Glassboro Road Trip Refund Update


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Merchant services just notified us that they will be processing all of the Glassboro Road Refunds on Tuesday (Oct 6th). It will take about 5 business days from then for your credit to show up on your credit card statement.

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Glassboro Roadtrippers! As you saw in the previous admin update, merchant services will be processing everyone's refunds on Oct 5th and it will take around 5 business days to show up on your credit card statement. I just wanted to take this moment to not only let you know how sad I am about not being able to have our annual Glassboro RT, but to thank you all very much for hanging in there for as long as you did in the hopes that it might somehow, someway safely still have been able to happen. As mentioned in one of our previous updates there is a chance that we might be able to make something happen virtually. While we can't make any promises we are definitely still exploring that option and will keep you posted! Thank you again everyone!
Thank You Cathe For Writing This Sweet Note!!!!

As for the RoadTrip, I so much wanted to show you my Step Move Skills in the Step Workout part of the RoadTrip, but alas I will have to save that for another time!

I love watching Step Routines and have been watching them on YouTube from different people and I have to confess, I have done a few of them too, but I have come back to you, Cathe. You will always be the Step Extraordinaire Instructor. You have that talent, to make step routines flow from one segment to the other and back again. Even, in your Cathe Live, they are still amazing! That is why I seem to be so vocal about it.

I know Step isn't that popular, but to me it is. When I was so big, I would watch your promos on your different step routines and hope I could do it someday and now I can. I may not be as thin as I want to be, but I can do it and that makes me feel good.

Hopefully next year things will settle down. But, as for now, we still have you, Cathe!!

Keep healthy and safe!!!!!
Jennifer Denny

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