Hard Core Fitness Maniacs for Tues Nov. 22

Today I did Low Impact Challenge, I did all plus bonus step portion and then abs from turbo barre.
Who is baking a turkey for turkey day here? I am, I have a small family, just my DH, 2 kids, mom and dad and sister, and I invited my aunt and uncle over.
Diane Sue, I bet you are cooking?


This morning I did Rapid Fire Results remix 73 min calories burned 605, max hr 165.
That is all I had time for so I am glad this burns some calories:D I took the girls to school and hit Akins Market to pick up some shiritake pasta and I also found some soybean dried pasta along with carba nada pasta. Just stocking back up:) I checked out the super greens but they were about 6 dollars higher for the same thing that I ordered from Amazon. I will try the one I ordered first. They gave JP a cookie sample and boy was I getting a drooling mess. On the plus side I bet that cookie was better than the lemon poppyseed muffins they bought over this morning for breakfast. There is one left. I think it is for me:) This morning I had a greens drink so I don't really need anything else.

Roselyn, I am liking that workout:D I am only making pie and bread for Thanksgiving. We divide it up so I am doing Christmas since DH is coming home and my oldest DD is doing Thanksgiving. The only thing for her is that they have Thanksgiving at her DH's family first then we all eat. Christmas is always different because they do theirs with his family the evening before. I do believe though that my youngest daughter's DH's mother is flying in for Christmas so we may have to work on our scheduling. I love doing the dinners and planning but I do like that I am not trying to send all of the food out the door when it is over. I don't mind the turkey and veggie trays etc though. We generall do do the veggie tray. I think it sort of fills everyone up a little more before dinner. Either that or we just get a belly ache from way too much food volume:confused:
Did a pansy workout today. I have had this really bad headache for a couple days now. This morning when I woke up I felt like I was moving through a fog. I got on my treadmill and just did one 1/4 mile jog then I just did a fast walk on a 5% incline. Listened to good music and just did what I could without getting dizzy.

I also did the Oxygen Ab workout I like to do. That was a killer.

Stupid HR monitor lost my HR during my pansy jog. WTH? I'm so sick of that thing.

45 minutes total
8 minutes below zone
32 minutes in zone
6 minutes above zone
318 calories burned
2.5 miles traveled

Roselyn - Nice workout. I'm not cooking, my mom is. She won't even let me bring something. Oh yea, the rolls. Big woop. She drives me crazy. But hey, if she wants to do it, by all means, I will let her do it.

Diane Sue - Do you know I still haven't tried Rapid Fire Results yet! LOL!! I need to do it but I have no desire to do kickboxing right now.


Debbie, I like Rapid Fire Results. I get a good calorie burn with it and do not feel I am doing loads of high impact stuff. I know what you mean though. I have been going through a phase of wanting to do step. I think I have had so man bootcamp type workouts for awhile and I just went trough a phase of step. Now kickboxing is sounding fun again.
Diane Sue - That's good to know. Her first workout wasn't all that high in impact either, I think that's why I like it so much. Does this new one have an ab routine? If so, is it good?


Hi Everyone,

Been thinking about you all lately. Hope all is well. I've seem to become addicted to Kathy Coffey Meyer. Still a long way from what I was lifting before surgery.

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