full body workouts and legs


Do you feel like Cathe's full body workouts have enough leg work in them, or do you need to do a leg only workout to feel like you've worked legs thoroughly?
If you do more than one full body workout a week - then yes. I have been doing a full body rotation to lean out a bit and I had to take an extra rest day. I would agree the High Reps seems to have a challenging leg section. I have learned not to underestimate the energy needed for a full body workout!
Thanks for the responses. I find that my upper body builds easily so I was thinking of 1 full body workout and 1 full leg workout per week. Thoughts?
when I am training (injured now)...and am doing Cathe's workouts...I generally get my best results by doing her full body workouts (Hi reps. Muscle Max, Muscle End., STS full body,) 3x per week faithfully and only 2x per week if time is tight. I find that is good for my legs...and then I do cardio on the other days that also work the legs...I was very happy with this schedule.
I'm doing sts and if I don't add a leg day, my lower body gets fluffy. My legs look best during meso 1 with added leg day or meso 3 added leg day.

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