Hard Core Fitness Maniacs for Mon Dec 5

Today I did Chest and Back with the Meso 3 cycle of STS. My back is 100% and I did well with this workout, however, I went light with deadlifts and rows because I was afraid to irritate my back. This is my favorite cycle. I did very well and my weights are up there again. Not as high as the last time I did this cycle, but close. This is what I did:

Superset fashion with lots of rest inbetween.

SS #1
Flat Bench Press - 80#
Barbell Rows - 60#

SS #2
Flat Bench Chest Flyes - 30's
One Arm Rows - 40#

SS #3
Incline Barbell Bench Press - 75#
Barbell Deadlifts - 52#

SS #4
Incline Chest Flyes - 30's
One Arm Horizontal Row - 30# - could have gone heavier
***Only did 3 sets here, ran out of time.


I would have posted sooner but my internet was down. I finally had to go to the garage to reset the box. I hate Uverse. I did sort of a mish mosh of things today. Avoiding shoulder work. I did the Low Impact Series Total Body Trisets w/up, lower body, back biceps and core, then all of the triceps segments, str. 72 min, 454 calories. Most exercises were a little heavier than Cathes but not much. I did not change the rear fly move on the second set because I was really pretty sure that would aggravate the neck and trap area. I used jus the 5# there. I then did Turbo Barre firewalker band leg work with the green band, calves, floorwork and stretch 31 min, 139 calories. I followed with Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 1st circuit only doing biceps curls with the squats instead of overhead press 10 min, 89 calories. I finished with Turbo Fire Stretch 10, 13 min, 54 calories. Total time spent was 2 hr 6 min and calories burned was 736.

Debbie, nice work. How was the recovery? Is everything back to normal??

Roselyn, I need to remember the barre work from lower body.
Diane Sue - Recovery was good and everything seems to be back to normal. I just slept in last week and took it easy with my back. Unless I'm standing for a long period of time it's fine. If I stand for a long period of time it gets sore. I'm sure that will go away in a couple weeks. What happened with your shoulder? I must have missed that.


Debbie, I have been having problems with my neck and trap area and along the back of my shoulder. The pain will be on one side for awhile and move to the other. It is weird. Yesterday I was just sitting and all of a sudden my left delt area started aching like someone had punched the muscle but the pain just stayed there. Then in worked it's way back up my neck. A lot of the time it just seems to start at night and wake me up. It seems to happen after I have done some heavy shoulder work and some of the back work I have done aggravates it.


Hey, I'm here. Sorry, haven't stopped in for a few days. I feel like I am busy all the time any more. Anyway, I did KCM Total Body Weights Premix. Don't know if it's all of Kelley's crazy exercises but I some definition in my arms that I haven't had before.

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