Green tea


I buy my loose tea in Little India here. The BEST teas I think!
Are you wondering about the actual tea or more of a concentrated supplement/capsule or matcha powder tea?


I really like Tattle Tea Organic Ceylon Green Tea, I buy it from Amazon. I am a black tea convert and found most green teas to be either too grassy or too sweet. This one is balanced to me. I did learn early on that I can't brew green tea as hot as black tea or it becomes very bitter!

Ally yo

Ive topped drinking standard green tea and have moved onto Matcha green tea which is the whole leaf. I highly recommend it! Its allot better for you too! It is more expensive and comes in a powder form that you need to mix a little bit of water with in order to dissolve. You might be able to get some samples. It does take a couple days to get used to the taste. You can also have it as an iced tea:

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