Cardio on tap today. Really had no motivation to do anything. I chose STS Step Moves because it's been a while since I've done that one. It's a fun one and I finally have the steps down pretty good. Not a huge calorie burner workout, but a fun one.

Then I did the Ab Work from Step, Jump & Pump. Skipped the plank work due to my neck and shoulder. Didn't want to stress it.

45 minutes total
3 minutes below zone
17 minutes in zone
26 minutes above zone
352 calories burned


Roselyn- good workout, Rythmic Step is one I don't have... I keep meaning 2 get it, but....

Debbie- sometimes I forget u have that one, I may need to break it out soon. Have u noticed any changes w/ ur new rotation?

Yesterday, I did trx ropes and straps, it was a bootcamp move. I think I broke or severely stunned my toe, so I decries to forgo the jump rope and did step instead. I can sure feel it in my core today ;) cardio is on tap for me, and I am thinking kickboxing may be in my future.

Cheryl-yay on your house
Lori-I hope you are feeling better:)


Morning guys:)

Quick check in, This morning, I did CC Candace something about this workout I love. Tonight, going to do a lower body work + abs, either GS or Butt & Guts not sure which. MM was good, but, not enough leg work, for me, back to work.

412 cals burned
4.01 miles
55:00 minutes

Nice workout everyone:rolleyes:


Hey, I've been trying to take it easy like you all recommended, just some Leslie Sansone walking workouts (never thought Id say that:p). But now I haven't been sleeping well. It it so hard to go from being extremely active to sitting around a lot. Anyway I bumped it up a notch today and did Tonique minus the right arm and only used 2# for the left.

My PT says I am doing "scary good". They worry when they see someone doing this well this quickly that person will go and try and do too much. But really I am trying to be good.


My workout went smoothly till Olivia came in about 30 minutes into it. I started with Pyramid Lower body stopping at the floorwork, 37 minutes, 223 calories. Then I attempted to do the Butts and Guts Bonus work sit and stand, leg press, and glute raises. I had to stop once because when I was doing sit and stands Olivia came around behind me and raised up and hit her head on the bar. So, after getting some ice etc. I tried again doing it with dumbbells. I forgot to turn the hr monitor on
I went on and did the floorwork and since she went to watch Blues Clues I got out the bar and redid all of the bonus lower work. So I used those numbers.
I also did the bonus abs using the Bosu Ballast ball(that weighted ball made a difference
) and the stretch. This took me 55 minutes 188 calories burned. I wanted some cardio so did Turbo Fire Hiit 20 and stretch 10 196 calories, 32 minutes. . Total time was 2 hr 4 minutes and calories burned was 602.
Pyramid lower weights:all reps 12,10,8,10,12
Leg press 45,50,60,50,45 lb
static lunges 50,70,80,70,50 lb
squats/plie squats 65,70,80,70,60
deadlifts(I went lower here to avoid my lower back hurting I don't know why this happens when there are lots of reps with no rest. ) 40,50,60,50,40lb
calf raises 25lb
Butts and Guts Bonus
leg press- 25lb dumbbells the first time through, 20's the rest
Sit and Stand 25lb dumbbells 1st time, 50lb barbell the second time
Floorwork 5lb ankleweights and 15lb dumbbell ( I wore the ankle weights on the outer thigh lifts with the stability ball
Abs Bosu Ballast weighted stability ball


Debbie, Step Moves is a fun one and I seem to use it quite a lot when I don't feel very motivated. Hope your neck and shoulder gets better.

Linda, scarey good is a great place to be. Just be careful and follow orders. I know how you feel on really wanting to get right back into everything.

Teddy, nice job on CC Candace.

Theresa, your TRX workouts sound interesting and fun. Sorry about that toe still hurting.
Good morning -

Roselyn - I almost pulled out Rhythmic Step yesterday. It IS a good one. I need to schedule it in. Nice work :)

Debbie - I love that one for lower motivation days. I think those are very good numbers for a shorter workout, too.

