Hardcore Fitness Maniac Hotties for 9/16

Today was Legs and Calves and I can't believe I'm saying this but I am actually liking leg days now. Not sure why? Had a great workout.

2 minutes rest between each set except only enough rest to lower weights for the 25 repper sets.

Squats - 60#/12 reps - 2 sets (warmup)
Squats - 100#/6 reps - 3 sets
Squats - 60#/25 reps

Leg Press Station - 175#/6 reps - 3 sets
Leg Press Station - 105#/25 reps
***This burned right in my hamstring/glute area.

Leg Extensions - 80#/6 reps - 3 sets
Leg Extensions - 45#/25 reps
***Another good burn. Could have gone heavier with all sets.

Elevated Deadlifts - 90#/6 reps - 3 sets
***I didn't do the 25 repper with this. I feel that is way too strenuous on the low back. And my low back is fussy.

Lying Leg Curls - 45#/6 reps - 1 set
Lying Leg Curls - 55#/6 reps - 2 set
Lying Leg Curls - 30#/25 reps
***55# was almost too heavy, should have went with 50#. But got a great burn. My hamstrings will be sore tomorrow.

Standing Barbell Calf Raises - 115#/25 reps - 4 sets
***I did toes forward, toes out, toes in and toes forward with these. Really got a great burn here.

Getting some good rain today. We really need it.
Good morning. Yesterday I did the leg blast premix from B & G, followed by B. Benten's Express mix from her B & G and her ab segment. Then I did Keithe Weber's TGU and abs chapters. Today, cardio. Probably Cardio Core Circuit -- maybe the cardio only premix :eek: I'll see how ambitious I feel later, and ... not sure what else. Not awake yet.

Debbie - Great workout and I did get the rotation you sent. Not sure if you saw my post yesterday, but wanted to be sure to THANK YOU :).

Linda - Keeping you in my best thoughts. I think you said today's your last workout before surgery. Hope you have an especially good one. Will keep a speedy and full recovery for you in my prayers.

I came in at the tail end of posting yesterday (was having some trouble getting on the Forum). Hi to everyone that follows -- have a great workout :)



I got in a pretty good cardio workout this morning. I started with Amy Bento's Step Challenge 4. I did not preview so I ended up doing w/up, combo 1 ( I need some practice) then the power ups 2 times, 23 minutes, 158 calories Max HR 160. I then did Shock cardio Athletic Step 47 minutes 403 calories, Max HR 162. Not much time and I wanted to do abs so I did Hi/Lo Dynamics abs 4.5 minutes 20 calories. When I returned from dropping off the girls I did power ninty X Abs + 22 minutes, 114 calories. Workout time was 96 minutes and calories burned was 695

Debbie, I like the way those workouts vary the reps. I don't blame you on the 25 reps deadlifts. It seems anytime I do high reps on deadlifts I feel it later in my low back. Nice workout.

Lori, I like that workout combo. Hope you feel ambitious today:D
Today was cardio for me, I did an old Kell Coffey-Meyer one, Ready, Step, Go. After workout I showered and got ready for work, felt kind of sick and did not feel like eating. So, I finally just ate so my eats for today are not good, so far I have had a half of an Ezekial cinnamon raisin muffin and 1T peanut butter.


Happy Thursday!

Sorry to post so late, but I have had a REALLY busy day at work!

Today was Imax 3, but I didn't quite get through "all" of it. I don't know what my problem is, but I am having trouble doing over 45 min of cardio on ANY day, unless I am doing a circuit workout. I tried a million times, but just ended up walking in place and feeling like a "weenie". :mad: I really don't "love" Imax 3 anyway....

Debbie - Do you have a fever?? I thought you wrote that you were "actually liking leg days". I better go back and read that again...LOL :eek:

Diane Sue - Do you like Athletic Step? I have only done it a few times, and didn't get it into my rotation this time (again). Should I make sure it's in my next rotation?

Lori - I like CCC!! I hope you have a great workout today!

Linda - I will keep you in my prayers - good luck!

Theresa - Hi!

Roselyn - Hi! When are we going to start posting nutrition?

Have a great day everyone!

Lori - You're welcome! I did read what you wrote yesterday. :) Nice workout yesterday! You go!

Diane Sue - I hear that workout from Amy is fun. I'd like to get some of her step workouts, but they look so hard to me. Nice going with it!!! And yes, I never chance hurting my back, I had enough of that for years a while ago. Don't need that kind of pain again.

Roselyn - A few people here at my work aren't feeling well either. Not sure what's going around. Hope you feel better soon!

Cheryl - LOL! Nope, no fever. I'm not sure what's come over me with my leg workouts lately. And I'm already getting sore! :eek: Don't feel bad about the cardio. I'm lucky if I get 45 minutes in anymore. It's a bonus if I see 50-60 minutes total on my HRM. LOL!!!


Hey Ladies,

I have literally been going non-stop today. Did my workout, KCM Bootcamp Cardio Premix, kids off to school, right to grocery shopping, then meeting at church, then gymnastics, then right from there to the boardwalk for some family fun. Just now getting home.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. Surgery is at 9:30 tomorrow morning.
I have left my workout area for the spiders...

Hope to talk to you all soon:D:D:D:D

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