Happy "hump day" everyone!

I decided I would post early because I have a rediculous afternoon today and might not make it back to "check in" tonight. I have a tentative closing scheduled for this Friday - which is GREAT!! DH decided that he wants to get all of the painting and the floors done in the new house before we move anything in, which I guess is a good idea, but means a lot of "crunch work" for me!! I will probably be painting and sanding floors all weekend provided the closing gets done! :rolleyes:

Today I did Imax 3 (still don't really like that one - or Imax 2 for that matter!), but I got in a good workout and my weight is finally going in the right direction (down 2#) YAY!! I have to work a bit harder at keeping my eating under control, but hopefully the excitement and hard work this weekend will pay off as well.

I need to figure out a new rotation for October, but I'm still undecided. I was thinking about staying with the same basic format, but I know I need to change things up or I'm going to get bored and my body is going to "figure it out". I may try to dig up another one of Debbie's rotations - not sure! :D

Have a great day and I'll try to check back later!



Cheryl-it does seems like a good idea to get everything painted, cleaned, etc...before, but you are right, that is a lot of work :eek: I hope you find some fantastic music that makes working seem like a breeze :)

Yesterday I did Michelle Dozoi's Peak 10 CArdio Interval Burn....holy cow. It was a series of 5 blocks of interval training w/ a peak at every block (x2 for each side) that was a HIIT move. It was fantastic and I was left a sweaty glob of blubber :eek: :eek: If you don't have it, I highly recommend it :)


I am having a frustrating morning. Went. To my grandson's football game so was up late. Woke at 3 am with a throbbing
headache. Took aspirin & reset the alarm for 4:45. Started workout with Pyramid w/up and squat/plié up(indecisive) I then did the Lower up premixed skipping the w/up and stopping at the floorwork. I followed w/ High Step Training Adv Cardio llower mix but had to sop at the final Cardio. Dd called to say my granddaughter had to be at school to leave for a camp. she is going to. I have a bit of traveling to do this. So,dropped her off and am sitting here int sweaty clothes waiting to drop off her sister at 8:30. If there is any energy left I will do B&G floor work and a stretch.
Today was Back and Biceps. Another puke status workout. Didn't like the 25 reppers today much.

2 minutes rest between each set. After the 3rd set I didn't rest 2 minutes, I lowered my weights and went right into the set.

Bent Over Barbell Rows - 45#/12 reps - 2 sets - Warmup
Bent Over Barbell Rows - 75#/6 reps - 1 sets
Bent Over Barbell Rows - 80#/6 reps - 2 set
Bent Over Barbell Rows - 45#/25 reps
***Went up 5# with both the 6 reps and 25 rep sets.

T-Bar Rows - 70#/6 reps - 3 sets
T-Bar Rows - 40#/25 reps
***Went up 5# for 6 rep sets, stayed the same with the 25 reps. Last time I only made 20 reps, this time I did 25.

One Arm Rows - 45#/6 reps - 3 sets
One Arm Rows - 20#/25 reps
***Went up 5# with the 6 rep sets, stayed the same with the 25 rep set.

Barbell Curls - 60#/6 reps - 3 sets
Barbell Curls - 32#/25 reps
***Went up 5# for the 6 rep sets and 2# for the 25 rep set.

Incline Dumbbell Curls - 26's/6 reps - 3 sets
Incline Dumbbell Curls - 12's/25 reps
***Went up only 1# with the 6 rep sets, these were very hard. Stayed the same with the 25 rep set. Biceps were buring.

Barbell Preacher Curls - 57#/6 reps - 3 sets
Barbell Preacher Curls - 30#/25 reps
***Only went up 2# for the 6 rep sets and man that was hard. I actually counted the weight because I thought I put more on then I should have. Went up 5# for the 25 rep set.

That is all...
Ok, this one it is!!!

Cheryl - I hate painting and all that crap. Did quite a bit of that this summer in my bathroom and kitchen. But the end result is awesome. Hope it goes well for you. Glad you lost 2#, that is great news!! And nice job with Imax 3, I don't care for that one either, but I do love Imax 2. I might do that one on Friday.

Diane Sue - Sorry to hear about your headache. I sure hope it eases up for you!

