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Lady Vol Fan

Hi everyone! Not sure what happened to my rotations. I think the original links I had out there were so old they deleted them. I'm sure after so many years things get purged. I don't think I have the copied anywhere but I will look. Glad you are still using them!

Thanks Lady Vol Fan for posting what you have! You rock!!

And thank YOU, Debbie!
Happy to keep some of your rotations alive.. it's fantastic the way they incorporate so much of Cathes work!


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Fitness Freak - just a shout out from someone who's admired your generosity over the years in sharing your knowledge of building rotations with us on these Forums. You and Cathe have been a gift in my life. Mind/Body/Spirit Fitness is indeed a journey- not a destination!
cocob1 aka/Colleen
found Cathe at age 53 in 2003 after finding the Firm in my early 40's. You can do the math. :0

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