! Nicely done on your workout yesterday.

Have a great day and workout everyone.

Jolie Fit

Today it is so beautiful and warm that I went for a 5 mile walk outside, in shorts and a tank top! I love to work out when I am not freezing, I am easily motivated and have no problem getting started. However, if it is cold and overcast outside, I just cannot seem to motivate myself to get going. Anyway, walk was 1 hour and 37 minutes all through the hills and I burned 768 calories. Tomorrow will be a rest day for me since I have plans to work out all weekend.

Debbie, it took me 3 weeks to get over Covid when I had it, but I had the Delta variant version, I think. I never got test either, but my husband had to for work, and we had the exact same symptoms, so I am almost positive I had it. I am going to get an antibody test on Amazon just to see for sure. I was much sicker than you are, I could not get out of bed for a week. However, the flu I had a few years ago was way worse! The good thing about us getting the virus is now we have the antibodies to fight off the next round of the variants. Good job on getting a walk in today.

Belinda, wow that looks like a great workout that you did today!

Doreen, nice workout you did!!!

Cam, I can barely get myself out of the house to exercise if it is colder than 50 degrees. I am a fair-weather person for sure, growing up in CA my entire life. Nice job on the Michelle D. workout. I love her, she is so energetic.

Roselyn, I hope you have a great workout today. I will check out that new workout you are going to do.

Diane Sue, how are you feeling today?

Make it a wonderful day! Going to the store to BBQ with my sons today and to meal prep for the next couple of days.


I did an upper body workout with Gideon Akande on IFit. Only 30 minutes but then I had to take the pup out so that was all the time I had. It was very straightforward - 15 reps, 1st round you did one side at a time then 2nd round you did both together. Between each exercise was 1 minute of jump rope. The second time through no jump rope.

Chest Press
Overhead Press


Today I did LITE Pyramid Pump Total Body Premix (3 sets-up the pyramid) +Abs. I liked this premix. It was 50 min w/out abs. I was challenged with 3 sets. I went heavier for legs and some upper body. This was perfect for me. I saw the clip for Cathe's Live total body circuit. That looked awesome. A lot of new moves.

I realize I haven't had a rest day in 8 days, so tomorrow is a rest day.

Roselyn, are you liking End game? It's really cold here too. The wind is so fierce.

Belinda, that workout looks great. I will definitely try that one.

Doreen, sounds like a good workout. Puppies love to interrupt our workouts!

Debbie, my daughter is experiencing the same thing as you with congestion, coughing and a sore throat. She feels good one day and then not so good the next day. She got tested and was negative. Just a bad cold. I don't do well with stationary equipment. 10 minutes feels like an hour to me.

Well Jolie, enjoy your nice weather while the rest of us are freezing. Just kidding. Yes, I am getting tired of bundling up just to take the dog out for a little bit. In a couple months it will be light till about 6:30. Can't wait! I miss my walks. I like to walk at lunchtime at work but by the time I get my winter gear on, my lunch would be over.

Good workouts everyone!
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Still about the same today, maybe a touch better. At least the cough isn't constant anymore but it's still there. I have a 3 hour meeting today with a bunch of people and really don't want to sit there and try not cough for all that time. I may ask if I can join via Zoom. Why not, everyone else does it.

I walked on my treadmill today for 2.5 miles. I am very tired today, it was so hard to even get started. Once I got on and got moving I felt a little better. I really could use a nap right now and it's only 9 a.m. Yikes. So glad it's Friday.

Belinda - No, I haven't seen my doctor, it's not that bad and I am working. It's just taking it's good old time leaving my body. I'm sure I'll be alright in a few more days. Nice workout yesterday!!

Jolie - Yes, I remember how sick you got. I think mine is almost gone, but it sure wants to linger. I hope by Monday I have energy to lift some weights, I just don't feel like doing any type of workouts right now. Walking is the best I can make myself do. Nice job with your walk yesterday and you are lucky it's so nice out!! It's snowing here and about 5 degrees!!

Roselyn - Is Caroline's Endgame the same type of setup her other Epic workouts were? Like timed and all? I need to check them out. Nice job!!

Cam - It seems a lot of people have what I have right now, there are at least 3 people here at my work going through the same thing. Sucks. I don't mind walking on my treadmill if I have a book to read. It makes the time fly by. I'm reading Book 8 of the Outlander series. Love it!!