Theresa - "Oh no!" about the toe :( I have been there (dropped a 40 lb db on mine - not pretty). I wrapped it up, splinted it and never did let it rest or heal properly. It still causes me problems (dorsi flexion is a real 'issue' :confused: ). Fortunately, you are not nearly as foolish as I was (using past tense because I HOPE I've learned) and will take care of the little guy. Which toe was it? Big toe for me - and then another time my middle toe - different incident. You still got in another rockin' TRX workout. :) You're being incredibly consistent with those.

Linda - Was wondering how you were. I'll bet it has been hard to put your Maniac side on hold. Sounds like it's paying off though ;) Great to hear you're healing so quickly - and being careful. Sorry about the sleep problems - that makes everything tougher.

Teddy - Getting in great workouts :) I love Muscle Max, I think partly because it was my first Cathe DVD (but I usually end up adding on extra leg work, too :p)

Diane Sue - Excellent workout :) Yeow about Olivia's misshap. THat must have been a bit scary for both of you. Sit and 'Klunks' are not good. You handle potentially frustrating interruptions very well, all the same.

Yesterday, I did Imax 3. Honestly, I almost threw it in after the warm up, but decided to give it a little more time. Very glad I did. It felt like I 'floated' through it. When I worked out this rotation originally, I'd planned to follow Imax 3 with a Hiit. While I felt very good doing it, as soon as I finished, I bonked. Just putting the DVD away, I felt really pooped. So, I just did 10-10-10 from CTX. I took TWO naps yesterday though and felt like a strand of overcooked linguini for the rest of the day. Still, I MUST be getting better. Have a leg workout scheduled for today. It's loosely based on the Pyramid workout, but is more of a hybrid mix. I've done it before and it's tough. Guess I'll play it by ear again and if I just don't have it, I'll find something less intense. My energy level has just been especially weird since I've been sick. I thought it was due to the cold meds, but since I quit taking them I've still been getting marked spikes and dips. So ... dunno :confused: Still very congested. Had kleenex nearby (sometimes kept one in my hand) for most of Imax 3 and blew my nose during the 'brief' recovery. I normally wouldn't share something like that :eek: but it's kind of a comical image.

Have a great day.

Roselyn - Thank you for posting your weights! I love seeing what people are throwing around. You did an excellent job with that workout! :D

Cheryl - Congrats on the house! Woo hoo! Does that mean you sold your house? I'm assuming so. I'm happy for you! I hope things move smoothly for you, sounds like you have been doing a lot of work!

Teddygirl - Nice job with MM yesterday! That workout does sneak up on you. The reps are brutal on some of those exercises! Love the leg work in that one. Nice job with Candance this a.m.! You are on again, girl! :cool:

Diane Sue - Be careful with deadlifts. I know my low back limits so I'm very cautious of those. I'm shocked this rotation I'm doing has you do that exercise with 25 reps. NO WAY!!! Nice workout today! Glad you went light with the deads.

Theresa - OUCH! How is your toe today? That had to hurt, I can just feel the tears in my eyes when you did that!!! I hope it's ok today.

Linda - I'm proud of you for taking it easy, I know how hard it is. I'm happy to hear your recovery is going scary great! Keep it that way. I think when we are in such good shape it's easier to heal from surgeries and such. I'm hoping you'll be back at it soon. Did you have the carpel tunnel surgery yet?

Lori - Glad you are feeling a little better. Nice job with Imax 3!


Lori, I cannot believe you actually were considering IMax 3 and a Hiit when you are still recovering. That sounds like a combo for someone feeling top notch. You know? Glad you decided on something else. I can sure understand you feeling pooped. Just the fact that you needed some naps during the day shows you are still recovering. I am glad that you are doing better though.

Debbie, I guess sometimes I am stubborn but I have learned a few lessons on what I should and shouldn't do:) I still wonder why I can go pretty heavy on a slow/ low rep range and have no porblem. But even really light weights like Jari love does with tons of reps makes my low back hurt. I remember years ago before I learned some limitations I would just keep doing it because the instructor had it set that way. I could hardly stand up straight after sitting down in a movie or riding in a car. Not pleasant at all.

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