Great Glutes is great


I finally did Great Glutes yesterday, without the discs premix but with the bonus chair. WOW!!!!! My bum feels so firm this morning, I cannot believe it. Cathe should have called this Firm Glutes. I love the hamstring work as well. The only reason I didn't do the disc portion is because I had just done Slide N Glide before and didn't need anymore disc work. The only exercise I had problems with is the low lunges when you put your knee on the floor, then slightly lift it off the floor. My knees didn't like too many of those, so I only did 4 on each side. I'll have to try to work on those for the future. But the bun blaster is definately the floor work at the end. OMG!!!!!! Great work Cathe and thanks for the Great glutes and Lean legs.


Thanks! I plan to do GG in its entirety next Tuesday. This morning, I did the chair bonus from it, after doing STS disk 17 (legs). The bonus has a killer calf section & hamstrings w/the band. It's doable--challenging---with the green band (Cathe uses the pink one). Not one of those never-ending rep segments, but you definitely feel it.


Did this yesterday, the Extreme premix, Great Glutes is great, here again I found the time flying, I couldn't tell you what the music was like because she had me so intensely focused on the moves. The stability ball part is going to take some work as I wobbled through what I could get through there, and those small moves with the "light" band are really good at getting right into to belly of the muscle, ditto with the toe/calf raises. :eek:

I use a chair assist for the cross back lunge with the disc, that one will take a little practice too. I was glad she added a little incouragement through the end of the pizza presses, needed it right then. ha.
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GG is Great

Ok. The time changed last night I could not sleep and I was like hmmm let me try GG. Ok why was I dying heart racing and they did not even stop for a water break. I was thirsty panting out of breath like I was in the desert in vegas on some of those moves.

I did it early this morning (long version) so far just a twinge of tightness in my cheeks but the rest of the DOMS may hit me in the morning (looking forward to it). Those curtsy lunges I thought really..really..who does 15 counts. The bad thing in the beginning why did I get out my 12lb weights like yeah I got this....ummm not so much..stayed with 8lbs will work my way up. LOVE all lower body workout. Then today I purchased some skinny leg jeans and thought my body is gonna be too bootylicious doing this tape with my boots on this winter. Yeap not gonna wear a big sweater covering up my goods from all this hard work this takes I am gonna have a cute mid waste shirt..skinny leg thinking "BAM" whoot here it is :).

Keep each other inspired ...keep eachother motivated!!


I really really love this workout. The music is so awesome (all the music in this series is, although I opt for the instrumental setting) its soooo good!

So today I decided to marathon my legs since I can't mountainbike because the trails are closed until the ground freezes, and I did Great Glutes Extreme and followed it with an abbreviated Lean Legs and Abs (I cut out the warmup). I was completely fried, and winced when I sat on my butt to stretch. Seriously amazing, this is the third time I've done this workout and I am really happy that I'm keeping major definition even though I'm not riding.

This whole series is a lot of fun. Now I reckon I need to try those two step dvd's.


I am feeling this workout too. I usually lift heavy weights but just didn't feel like going heavy so opted to do this workout. Eight lb weights were looking good. What a surprise - my backside is feeling it today. Will be reaching for this workout again. Loved it.



I love pairing the standing work in GG with Lower Body booty and hips were majorly sore for days!! Love Great Glutes!!


The calf work in the bonus barre section gave me killer doms. I had to take a rest day to let them recover. Now that I've done this workout 4 times I've noticed some nice trimming in my thut area. I think the exercises got more effective after I tried it a few times.
My husband says "thank you Cathe".

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