Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for 3/1

Today was cardio and I had a pretty decent workout. I chose Cardio Coach #6 with Candace and did Challenge 1, 2 and 4. I only had 45 minutes so I had to cut one challenge out. Had a hard time getting up this morning.

48 minutes total
3 minutes below zone
13 minutes in zone
34 minutes above zone
425 calories burned
2.5 miles traveled
March 1, unbelievable

Today I did Imax 2 and chest work from gym style


B-protein pancake (egg whites and protein powder)
L-protein shake with fruit
S-peanut butter and apple
D-clean eating Sheperd's Pie



Debbie, I had a hard time getting up too;) I finally got up around 4:45 first days our always tough. Any who, I did Candace, this workout is a good start for when trying to make my comeback:rolleyes:

50:00 minutes
322 cals burned
2:93 miles traveled


This morning I did Les Mills Step 31 minutes, 270 calories, HR max 160. I then did Low Impact Series Slide and Glide Express cardio+ab+stretch mix, 40 min, 304 calories, max hr 158. I followed with Rapid Fire Results abs 8 min, 49 calories, and ended with Shiva Rea Power yoga Flow fire and water segment 22 min. 99 calories. Total time was 95 min and calories burned 722.
Meals yesterday:

1- Amazing Grass Green Superfood 1 scoop pre-workout
2- Post workout Helen's Kitchen Indian Curry with tfu over rice
3- Helen's Kitchen burrito bowl, fiesta black bean bowl
4-Muscle and Fitness Hers, Mushroom and egg drop soup( I ate all 3 servings:eek: This was pretty good and light
5 Helen's Kitchen Veggie fajita bowl
Total calories was 1513, macros not so wonderful 44% carb, 33% fat, 23% protein. But my cholestral was in check :) I will try to do better today.

Debbie, nice job on the cardio this morning. I had a hard time getting up this morning too. I woke at 2 am with that shoulder and neck pain and am sure it was from swinging too heavy weights around yesterday. I had to ice and take advil to get to sleep. So it was hard getting up.

Roselyn, I love that sheperd pie recipe. I made it from Clean Eating for dd and grandchildren and it went well. They had no clue they were eating cauliflower:)

Teddy, I would say that Candace is a good start for a comeback:D


Hi ladies,

Thanks for the input on the Low Impact Series, seriously eyeing that one up. Still doing a lot of Kelley. My son is doing a speed school at a local gym three nights a week, so I've joined because it seems weird to sit around in a gym. LOL! So in addition to my six days at home I do three night of cardio at the gym either, cardio coach on the treadmill or the eliptical or a zumba class.

Still not lifting anything heavier than a 20# my shoulder just won't allow it.

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