Hard Core Fitness Maniacs for Tues Nov. 29


Today I did Tracey Staehle's Bootcamp Metabolic Conditioning #3m 35 min, 300 calories, Max HR 164. I used a 15# med ball and the red band. I then did After Burn Express Singles 1-10, 32 min, 301 calories, max hr 165. I followed with Turbo Barre planks, abs, and stretch 16 min, 88 calories. I finished wit TRX TV May 11 Flow Mobility 38 min, 194 calories. Total time was 2 hr 1 min and calories burned 883.
Today's meals
post workout 1 scoop greens superfood
lunch a dish from Hungry Girl 300 at 300 which is tofu shititake noodles with chicken, broccoli, bell pepper, onion, anda laughing couw light cheese wedge. It is pretty yummy
dinner will be a turkey chili from clean eating


Did KCM Kickboxing this morning. Anyone wear more than 1# weights for kickboxing?

Yesterday was KCM Powersculpt.

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