Theresa - I keep an eye on my shoes to see if they are formed wrong after I wear them for a while. Nothing. They are straight as can be but I can't help but think my gait is all wrong somewhere. I'm gonna try and get those inserts this weekend and see if that helps. Thanks for your thoughts, you have no idea how greatly appreciated they are. You give me things to think about and maybe one of these days I'll figure out the problem with your help. :)

Roselyn - Nice job on STS disc 20 Legs. Love the leg workouts in STS!

Teddygirl - I think you made up for yesterday! Nice job!! :D

Lori - Hope you feel better.


Well, I got home and managed Butts & Guts w/up, floorwork, ankleweights work and stretch 33 min 148 calories. I wore 5# ankleweights, Bosu Ballast ball and 8# dumbbells. To tired for anything else. I have to go pick up my granddaughter in awhile and try to hit the nutrition market.

Earlier workout:pyramid Lower 27 minutes 158 calories, HSTA 22 minutes 184 calories.

Pyramid weights:
First round of Squat/Plies before I changed which workout(was going to try to do total body one)
40, 50, 60, lbs 12,10,8 reps
leg press 50, 65, 70# 12,10,8 reps
static lunges 50, 65, 70 lb 12,10,8 reps
squats plies same as first round
deadlifts 50, 60 80 lb 12,10,8 reps
Calf raises 25# dumbbell for all
Good Morning -

Thought I was losing my mind :confused: Was sure I posted this morning (didn't see this one). Still trying to decide what to do today. Guess I'll copy and paste from the other post and add to it.

Roselyn and Teddy - You guys got up and DONE early today . Nice work.

Debbie - I kept thinking about your hip flexor after reading your post. I realize you're well versed in anatomy and phys., but wondered if an adductor is maybe being pulled because of how your weight's distributed when you land, due to your flat feet. For some reason, on my left leg if I don't watch it, I tend to shift my weight to the outer blade of my foot. It isn't really something you could even see but my knee will start bothering me if I keep doing it. I don't know. Just crossed my mind. New insoles sounds like a good start. Sure hope it gets resolved for you. - Great workout today (I love working back) :)

Cheryl - Sometimes projects like that can be fun once you get on a roll. And I agree with Theresa - MUSIC makes all the difference. I didn't know how I felt about Imax 3 (or any of the Imaxes for that matter) for awhile. I have really come to like them all. Maybe they'll grow on you. Nice job getting it done and feeling yourself getting back on track :) .

Theresa - Well done. I've heard about her new workouts. They must really be good.

Diane Sue - Very good workout when you got it all done. You've sure have a lot of challenges to your patience lately.

I (surprisingly) got in a really good leg workout yesterday. Went very heavy (especially considering the rep range of Leaner Legs) and felt spot-on and strong. I am pretty sure I have a full blown cold though. The symptoms gradually worsened and by last night ... ugghhh. I am buried in kleenex So. I don't know today. If it's 'just' a cold, sometimes (in the past) I'll still work out and it doesn't seem to make me much worse. If I'm as bad today as I was last night, I'll probably rest. I felt pretty awful.

Hope everyone has a good day today.



Okay Maniacs, I need help.

Stitches are out and all I had was a tear in the rotator cuff interval which was stitched. I have been cleared for cardio on a stationary bike (blech!), leg workouts (but I can't hold a weight) and working the left side of my upper body.:p What in the world do I do?

I did a Leslie Sansone Walking vid yesterday.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: And P90X Legs & Back, minus the back, weights and any jumps. So what other BW leg workouts are there? Can you think of an upper body workout that I could easily only do the left side? And cardio, I hate the stationary bike?
Lori - Oops! I answered your suggestion to Theresa thinking it was Theresa who wrote it! So go back and read what I wrote to Theresa. Duh!

Linda - Wow girl, I have no clue what to suggest. I would keep resting for a few more weeks - seriously. Just let it heal. If you watch what you eat you won't gain anything and your muscles will be good to go when you decide to start working out again. I know, this is falling on deaf ears, right? :eek:


Linda, do you have Kelly Coffey's Body Weight workout? There is a lot of standing non weighted lower body on this. Maybe tonique minus those tiny 3-5# weights used on it? You will be ready in no time. Just find what you can and it will help keep the muscles guessing:) I have been there a couple of times;) You seem to be coming along well. Oh, what about the leg conditioning drills on KickMax??


