Guys Doing Cathe Tapes


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A female friend of mine has me hooked on Cathe tapes.
I find them to be the BEST way to do a
weight-centric workout, and a wonderful way to
spend an hour a day with my friend.
Are there any other guys out there doing Cathe
tapes? Do any of you women try to convince your
male acquaintances of the benefits of Cathe's

P.S. My friend's muscle tone is incredible,
and she owes it all to Cathe.


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Hi Felonious! I just WISH I could get my son and husband to do Cathe with me! I would LOVE IT! But my son insists that he's "not a tape person" and my husband doesn't move from his computer chair!



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Not a tape person?!

I used to think I "wasn't a tape person"
too, until I tried it once. It is so nice to
have some organization imposed upon my workout
regimen; that is the main thing the tapes do
for me. Also, it is nice to have the
groovy Cathe music playing in the background,
helping to establish a rhythm for my "moves".


Hubby does Cathe strength tapes

My husband will do PS C/S/T & B/B/A and the upper body sections of MIS and BodyMax with me. No cardio though...he has two left feet for sure, so he sticks with the treadmill.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to convince him to do lower body strength workouts with me yet. But I'm pleased that he's not a couch potato anymore, so I don't argue the point too strenuously. Pick your battles, as they say.

Amy Steppe

Cathe's Strength Workouts for Men

My husband did the "Body Pump" class on the Spring Cathe roadtrip. He loved it. I have tried to get him to do MIS with me, but so far the effort has been futile.

Cathe's videos are great for men too -- esp. the strength videos.


My guy does Cathe tapes, but only with me.

I finally convinced my hubby to workout with me & I've seen great strength gain in his muscles after just a few weeks. We do PS Chest, Shoulders & Biceps & Back, Biceps & Abs, plus the MIS leg section. We workout together when he gets home from work & PS legs is just too long for that time of the evening. He does have two bad habits, he won't workout without me so when I had the flu he vegetated for over 2 weeks, & he calls Cathe a liar in MIS when she says, "Just 4 more" (squats), then goes straight into hover squats. We follow our workouts with rotator cuff exercises & stretches. Working out with Cathe is great quality bonding time! It's great to get sweaty together then compare muscle aches the next day!


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Rotator Cuff Exercises???

Please tell me more about the
"rotator cuff exercises" you mentioned
in your posting.


Desperately Seeking Shoulder Relief

P.S. I used to be unable/unwilling to do
the Cathe tapes without my woman
friend/trainer/cheerleader until September of
this year. I then started working out while
watching NFL games (one can easily fit one
or two sets into one TV commercial break), and
I did these workouts by myself. Now I have no
problem whatsoever "going solo".
I also find that I am much calmer watching
football if I am working out at the same time;
I think the endorphins running through my
bloodstream smooth out the highs and lows of
watching my team struggle against their opponent.


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No Cardio


I am just like your husband; I cannot do any
choreography more complicated than
"step up, step down"; I can barely manage a

I lost a bet to my workout partner once, so
she made me do Interval Max with her. What
a joke that was! I could barely do the
moves, and my poor aching lungs gave out after
about 20 minutes.

What is it about men and lower body training?
I know that I have to convince myself
(or my woman workout partner has to convince me)
to do Legs abs. I dread it before the workout,
but afterwards I am always glad that I did it.


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I was introduced to Cathe through MIS.
After doing C/S/T, B/B/A, and L/A, though,
I don't think I will ever go back to MIS.


Rotator cuff exercises

The exercises we do are from the book "7 Minute Rotator Cuff Solution". Great book! It goes through shoulder joint anatomy, exercises to avoid, the exercises for rehab or prevention/strengthening.
At present we're only doing two exercises. The lying L flye. Lay on your side (on a bench) have your arm bent at a 90 degree angle, light weight in hand & lift your hand up so it's pointing to the ceiling. The second extend your arm straight out from the shoulder & lift. Don't force the range of motion & use light weights. We're using 3lbs. at present. Follow with stretching using the corner of a wall. Bend your elbow 90 degrees, rest forearm on wall & turn your body to stretch your shoulder. Second stretch, reach up further so the angle at the elbow is greater. I saw these & a couple of others demonstrated on an early morning fitness show on ESPN 2. They recommended everyone do these exercises as part of your fitness routine to help prevent problems.
Hope this helps.


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Great Information, Thanks

I thank you, my right shoulder thanks you,
my two-year-old and three-year-old kids thank
you (I have a hard time playing "hop on pop"
with them when my rotator is hurting).
I will try to acquire the book you mentioned.


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Guy who works out w/Cathe

I work out at home with dumbbells most of the time, because my schedule usually precludes getting to the gym. I have found that it is much more pleasant to work out accompanied by some fantastic women in sports bras than all alone. Cathe leads a great workout, not much different from my own strength routine, so I usually go with her. I have the PS series and MIS. I have tried stepping, but I am a guy and it feels a bit silly to me (just being honest). I'd rather go running.
Thanks, Cathe, for some great workouts!

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Ray!

Nice to hear from you. Glad the workouts are suiting your needs. I've recommended these tapes to many men here at the gym. They also have found them to be a perfect substitute for their non gym days. Thanks for posting!

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