For some strange reason...

NRG Woman

whenever I go clothes shopping with DH I come home with a whole new wardrobe. Maybe that is why he only goes shopping with me every few years:eek:


Seriuosly, is he for hire?? Whenever I go clothes shopping, I typically come home with a great big load of self-conciousness, tear-stained clothes and a pizza delivery on speed dial!!!! :eek::p:p

I've ALWAYS said that the underwear/lingerie departments along with the bathing-suit season should include a martini bar and FLATTERING lighting!!! :p:p



I LOVE shopping with my husband too. He is totally honest about what looks good on me and he MAKES me buy stuff. Usually when I shop by myself I feel too guilty to buy something.

It's also fun to model stuff for an appreciative audience ;)

NRG Woman

Isn't it funny I thought I was the only one who had such trouble shopping.

When I wander through a store I attach all of my insecurities to all of the clothes on the hangars. DH walks through the stores with a fresh eye. He hands me piles of stuff and sends me to the dressing room. He is not looking at the price tag or my insecurities, but the shape/line/color of the clothes. On Sun he convinced me to try on a cute top and shorts that I would have never tried on if I were shopping on my own (I haven't worn shorts in 6 years). When I walked out of the dressing room I caught the true reaction on his face before he put on his neutral shopping face and it was honest that he thought it looked good on me. I would have never chosen that on my own, but now it is my favorite outfit.:)

I have to say I am really lucky that after being married 18 years he can still be so very kind to me.


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