;)Linda – I was wondering where you were, long time NO see. When I read your post I was like huh!, So sorry to hear about your injury. I agree maybe you should rest, I know it is hard, especially the way you workout, you are one tough lady, who I totally admirer:) What, two weeks tops?:rolleyes:

Cheryl – Congrats :D:D good for you, doesn't it feel awesome? I’ll take 2 lbs right about now ANY DAY, the way I am looking.:eek: I adore Imax 2, yep, I love it that much, hm….....maybe I put it on next week's rotation.

Debbie: Great minds think alike, back & bi :)lady them there stats you posted, ooh we, need I say more. You rock! :eek: excuses me miss, point me to the kid section, lol…:D

Theresa – Gee! your workout sounds hard, but, you my dear nailed it;) Good work.

Diane – Through it all, you still found the strength, You are one tough cookie. Nice work:rolleyes:

Lori – Surprisingly and successfully you got in a good leg work:) Great job Oh boy……..legs is on my rotation tomorrow:eek:

Hope I didn’t miss anyone. Today, is a good day, eatery was ride..... on....:) Have a wonderful evening everyone
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Debbie - You know I thought about resting, but without my even asking my Dr. said I could do all that stuff, so knowing I can it's so hard not too. Especially after doing that walking workout yesterday I slept great for the first time since the surgery.

DianeSue - I'll have to look into that KCM. I was thinking that Tonique might work. Thanks for the suggestions.
Linda - I wish I could send you (actually everyone on this check-in) a copy of Convict Conditioning (Paul Wade). Has given me a lot to think about concerning bodyweight exercises, particularly for legs. There's a great progression of exercises leading to pistol squats in there and it's his contention that if you're really doing these correctly, you don't need any other leg work. Legs can just get so strong and at some point, piling on the poundage gets tough on a person's spine, shoulders, etc. I don't know I could ever be such a purist and give up weights (doubt it very strongly), but his ideas are well thought out and seem very sound and I'm still mulling over how to integrate his program into my own rotation(s). He also has a number of therapeutic upper body exercises, but they don't get unilateral until they start getting tougher. So, I don't know how to train just one side without getting imbalances that might later cause issues :confused: For legs though, what about those jumping pistols from the clip I posted awhile back. Those might do the trick :p (Yes. I'm kidding). I'm sort of with Debbie in wishing you'd take it easy though. There was something else I read in Pavel's book 'Relax Into Stretch' that I thought was interesting. He talked about the Reminiscent Effect. I read it to DS the other night -- he struggles with being so limited by his knees right now (Osgood Schlatter. It's a condition that wil resolve itself most likely, IF his growth spurt ever ends). Anyway, Pavel gives a bunch of examples of athlete's that had marked improvements after a signifigant lay-off. He says motor learning skills tend to form a dynamic stereotype (how-to manual for your nervous system). You learn to perform something as practiced/repeated. We call this muscle memory most often I think, but it seems to involve nervous sytem on a more fundamental basis. Forming this stereotype is necessary but once it is formed there's a point where it gets difficult to improve upon. You reach a plateau and continued 'practice' only reinforces it. But, during a lay-off, your brain gets a chance to 'forget' your limit. He mentions a rock-climber who threw in the towel on his sport but decided to make a comeback 2 years later. 2 weeks after his comeback, he had the best performance of his career. I am carrying on like this, mostly just hoping it might give you some comfort while you heal. DS had a couple months where he just didn't play soccer at all. A few nights ago (practicing in the backyard), he about brought tears to my eyes. I'd never seen his kicks so accurate or graceful. He's always been quite good but even he was stunned. So, when I read this in Pavel's book, I thought of both him and you.

Debbie - LOL. Theresa typically gives excellent advice. Not sure if my thoughts were worth a bag of magical beans :) - But like I said, I was thinking about you and have been reviewing anatomy/phys. Plus, noticing some of my own quirks more lately -- and just thought I'd mention it. Appreciate your kind words for sure though - you have helped me (many times), whether you realize or not :)

Teddy - You sure sound great :) So much so that your post kinda gave my stuffy ol' head a lift :)

Long post. Evidently my nose is not the only thing that runs (on and on).

Have a good afternoon ;)


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