Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for August 2023

Today I did I did CDorner Taylor Swift Cardio Workout High or Low Impact, 47 minutes (actual 43 but I had to answer the door) heart rate 126/155. 215 calories, 4,698 steps. This was a fun workout and I saved it. Music was good and no crazy stuff. I then did CDorner Core Mobility joint mobility with core, 27 minutes, 53 calories, heart rate 86/103. This was more active, and the planks had my arms screaming as they were already sore from yesterday. It was a good core workout with stretches. She played some older music but chattered a lot through the holds. Total time was 74 minutes, 268 calories, 4,698 steps.
I am packing and will not work out again till Tuesday. I really need the rest. I am so fatigued lately. Not sure what to do about it.

Debbie, I hope that you can get this under control. I go through the ups and downs all of the time. Right now not so much pain. Neck is wonky. Hoping the travelling will not set anything off. I am glad you got a treadmill walk in and leg stretches.

Jolie, thanks. I put castor oil on her last night after putting warm compresses on it for 10 minutes. She has one on her leg that has been there for a long time and she licked it off. She can't lick her head. It is right on the side of her head. I had read a couple of vet sites that said to put castor oil on then DMSO to help it get through the skin.. I just am a bit worried she will rub her head on the ground and get it in her eye or something. One vet said have the dog wear a cone. I don't think that would go over well with her. I used to have one because my other dog had torn off a dew claw and I could not keep her from ripping off bandages. Finally had the vet cauterize it. Nice that you got a walk in today. Maybe a bit of recovery from the yard work is in store.

Belinda, nice work today. Ouch on the knees after the long walk. Yeah, that vet even said I needed to handle my dogs feet like it was my fault. I handled her paws all of the time and groomed her brushing her every morning. She even gives me one paw at a time when I give her a bath because she knows that is the pattern. She had no trust in him.
No workout today, I'm feeling better and just want this problem to heal. Hopefully I'll be good to go on Monday. We had our start of the school year staff meeting so it's official that school has started again. I can't believe this is my 11th here. Seems like I just started here sometimes.

Jolie - I hope your yard is cleaned up. We have had horrible storms the last two days. We got 6" of rain in a short period of time and there were tornados last night. Scary. Thankfully, my property is ok along with all of my families. They said this is a 500 year storm but this exact thing happened back in 1969. I was only 3 though, so I don't remember it. LOL!! Love how everyone blames this stuff on climate change. I'm sure it has a bit to do with it, but if you look back, these things have occurred before climate change was a thing. Did you watch the Trump interview Tucker did on the GOP debate evening? If not, watch it. It's on Youtube, Truth Social and I think Twitter (X) has it. It was good.

Belinda - Have fun!! :)

Diane - I definitely want to do the Taylor Swift workout. I should have gotten up to do it today but wanted to get this problem under control. I love Taylor Swift and can't wait to try the workout. I hope your travelling won't set off your neck and shoulder too. I hate that. Riding in a car kills me sometimes. Have fun and relax as much as possible!!

Have a great weekend everyone! So glad it's Friday!
Today I started my workout with a 1 hour dog walk and traveled 3.3 miles. Next, I did STS Disc# 13 Chest and did good with the weights. I cannot go heavy with the Chest Flys because it aggravates my collarbone. Total workout time was 1 hour 19 minutes and I burned 680 calories. My mom is coming to visit tomorrow and will stay through Tuesday. I am not sure how much I will be getting into the gym because I will have to walk my two dogs and her dog too! I have to say, I am dogged out! My husband is going to Alaska on a fishing trip, so I have to do it all with the animals the next 5 days.

Debbie, I did watch the Trump interview, gosh I love that man! What a Patriot! I am voting for him no matter how many Inditements come his way because it is all false! I am glad you are feeling better.

Diane Sue, have a great time on your trip and I hope the car ride does not kick up any pain for you. Whenever I go on long road trips, my back goes out and I am in so much pain.

