Happy Birthday Cathe


Let's bring down the house and give Cathe the best birthday wishes ever!

Happy Birthday to one of the most amazing and fit woman in my life. Hope your day is filled with flying angels, marching planks & starbursts. But seriously, may everyday of this year be filled with blessings from above, health, happiness & savviness. Have a grand slam day!


To THE BEST FITNESS TRAINER out there - HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You inspire me every single day to workout and I feel so, so grateful to have discovered you years ago and that you continue to create the most awesome workouts. Again, may you have the best, best Birthday!!!


I hope you have an amazing birthday! You have been a part of my life since 1997. You've inspired and motivated me to be active and to take care of my body. I'm forever grateful for you. Happy, happy, happiest of birthdays to you!!!


Happy Birthday to a lady who has changed many lives, including mine! You are an inspiration to so many, burned many Cathe phrases into our brains that keep us going!!! I will always tell myself I can do a minute of anything (my favorite), although there are many others. Getting us to laugh in the middle of pain is a great boost! Thank you, thank you, thank you, and Happy Birthday again!


Happy Birthday Cathe I hope you had an awesome day. The class was awesome and it looked like you all had so much fun. 53 looks good on you girl!

Thanks for everything that you do, those in Catheland really appreciate you!! :)

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