For those of you with a heavy bag....


What gloves did you buy? Do you love them?

And what's the difference between training gloves, heavy bag gloves and boxing gloves? And there are some that come in different weights. Any help would be appreciated.

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My advice to anyone who uses the heavy bag and who works out by themselves is to get the gloves that are padded, such as MMA gloves, and that have open fingers and thumb. I found that with my boxing gloves, once I get them on, I am in trouble, because I can't press the play buttom for the DVD player or take a drink of water. Basically, I am screwed until I get done with the workout.

Just my obversations. So I have the boxing gloves and just ordered some MMA gloves from Amazon. Much better.
I have 14 oz Everlast boxing gloves. However, my fingers seem to be too long for the gloves and they kinda crunch in there. I need to check out the fingerless boxing gloves.
I am no expert so this is from my limited experience.

I don’t know that they are defined by name alone (boxing, heavy bag, training). I have two pairs of boxing gloves (TKO and Everlast) and a pair of training gloves (Everlast). The training gloves are very light. I don’t use them much because I need more padding. They also have a “natural curl” in the fingers which can feel strange. They were given to me as a gift. The TKO gloves are holding up better than the Everlast.

Small, compact gloves have more of the weight towards the wrist and are made for power and speed. I bought gloves with good padding over the knuckles since I am more concerned with protection. I have a 100-lb. canvas bag and if you give it a good jab with a lightly padded glove you can bet it will hurt.

I would very much like to use the MMA gloves as described by Peggie but I am concerned about safety with the open fingers on the type of bag I have. They would probably be great on a lighter/softer bag.
I wrap my hands, that way I have the freedom of throwing knife and ridgehand stikes as well as punches.
I got the pink everlast gloves 12 ounces (I think the difference in weight isn't intentional, it's based on the size of the gloves). I also use hand wraps under to prevent callousing & blistering.

Boxing gloves have have very little padding, bag gloves are padded, & sparring gloves are completely different--they're red & palmless, & almost like pillows on your hands so you don't hurt yourself or your opponent while sparring. Training gloves don't have as much padding as bag gloves--usually there's just lighter padding around the hand & knuckles, & they're fingerless.

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