I hope you all have great workouts today and happy Friday!
No workouts the past couple days. I've been watching my sister's kids so she and her husband could get away for their anniversary. So we did a bunch of stuff around the springs free for kids. It was hot and we were going to go to the spray fountain yesterday but it wasn't running... and no announcement online that is was off. We drove to another one but it was such a bummer. Anyway, the kids and I had fun and they were good - just a lot to manage all 4 of them, the youngest 2 but he's a trooper!
Good morning,

Sorry for not checking in yesterday. I fell asleep last night. Yesterday was walk outside with the dogs, belly dance practice. We did ended up going to the pool yesterday, felt good. It was in the 90's.

Today was walk outside with the dogs and yoga.

This morning was raining so I moved back to my basement workout room. Even with windows open it was muggy. I did Katami 4x4 Athlete 1 workout. This is a little more cardio focused as it is compound dumbell and a lot more body weight. The cardio moves were fun agility and boxing combos.
Good morning,

walk outside with the dogs is done. We walked early, it's already hot outside. DH and I will leave DC today. We had a lot of fun.

Have a great Sunday.
Hi all, late check-in. This morning I did STS Meso 2, Week 4 - Chest, Shoulders and Triceps. I liked this workout. I still have tightness and knots, so sick of it. I was very careful working out, I just didn't want to not lift again this week. Probably a mistake, we shall see...

This was drop sets but the drops sets didn't start until after chest, which was weird. 1 minute rest between normal sets, 10 seconds between drop sets:

Alternate Wide & Standard Pushups 2 x's through - 10 reps each
Flat Bench Press: 22.5's/20's (I didn't use my bar) 12/10/8 reps
Incline Flyes: 20's - 12/10/8 reps
Incline Bench Press: 20s - 12/10/8 reps

Drop Sets - Shoulders
Seated Overhead Press: 12's/10's/8's - 10 reps
Incline Front Raise on Stability Ball: 8's/5's/3's - 10 reps
Seated Lateral Raise: 10's/8's/5's - 10 reps
Rear Flyes: Skipped

Triceps (no drop sets)
Lying Barbell Triceps Extensions: 25# - 12/10/8 reps
Close grip Bench Press: 35# - 12/10/8 reps
(Cathe does triceps pushups)
Double Arm Kickbacks (drop set): 8's/5's/3's - 10 reps

Really good workout, but glad I'm on my last week of Meso. I will re-assess and see if I want to continue STS with Meso 3.

Workout was 47 minutes, burned 206 calories, HR was 99/140.

Worry, no time for personals. Have a wonderful day!!
I did a Lindsay Bomgren YT back and biceps this morning. She keeps the work moving! I need to get up and get going earlier (or get to bed earlier!) so I have more time in the AM to workout.
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No workout for me today. When I woke up this morning I felt fine, was petting my cat who was laying over my chest and biting my hand. LOL! When I got up, the worst vertigo struck me and the room was just spinning. I felt like I was going to throw up. So I laid back down and it stopped. I waited a few and then got up very slowly. I was VERY dizzy and was able to get downstairs. I just sat and drank some water. It took a few hours for it to pass and now I'm just feeling hung over.

Yesterday at work the TPTB idiots scheduled carpet in our meeting room to be torn out and new stuff glued down. My office is right across from the meeting room and the glue smell was so horrible, I ended up with a major headache by the time I got home. I can't help but wonder if that is what is causing this? It's like I was huffing the glue or something. I emailed my boss and told her I wasn't coming in today and what happened and how upset I am that they decide to do this kind of work when there are people in the building. They didn't even get it done so I just stayed home on a sick day. I couldn't drive like this anyways. I'm hoping they will be done with it today. The workers today that do stuff like that are such slackers. They left around 2 with only 10% of that room carpeted. The glue was exposed and just smelled terrible and no ventilation! I'm thoroughly disgusted with TPTB right now.

Anyways, no workout. I might do something this afternoon if I feel up to it, or maybe my DH and I will go for a walk this evening. I seriously don't feel like doing anything right now.

Hope you all have a great day! I'm going to try and retrieve some brain cells that I lost yesterday. Good grief!!

Zoom Belly Dance and Iron D2 UB is done.

Debbie - great job with your workout yesterday. I am so sorry you going through this. Please see a doctor if your vertigo is so bad. Feel better my friend!

Diane - I hope you have fun on vacation.

