Give Me A C&T Friday


Wendy I am also working on a few self improvements things.

Julie good for you for non going crazy with the pretzels1 I work at JC Penney's but soon (pray for me plz) I will be working at West Employment. Julie that surgery is a blessing.

Klaudia I hope you get your extra cardio in today.

Wendy good attitude with the weight lost and you are getting heathier.
Keep up the good work.

Becky I really need to get my blender out and start making smoothies again.

Clintonya yes I did enjoy my vaca to NY but the family drama:rolleyes:

(((Nina))) vent on girl. I stress eat too:eek:

sorry if I missed anyone

Today I only work until 1 this afternoon so I am hoping to get a mini workout done this afternoon.



Running late this morning so just heading out for the morning walk.

I'll bb in a bit ! ohhhh...........GOOD MORNING GIRLS ! :)


Morning girls,

My kids are home for lunch so we're reading/schooling, etc. Ellie is cutting and pasting. The joys of a preschooler! :)

My scale was down 2.5# from Monday. Lots of water/alcohol weight I'm sure that's why it dropped so quickly. So, I still have about 4 lbs to lose so we'll see how that goes.

I'll check in for more personals after the kids go back!


Quickie here too! We're all in a rush this morning I guess!:p

Laura & I are taking the girls to Lake Michigan today!!! So excited!
Katie, I wish it was OBX instead of Grand Haven, but I'll have to take what's in a reasonable driving distance this year!:p

Julie, YOUR BABY!!! Would love to hear that story when you have more time!



Morning ladies!! No work for me today - let the vacation begin! I still woke up at 5:15 am though :rolleyes:. I baked brownies for the ladies at my office (the begged, and I figure it will soften the blow when they have to deal with all my crap while I'm gone).

Taking Collin to daycare soon, then I have a haircut appointment at 9, appt at the vet at 1030 (shots, heartworm test, etc), then I am meeting Collin at school for lunch (he doesn't know this). Then I need to *try* to squeeze in a pedicure before my midwife appt at 2 pm (just a check up / hb / get on the scale - yay:rolleyes:). Then we need to hit up Target, Old Navy, get gas, drop off brownies, maybe visit Collin's old daycare if time permits. A busy day for sure!

No workout yet.....


Good morning!

I love summer! DD is playing restaurant with 2- and 4-y-o serving them breakfast.

I'm hoping the big boys wake up soon so I can get in a strength wo before dh goes to work (at the office that is;)).

BBL~Happy Friday!



What a beautiful morning!

I'm taking the girls to the matinee showing of Toy Story 3 today then back to the house for a short workout-some kb and then I'm getting picked up by one of the teen dancers from the studio and going to a bachelorette party for one of the dance teachers! We're going out to dinner and to a wine tasting. Only problem is I don't drink wine! But it'll be fun anyway:)

Robin, yay for a 1/2 day!:) Hope you get a workout in!

Becky, hope the walk is nice and cool!

Angie, and you were worried!;) Those 4 lbs. are going to melt off!

Kate, have fun at the beach! The girls and I are leaving Thursday:)

Katie, busy day!! But all leading up to a nice relaxing 11 days:)

Julie, my oldest dd does that all the time too! And sometimes she plays Food Network while making them breakfast or lunch:)


Julie, I love summer too !!!!!!!!!:cool:

I had a great walk. I went alone today because DH was also rushed this morning. Then came home and did No More Trouble Zones, and then core from Jackie Warner Training one on one. The ab section was pretty good, the rest of it was far too easy for us Cathe girls !;) I'm glad I was just borrowing it from Netflix .

Klaudia my youngest LOVED foodnetwork when she was little and she and I would act out the show Two Hot Tamales every single day while we cooked !!!!!:D:D
I LOVE little kids and their imaginations !!!!!

Time for my smoothie ! Life is good !:)


Good Morning Everyone!

Yesterday just sucked. DH was in a fender bender in the morning (some lady cut him off) and the day went downhill from there including a cake feast in the afternoon. Today I am getting back on track. This morning was a 4 mile run followed by Insanity Pure Cardio. Only 1 more day left. Woo-hoo!

