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I've purchased 50 or 60 Cathe workouts, (starting with VHS tapes!) all intermediate to advanced, over the course of 15 (or 20?) years. I was in great shape well into my forties when my my joints could no longer recover easily, resulting in my 125 pound, well-toned body gradually slipping away from my daily exercise routine. I'm now a 135 lb (not overweight and very active) mess of flab and skin at 56. So angry at myself for letting that happen after 25 years of regular exercising. It's a slippery slope!

I was especially proud of my toned arms. My son is getting married in November and Mother-of-the-(Bride) dresses are either...not my style...or sleeveless. I'm more determined than ever to get in better shape. I dug out my Cathe DVDs and realize that I'd only get discouraged as thay ARE challenging. Would you ever consider cross-referencing some of your older workouts with printed modifications for your old loyal fans? I can't afford new videos, but would love to follow you in endurance and sequencing.

I need the woman who got me to love working out see me into my golden years. Still a huge admirer, if only a passive one.


I hope you don't mind me popping into your conversation.
Have you tried the Low Impact Series? Cathe offers some wonderful modifications to high impact exercises. I learned them so well, that I now apply them to all of her workouts.
I have no doubt you will get your muscles back! Muscle memory will kick in.
Good luck!
Once a Cathlete always a Cathlete!


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I do have them! I recall that they were high intensity, so I've been a bit nervous about returning to them initially. I think mine is a case of "all or nothing" in terms of feeling a sense of accomplishment. A little too hard on myself? Ya think?
Thanks so much for "popping into (my) conversation." Your response in itself gives me encouragement to start. And anyone with a big dog can do no wrong in my book!
Thank you!


Hi pgr! I read your first post yesterday and was trying to think of some older Cathe strength workouts that were a bit easier than others or simple to modify using lighter weights and came up with a few: Supersets, Push Pull, Power Hour, Pure Strength, Pyramid Upper (for those arms!) and Muscle Endurance. I don't know what you have in your collection but those are some ideas!

One wonderful Cathlete has provided details about all of Cathe's workouts - she lists the dumbbells/barbell weights Cathe uses so you could start with that as a template for how much you can handle (if that makes any sense)? Click on Cathe Compendium after scrolling down a bit:

I hope this helps somewhat! As gratefuldog noted, once a Cathlete, always a Cathlete! :)
Good for you, pgr, for making the first steps to getting back at 'er! :) Where you are active, not overweight, have a history with tough weight training (and Cathe IS tough!) I am sure you will see some quick improvements toward your goals with consistent workouts that are at your level. As long as you use the principle of progressive overload you can't help but improve! I agree fully with the Cathletes above that you just need to start with light weights and go from there, making modifications as needed - fewer reps, longer rests between sets, etc. With clean eating, plenty of sleep and recovery time between workout days you'll feel great and that's the main thing!

An older Cathe program that you may own that I would recommend is Basic Step + Body Fusion. I find it to be a good starting point. It has a 20 min. upper body conditioning segment that is very doable. Cathe uses light weights with this. It also has a 20 min. lower body segment that is not intimidating nor too long.
Cathe's Travel Fit may also suit you. With a pink (or light tension) band it is a nice way to ease into resistance work. Yet it is challenging enough that you should get those sought after results.:);)


I understand your situation and don't beat yourself up, those things happen. I have no doubt you will look fabulous in which ever dress you find. I understand not wanting to purchase anything extra at this time I am just wondering if you ever considered Cathe Live? I think it is an affordable way to get some of her current workout strategies with a wide variety. I find her classes very motivating as there are women of all ages and sizes in her live class. Just a thought!


ICE is excellent for recovering muscle mass. The upper body routines are my favourites. And there are routines for them on Cathie's workout manager.

steppin out

Do you have Cross Train Express? If you do, even if you skip the cardio, you can start with lighter weights and work your way up. Plus, now I am shocked at how light Cathe goes for some of these. Disclaimer: I normally cannot come anywhere close to matching Cathe's weights when she does heavier stuff ( but can in some of that series).


I am a long-time Cathlete also returning to the fold! I decided that it would be worth it to get Cathe On Demand. When I'm easing back into the workouts, I have strategies like using lighter weights AND only doing every other rep. And I'm focusing more on weights than cardio right now. One nice thing about working out for so long is that you can expect muscle memory to kick in soon! I know that when I take a long break from working out, I still have an easier time getting back into it than people who've never worked out.

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