Roselyn - great job on your upper body.

Doreen - nice job on your back and biceps.

Where is Cam and Roxie?

Have a wonderful day and workout.
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Sorry I have been MIA the past few days, my mom was here visiting, and I just could not find time to workout, I had to walk 3 dogs 2 times per day and that was it. She just left so I will be back at it tomorrow. I got bit by a dog this morning in the leg, my mom's dog went after a couple of dogs, and I could not catch him, and the other dog bit me. It was all of our fault, but geez! It is a smaller bit so I just put some hydrogen peroxide and Neosporin on it, and I think it will be ok. I told my dad that when my mom visits their dog is staying home with him.
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Today I did Raw Upper Body and Abs, 41 minutes (I added on a bit) heart rate 92/131, 99 calories. I also did CDorner Stretch for Lower Back Pain relief and tight hips, 44 minutes, 59 calories. Total time was 85 minutes, 158 calories. I really needed the stretch. We took the Heartland Flyer Train to Fort Worth and stayed in a really nice hotel. We walked around quite a bit and just relaxed. We got back last night. I had never been on a train other than Disneyland so my husband did that for my birthday. I ate so much unhealthy food! Got home and I still way 105. I was so stuffed after we walked to Cheesecake Factory. It was 107 in Fort Worth. Too hot to walk a lot. We went out early for brunch and then in the evenings.

Raw Upper Body And Abs 34:39 minutes

Timed 45 seconds alternates upper body and abs rests uses a step with two risers each side and dumbbells

1 shoulder press 10# dbs 18 reps

Russian Twist with dumbbell 12#


2 seated preacher curl alternating 15# dbs dropped to 12# dbs second set

Sit up with a press 12# db


3 kickbacks 10# dbs 17 reps

Standing side to side reach abs with 10# dbs 15 reps

Repeat ( I had to cart in groceries and did again two sets)

4 seated pulls 15# dbs

Plank hold


5 chest flys 12# dbs 10 reps

Reverse crunch


6 all upper moves standing

Overhead press 8# dbs

Curls 12# dbs

Kickbacks 8# dbs

Rows alternating 12# dbs

Bench press 12# dbs


Jolie, I am sorry that you got bit by a dog. Walking all of those dogs would be hard to take care of the situation. I miss my dog. My grandson is bringing her home in a little while.

Belinda, nice work on the Belly Dancing class and Iron Day 2 Upper Body.

Debbie, I am so sorry. I hope that you feel much better. That was not a good idea for them to do that. Work ethic for many people is not what it used to be. I hope they get it done before you have to go back.

Doreen, nice work on Lindsey Bomgrem You Tube back and biceps.

Roselyn, good work on getting in Upper Body 1.
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Good morning,

I have an very early Orthopedics appt. this morning. I woke up around 2 am couldn’t sleep, I got up did Iron D3 Legs.

Diane - glad you are back. Glad you had a relaxing and wonderful vacation and birthday. Your train ride sound great. That is too hot for me. It’s getting so hot here lately I am not walking outside.

Debbie - I am so sorry. I hope you feel better. It may be the glue that caused you symptoms. That is crazy they did that while people are working? I agree with Diane about work ethic. Hopefully it will get done by the time you go back.

Jolie - I am sorry about the dog bite. Did you know the dog that bit you? I hope you ok.

I need to get ready for my appt.
Feeling much better today. Geez, that dizziness lasted all day and into the evening. I was wiped out by 7 and just vegged in front of the TV. Thanks God the carpet is down and no smell today. Today I did STS Meso 2, Week 4, Back & Biceps, and I had a great workout, loved this one! Drop sets again and I really felt it with each exercise. Neck and upper back is better but still a bit tweaked. I was very careful with the back work and changed some of the exercises.

