Hard Core Fitness Maniacs for Fri.11-18-11


Happy Friday, Yes………….:p

This morning, reached for an oldie but goodie, Butts and Guts. Man oh man; I forgot how challenging the floor work was. I made it through :rolleyes:. Yesterday, ended up another rest day for the week argh I started doing some cleaning for the holiday so..so much still to do.:eek:

Rose: Nice work;)


This morning I did Tracey's Bootcamp MC workout 1, 39 min, 307 calories, max hr 165. Then I did Chalean Extreme Burn Circuit 1, 37 min, 202 calories. That is all I had time for. I hate getting up around 4:30, The energy is just not there. I have to push myself. Time was 76 min and calories burned was 509.
Today was STS Back and Biceps. Had an excellent workout. I don't understand the double wave load on this workout, though. With Chest, Shoulders and Tri's she did the double wave load with no rest between each set. With the wave load in this workout there was a 1 minute rest between each set (6 sets total). I'm thinking it's because the Chest, Shoulder and Tricep workout was so long as it was. Giving all those exercises a 1 minute rest would have added like 10 more minutes to the workout.

I had a good workout, though. Now I get to rest for two days! :eek:


Hey ladies,

Just wanted to stop in and say "hi". I've been thinking about all of you lately and what you have been up to. I really haven't been following Cathe at all. Feel like I have a lot of catching up to do.

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