Good Morning,

Got up early and worked on back and biceps today, then did some ab work.

B-Power Crunch Bar
L-1 T peanut butter on slice of wheat bread
S-protein shake made with water, ice and berries
D-salad with some kind of protein and lots of veggies


I got in a workout early . My felt and neck is better but ,I decided to skip p90x+. Ian sitting at the school. Kneed to call my dentist because my crown came off last night. That really tops off the cold/allergies. Workout was Laren Brooks Body Sculpting kettlebell 2 W/up.grind then Shock Cardio Circuit Blast I finished with Laurens's finisher and cooldown Workout was 79 minutes and calories were just under 500.



Today was GS Legs - good workout and I again increased the weights on several sections. I used 12 # weights for the lunge series instead of 8# - getting stronger!! :) I also did very well with my eating yesterday and did not eat ANYTHING except what I had planned for the day. Unfortunately, I was up another 1.5 lbs this morning - WTF? Anyway, I don't really care at this point - just keep moving.... I think it might be water weight (at least some of it?), since I am now up 11 lbs from the beginning of August - YUK!

I have a busy Friday at work, but I'll BBL and will be "around" over the weekend for a change. :p

Have a great day!



Yesterday was Cardio Circuit on the trx. It was a mix of strength moves w/ jump rope intervals. I got nice and sweaty. Today I planned on doing a hiit workout, but I may wait until tomorrow....I will bbl 4 personals
Good Morning -

Long day yesterday. Skyler is doing much better. She was very sick for awhile yesterday (throwing up), but has steadily improved. Drs appointments are DONE ( :D ). They were ... interesting. I did LIS (step and weights segments) but skipped the abs. Think I'll do Providence today as well as some elliptical intervals. Will also do Budokon Power and Agility tonight.

Roselyn - Workout's and food look really good :)

Cheryl - Nice work on GS Legs today. I think you're right -- a couple lbs. fluctuation could mean a lot of different things ( ... almost said, 'Don't sweat it,' but that doesn't make sense to people like us :p ).

Theresa - Hope you're feeling better. Nice work on the TRX -- bet it was fun :)

Diane Sue - Great workout today :) Circuit Blast is really fun, Huh?

Debbie - I saw your post about not minding Dr. appointments. Best position to have, I think. So, I actually tried to pretend that was how I felt (classic fake it til you make it approach) and it actually helped ... somewhat anyway ;) . Amazing, since they usually can stress me out ENORMOUSLY.

Hi to everyone else. Hope you're having a good Friday.

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Total workout time was 79 minutes and calories burned was 500 calories. I have to go back out to take the girls home and hit the bank in awhile. I was looking at my earlier post and I really am not good at typing on the phone:eek: I can't get into the dentist till Tuesday unless an opening comes up on Monday.
This morning I had berries with whey protein. Not sure what else. I may make a soup. Since I am having the tooth issue.

Lori, I am glad that Skylar is doing better. It is so hard to know what to do for them when they are sick.

Cheryl, you are probably right about the water retention. Everything will probably even back out.

Roselyn, good job keeping up with the eats.
Thanks Nyna & Savannah! :ghug:

Today was cardio and I chose KenpoX. Had a great workout! Love this one and it's been awhile since I've done this one.

Also did the Ab Work from Cardio & Weights.

1 hr. 1 min. total
16 min. below zone
20 min. in zone
27 min. above zone
455 calories burned

Have a great day everyone! :D


Hey I am here. Actually feeling pretty good. Just take pain meds at night. Weird not being able to lift my arm. Had PT on Wed. & today. See doc on Mon. to have stitches out and find out what all they did.

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