GS Legs-Anyone Use More Than 5 Lbs for Slow Lunges?


I saw no reason to go higher than the 5 pounds. It seems to me the amount of weight used is pretty immaterial. What matters is the slowness of the pace. With 5's, the last 2 reps on each leg burn all the way through. It's effective enough so why up the weight?



I use 10 lb dumbbells. But, I use considerably heavier than Cathe for all of the weight work. These are tough though. You can really feel them working those muscles:)
Diane Sue


I use 8's. I've been using a tad more weight than Cathe for GS-Legs, which isn't a good idea really because my pants are tighter in the thigh area and I'm not exactly liking it. I think I'll just match her weights next time.



I've only done GS Legs once and used the five-pounders. When I previewed it I was snorting to myself - "FIVE pounds on legs, please, I'll double THAT!" - so I set up my 8s and 10s right close so I could switch over after the first or second rep. Well, by the second rep I was FEELING IT, and by the end I was grateful for those little ol' fives!



I used 2-5#'s myself. I always strive for perfect form and bringing my muscles to failure. I up the weights when my current weight isn't challenging. I am very impressed by the amount of weight some of the posters on this forum are lifting...very impressed.

~ Kim

"Welcome the challenge...Embrace it...Don't fear it." -Cathe Friedrich

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