Group Shot of Low Impact HiiT One


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Low Impact HiiT One-2538.jpg

This a group shot from Low Impact HiiT One. From left to right Brenda, Amanda, Cathe, Jai and Kate.

Tomorrow we will start to tell you about this amazing low impact workout and how it is different from any other low impact video we have made in the past. We guarantee this workout will be a hiit! :rolleyes:


"Did you already look up prices? I'm loving the clothes as well"

Hey Firemedic, I did a quick search of both Dicks and feelfitwear. Some of the prices for the tops are comparable, but the bottoms are definately less expensive for Nike and Under Armour. I love the Feelfitwear stuff, it's nice looking... but too rich for my wallet. I just can't justify spending a lot for something I'm going to sweat in! Haven't won the lottery....yet.:(


Can't wait to see a clip of the Low Impact one. Love all the updates! Keep them coming!
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Love all the outfits and the colors for this series - I actually did go to Dick's and got the shorts Amanda had on that everyone was asking about (I think they were just under $30). I agree, can't spend a fortune on clothes to sweat in my basement. Now I have to go back when I have more time to shop because I want so many of these outfits. Everyone looks great!!!

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