Kate, have a great day at the beach. That's great that you can do a day trip there.
Katie, wow - you have a busy day the day before vacation. Good luck getting everything done.
Becky, thanks for the recipes. I have been thinking about trying banana ice cream. Maybe this weekend.
Klaudia, I can't believe you don't like wine. Maybe you will find something you like tonight.
Wendy, that's great the BB is working for you.
Clintonya, I hope the audit is almost over. It sounds like you need sleep.
Julie, sorry to hear about what you went through with DS. It is hard to sleep with all this heat and humidity. I hope you got some good sleep last night.
Angie, ^5 on the weight loss. It hope the other 4 lbs just melt away!
Nina, sorry to hear about the FD! I hope today is better for you.
Robin, they still haven't told you about the new job? I hope you hear soon.
Anne, I am glad you have a lead on care for your dad. You are going to look buff on the RT with all the rowing.


quickie here as i have to go finish my wo - did a 7 mile tempo run and will do either insanity, a hiit, or ccc plus some weights. must get that crap out of my system from yday. good thing is eats are on track today and boys and i are having fun. we finished yday by going to the pool with some friends. it was great. will catch up on personals later....
Hi everyone!

Robin, glad you had a good trip except for the fd. I laughed when you mentioned wanting to get out of the city because of the traffic,etc., that is how my dh feels when he goes back :)

Angie, glad the scale moved for you! You are on the right track!

Julie, I love when the kids do things like that :) Mine are a little older so it isn’t as much, but there are moments they both will do things like that still :)

Becky, glad you had a great walk. That’s a nice way to start the day :D

Katie, that is a busy day! You are so nice to make brownies for them, and on your day off :D

Klaudia, my girls want to see toy story 3 too. How was it? Have fun at the party!

Kate, love you too! Have a great day!

Colleen, I know you were glad when yesterday ended! Just waiting on the auditor to get back to us w/questions or issues if she has any.

Nina, I’m glad today is going better for you.

Hope everyone is having a good Friday!! Another quiet weekend ahead. Dh has to work tomorrow morning. I want to get some walking in, so I might try to get to the park on sat or sun. Will bbl.



Hey all,

Just finished working out then sat outside with Ryan for a bit. It's just really nice out. I did MMA KB tonight. I like that workout but I wish it had one more combo. I'm not smart enough to just do one twice or anything like that...:rolleyes:

Katie, I'm so excited for you and your vacation. Hope you got all your errands done today. Have an awesome time!

Julie, I love that you're enjoying your summer with your kids. I'm with Kate, I'd love to hear your baby story!

Klaudia, we're going to see TS3 tomorrow! Have fun at your girls' night. No wine???

Becky, great WO. LOL on the "too easy for Cathe girls" thing. Funny how we're so well trained.

Kate, hope you had an awesome day at the beach. Smooches! :)

Colleen, so sorry about the bummer day! Ugh. Hope today is better. WTG with insanity!

Nina, glad you're having a better day and I'm sure you've more than made up for your sleeve of graham crackers. Oh, and you were saying that you eat 1200 by afternoon, well, I'm sure you've burned more than 1200 by then too! Do you wear a hr monitor for your runs? I can't imagine how much you've got to burn. Easily 1000 cals!

Clintonya, yay for the quiet weekend!

Robin, hope there is good news soon on the job front!

Hi to Wendy, Lisa, and Anne!

Off to shower. I'm "sweat" as Anna would say...:p


Katie whew your day is a workout.

Julie I hope you get your workout in.

Klaudia wow I heard about those bachelorette parties. Have fun.

Becky thanks for the Jackie tip.

Kate enjoy your weekend.

Nina great workout today.

Clintonya what temp is it where you live. It got up to 105 today:eek: I love summer but...

Angie good workout outside today. That sounds good.

Eats are going good but I couldn't drink enough water this morning so now I feel dehydrated. No workout so far but maybe a mini one from Oxygen mag.:)
Angie, glad you got in some quiet time w/Ryan :)

Robin, it’s been hot here too! The whole week was around 100 degrees.

Workout is done and am just sitting and talking to dh. For some reason Autumn & Jasmin do not think we are funny :D:D, but we think we are hilarious :D:D Did rock hard body full body w/o from exer. tv. Have a good night everyone!!



Hi Ladies,

Sorry to be brief and impersonal today...very busy! Need to catch up on shut eye from the last two nights.;) And still have some kiddos up.:eek:

I had a good day overall and did Push Pull and relieved stress with a 30-min. interval wo on the elliptical.:D

Hope you all had a wonderful day. Catch up w/you in the morning.:)


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