1 minute rest between each set
Warmup with Lat pulldowns, T-Pull and Y's
Wide Grip Chin Ups: Used Heavy Bands - 12 reps
Wide Grip Chinups: Used Heavy Bands - 12 reps
Close Grip Pull Ups: Used Heavy Bands - 12 reps
Pullovers: (I did Barbell underhand rows) 35#/30#/25# - 10/10/10 reps
One Arm Horizontal Row: (I did normal one arm rows) 25#/20#/15# - 10/10/10
Dumbbell Deadlifts: 35# - 12/10/12 reps

Barbell Curls: 30#/25#/22# - 10/10/12 reps
Incline Hammer Curls w/Twist: 15's/12's/10's - 10/10/12 reps
Concentration Curls on Ball: (I did Hammer Curls) 15's/12's/10's - 10/10/12 reps

I like the incline hammers on the stability ball, I forgot about that exercise. Really burned.

Workout was 44 minutes, burned 271 calories, HR was 115/148. I was sweating with this one.

Belinda - Great job with your belly dance workout! Are you noticing any difference in your midsection with those? I didn't need a doctor, it ended up being the side-effects of the glue I smelled all day. Sort of like when people huff fumes. That's how I felt. It was awful!!

Jolie - So sorry to hear you were bitten. I hope it doesn't get infected. Hope you are ok today.

Diane - I did that Upper Body once, I think I liked it. I wish Kelly would do more lifting workouts. Sounds like you had a great time on your get away. I'd love to ride on a train once.

Hope you all have a great day and workouts!!
My husband got home from his vacation last night and now he is sick so he would not walk the dogs, so my whole idea of what I was going to do for a workout today was shot to hell. I started with a dog walk with my senior dog, 1 mile and brought him home and then took out the puppy. The second walk was 2.3 miles, and it took 45 minutes. Next, I did Cathe's STS Meso 2 Disc #15 Biceps only because I basically was running out of time to do both back and biceps. I did really good with the weights and I feel I could go heavier on the exercises but do not want to get injured. Total workout time was 1 hour, 40 minutes and I burned 789 calories. The calorie burn seems high, but I did a lot of moving around in that period of time and my fitbit probably picked it up as exercise.

BB Curls- 30# x 12, x 10, x 8, 15 TF
Seated Alt Curls DB's- 17's x 12, x 10, x 8, x 13 TF
Preacher Curls- 15's x 12, x 10, x 8, x 12 TF
Traditional Bicep Curls- 15's x 12, x 10, x 8, x 10 TF (I added this extra exercise)

I just have to come to the realization that my husband is not going to walk a dog unless it is on Sunday on his day off. He wanted this dog so bad and now I have to do all of the work. At least I will stay in shape and get my steps in but I will have to spend less time in the gym room which is what I really love to do :(

Debbie, great job on the STS workout today and I am so happy that you are feeling better today. Nice job on the weights, very impressive :)

Diane Sue, welcome back from your trip! I get how hot it was on your vacation, it has been very hot here as well. It is supposed to cool off a little starting tomorrow. Nice job on the upper body workout.

Belinda, sorry you could not sleep, but way to go on the Iron legs workout!

I hope you all have great workouts today! Stay cool :)
I saw my Orthopedics today. We talked for a long time. He kinda left it up to me if I wanted surgery based on the swelling/pain in my knees and how much I can handle pain wise. He is very worried about my RP and what it could do after surgery. I am prone to infections and flair ups. After my sinus surgery in Feb, I had a hard time controlling my RP. Both knees are in pain now. He also thinks the pain may come from arthritis and RPC. I had both knees x-ray today. I know that RP can cause stiffness/swelling/pain in the knees. I have a feeling RP is causing it. He wants me to take another inflammation medicine. I already take a lot of inflammation meds. My Rheum will see the report from the orthopedics. He said, if I want I can try another gel shot which I got in both knees today. I hope it will help my knees. I am afraid getting surgery. I am afraid what it will do to RP? I need to get off the prednisone. He also gave me a home Therapy exercises I can do at home instead going to PT. I still have the option to go to PT if I want to. I lost a lot of muscle mass in my right quads. He wants me to strengthen it by doing those exercises. These are exercises you do before a hip and knee replacement.

Debbie - glad you didn’t needed a doctor. Glad you feeling better. I do feel a difference in my midsection. It’s a good low impact workout. Great job on your workout today.

Jolie - great job on your walks. The humidity is so high here. Have you heard of Schussler Cell Salts? if so, what would you recommend for inflammation and joint pain?

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