Diane - I hope you are doing better. Been thinking about you.

Have a great weekend everyone!!
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I did a quick ride on the bike this morning via IFit in Moab - then I took the pup out and we jogged/walked for 1.5 miles.

I've been hunting campgrounds for the summer!! The booking really fill up fast!!
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Hi everyone,

Cardio and abs is done.

This is what I did today HIIT Cardio + Core Workout // Day 5 HR12WEEK 2.0 = 45 min. Heather shows lots of modifications. I did most on my rebounder. DH likes her workouts too.

Warm Up

Circuit 1 (40s work + 20s rest x2 rounds)
Cross Over + Hop Spot Sprint
Walking Plank
Plank Jack
Single Leg Bicycle (R)
Single Leg Bicycle (L)
Bicycle Crunch
Inchworm + Hop
Jump Squat + Jack

Circuit 2 (40s work + 20s rest x2 rounds)
Squat Knee Taps Shuffle + Hop
Reverse Crunch + Kick Out
Frog Crunch
Bent Arm Jacks
Plank Reach
Burpee Clap
High Knee Twist

Cool Down & Stretch

Debbie - glad you feeling better. If you have covid it will linger around for a while. Doing your meeting through zoom is a good idea. Feel better.

Cam - I really like Heathers slow and controlled lifting. Week 1 is done. My husband is doing the workouts with me, he also likes it. Great job on your Lite workout yesterday. I also like the looks of CL circuit workout.

Diane - how are you doing? I hope you feeling each day a little better. Thinking about you my friend.

Jolie - I think you would like the workout I did yesterday. You can buy antibody test on Amazon? Enjoy your rest day today.

See you all tomorrow. Who is planning on getting Cathe's new series? I thinking I may sign up for On Demand.
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Debbie hope you feel 100 percent soon

Today was Caroline Girvan upper body I need to learn to slow down like her I tend to get ahead but I think the different count would switch up things for me They are about 46 minutes and timed
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I did pt yesterday. He was able to get a little further with the movements, so some progress. Also i was in a little less pain when I left. Everything is so stiff and tight and the surgeon said to go easy the first two weeks and no flexion of the biceps. I read that the biceps could rupture. I am being real careful and following orders. There is still kind of a lump on the side of the biceps which was the most swollen part. Breising ran all the way to my hand. Today i have been able to get by with just regular Advil. I swear i have used more pain meds than i ever have. They offered more and I said no. Anyway feeling better, but sleeping with this device is not good.

Jolie Fit

Today I wanted to do a Cathe Live workout but when I was logged in, I could not access the workouts. This happens all of the time, I am not sure what is wrong. This is why I love DVD's still!!!!!! So, I started a KCM workout, one of the lift and ride workouts, did not like it at all and after 10 minutes I just stopped and started my own upper body workout instead. I did a slow and controlled workout, each set to failure and I did 2 rounds of each upper body circuit. I did two burn out exercises at the end and 3 AB exercises to failure. I liked it so much more than what I had started with today. I burned 311 calories.

Circuit #1 (2 X round)

Chest Press- 15's x 24, x 25 reps
Wide Grip Cable Pull Downs- 50# x 20, x 19
Seated Overhead Press- 12's x 21, x 19
Seated Bicep Curls- 12's x 20, x 21
Lying Triceps Ext.- 10's x 20, x 18

Circuit # 2 (2 time round)

Chest Flies- 12's x 22, x 19
1 Arm Rows- 15# x 24, x 21
Lateral Raises- 8's x 16, x 15
Seated Hammer Curls- 12's x 21, x 20
Cross Body Ext.- 10# x 20, x 19

BB Curls- 25# x 32 TF
BB Underhand Rows- 25# x 28 TF

AB exercises - 3 to failure

Way to go to everyone on their workouts! It is going to be much warmer this coming week so I look forward to getting out and do some walking and doing some lifting in my sunny garage gym.

Debbie, I hope you are feeling better, it is a slow process but each day you will feel a little bit better. I did not have a cough as bad as you, I had muscle fatigue so bad I thought I was hit by a truck.

Diane Sue, I am glad that your PT is going well.

I was going through all of my workout journals and see that my favorite workouts are Cathe's STS series, Body Beast and Yvette Bachman's workouts. I may have to pull these out again because nothing seems to suit me lately.

Have a nice day.

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