Hardcore Fitness Maniac Hotties for 5/7


Were they expensive? Where did you get them from?

Debbie - You can only get them from paceweights.com. I bought the set of 18 with a case to keep them in which cost me $90, then another $13 to get it to me, so a total of $103. You can get sets of 9 or get them without a case, both options are cheaper. But the set of 9 of course only allows you to increase one DB 4.5# or 2 DB's 2#. I posted on the OD before I picked and got many recommendations for the set of 18 with the case. I know Sonya has the set of 9 w/o a case and is happy with them. Just depends on how much versatility you want. I just didn't want to buy 9 then find I kept kicking myself because I wish I had 18 to do 2 DBs.:p


Dallys: RIGHT! Also, as you know, if you put things in little letters, they don't have as many calories.


Hello Ladies! How is everyone. Debbie, I was awake and moving all day - just haven't had time to check in.

dallys' - yes it was me at the beach and I had a great time. this year we did not take pictures - it would not have done it justice. There is no way to capture that on film. the sand and surf was awsome and so blue!

I did a mix and match today. I need to get some structure going here soon. I did
push ups - drop sets - 16/14/12/10/8/6/4/2 - and was glad I could still do it. When we were at the beach they were having a Nave Seals Challenge in Fort Lauderdale and I wanted to go. They said you had to be able to swin 500 yards in either breast or side stroke (I know I can do that) do 100 sit ups, 100 push ups and 40 pull ups. I can do all that except those darn pull ups. Anway, the rest of the workout was like PUB for Back shoulders and biceps. I did triceps on my station. Then did windshield wipers for abs.

Hope to run this weekend. I am in a 5K soon and haven't ran in a bit.

Linda - I was wondering about ordering those pace weights. Its a shame you can't find them at a store so you don't have pay so much shipping.

Debbie, interested in your next rotation. I thought you were going to do the STS?

Work is busy and everyone is stressed and crabby - except me - I just back from Florida and it did wonders for my attitude!

Talk to you all tomorrow!


I have the Oxygen ab article scanned so if you want a copy, send me your email address and I will get the copy sent to you.


I finally got my work out in . Lean ciruit 2. It was a really good wo. My shoulders are still fried.
Patti- i agree that I think I need more leg work. I am going to try and fit one in each week.


What are Pace Weights? and if they are like Platemates....then why do you need so many of them? Wouldn't one pair suffice and you can just use them on all of your DB's?

Ally - did you want the Amy DVD then?
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